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A Personal Account of Mediumship Training

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In this section, I would like to relate how the Masters plucked me out of the business world, trained me in the techniques of mediumship, and placed me back into the world as one of Their mediums. Thousands are or will undergo a similar awakening in the coming years until representatives of the Great Brotherhood of Light are firmly in place and ready to help mankind create the New Age.


My mediumship for the Great Brotherhood of Light is relatively recent, so I can make no claim to possessing a natural gift of clairvoyance from childhood. In fact, my clairvoyant and clairaudient faculties have only been gradually opening up over the past five years and continue to do so under a systematic training program designed and coached by certain disincarnate adepts of the Brotherhood.

During a particularly low point in my life I took some time off from my business in Asia to return to Honolulu, my hometown. It had been over thirty years since I had left and I was not really sure why I wanted to go back there. From my perspective today, I now understand when the Masters want me to travel to such and such a place, images of this destination dance in my mind until I actually arrive there.

I arrived in a bewildered state. Outwardly, I appeared content and successful to many of my old friends and relatives but inwardly something was gnawing at me. Two of my novels had just been published in Asia, but after the momentary thrill of being a published author, the feeling of discontent returned. Perhaps it had been precipitated by the breakup with a love partner and the death of my mother a few years before. Yet, after the grieving over these two events had run their course, the deep sense of dissatisfaction returned. It was clear that these traumatic emotional events had triggered within me a general malaise.

Deep down I knew that what I was looking for was not of this world but beyond, yet none of the traditional religions remotely interested me. A day after her death, my mother had spoken to me in a voice that had rung clear as a bell. Although a bit scared, I was overjoyed to hear from her. That experience had been enough proof for me that the people keep on living after so-called death. I bought every book I could find in Hong Kong on the subject.

During my many years in Asia I had gradually come to this conclusion: I saw a whole continent of people who got along just fine in life with their lives as Buddhists, Taoist, or any of the local cults. It was not at all like the Christians had drummed into me when I was a child. "These pagans will all go to hell because they have not been reborn through Jesus Christ their Savior." I cast off, without guilt or recrimination, the misconceptions the Christian churches had embedded in my psyche. And you know what? I felt just great not adhering to any religion.

The freedom from the narrow strictures imposed by Christianity allowed me to search other avenues. I began consulting fortune tellers for readings. Many of my friends and business partners consulted fortunetellers as a matter of course and I was fascinated with them even if some of them were dead wrong. I then consulted a famous English clairvoyant, who went periodically to Hong Kong, and whose accuracy was quite astounding. Many of the city's prominent English-speaking people consulted her on a regular basis. My consultations with her taught me one thing: there was definitely something out there, something beyond the obvious that could see and predict my life's course. The English medium confirmed this when she repeatedly sighted my mother near me.

So by the time I moved back to Honolulu I had already become accustomed to consulting psychics. So when I spotted a small advertisement for psychic readings in a free classified ads newspaper, I noted down the phone number.

The personal malaise within me had continued despite all the family celebrations and dinners to welcome me back . A few days passed before I finally called the psychic and made an appointment. I was looking for anything to help relieve my deep gnawing discontent. The psychic reader, Kathy, began by invoking the truth. "Let the truth be heard. Let the truth be seen. Let only the truth come through."

I found her invocation a bit strange since none of the fortunetellers in Asia ever did that. Then she stopped, for she was a bit surprised. She said, "The Master St. Germain seems to be standing in the background while another Master who looks like Socrates is talking. The Master St. Germain has only appeared once before in another reading recently."

I shook my head and asked, "Who is St. Germain?" Kathy explained briefly that he is an Ascended Master and part of the Spiritual Hierarchy known as the Great Brotherhood of Light that guided earthly affairs from another plane. I looked blankly at her not understanding what she was saying. "What did this have to do with my life?" I asked myself. I was more interested in the future of my novels and the promotion tour I was about to embark on. The Socratic-looking guide patiently answered my mundane questions and concluded, "Even if you influence one soul with your novel, you will have accomplished something." In the end he was right, the novels were no great smashing success, and I did receive one letter from a reader who had been touched by my words.

Kathy then spoke of Helena P. Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society. She mentioned other ascended masters such as the Lord Maitreya, El Morya, Kuthumi, and Djwal Kul. "These are some of the Masters of Wisdom," she said in passing. I still did not understand what she was talking about and made a mental note to find some information on all these people. Then as she closed the reading, she said, "The Master St. Germain has come forward. You are to watch out for some interesting "tricks."

I returned home and researched St. Germain on the Internet. I found that he had appeared over a 200-year period during the 17th to 19th Centuries as the "wunderman" in the Royal Courts of Europe, as the mysterious Comte de St. Germain. Fabulously wealthy and a master of magic and alchemy he could create elixirs and apports of diamonds and rubies. He had also been the force behind the formation of the secret societies of the Masons and the Rosicrusians. He was also an accomplished violinist to beat!

I also read channeled messages from a host of mediums, some of whom even claimed they had encountered him recently.


One evening after a meal at a Chinese restaurant, I stopped by the restroom. The door was locked so I waited. A few minutes later, a strange looking heavyset Asian man came out of the restroom and glared at me. It was difficult to tell what type of Asian but the face was so odd, it was hard to forget. A few minutes later as I was standing on the sidewalk outside the restaurant chatting with my companions, the same man walked in front of me coming from the west and glared at me, then continued eastward down the street.

Minutes later, we all got into my car and I drove northward about two blocks. I stopped at the intersection and again this same man walking from the west, crossed in front of the car, and glared at me through the windshield. During the time lapse since I last saw him, it would have been impossible him to have reached that intersection by foot, no less walking from the west again! I sat completely dumbfounded at the wheel for a minute then a flash came over me. Suddenly I remembered what Kathy had said about the "tricks".

A few days later, I filled up my water distiller as I was accustomed to doing in the evening so that I would have fresh distilled water in the morning. The next morning I checked it and there was not one drop of water in the whole distiller. I checked for leaks under the distiller but there were none. The distiller was still a little warm so it had been operating.

A few other strange things happened but at that point I just looked up toward the sky and said, "Okay, what's this all about? What do I do next?" It was not until several months later that I was to get my answer but in the meantime serious problems with my family erupted leaving me more or less cut off from them.

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