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Astrological Insights - Introduction

In the monumental work of Helena P. Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled, she quotes Paracelsus as follows:

Three spirits live and actuate man, three worlds pour their beams upon him, but all three only as the image and echo of one and the same all-constructing and uniting principle of production. The first is the spirit of the elements (terrestrial body and vital force in its brute condition); the second. the spirit of the stars (sidereal or astral body--the soul); the third is the divine spirit (Higher Self or augoeides).

We have ventured into the world of astrology because it is a divine tool we have been given to better understand the influence the stars and planets exert on our lives. In a discourse on Astrological Signs several years ago, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle indicated to us the Brotherhood's preference for the ancient Hindu system of Vedic Astrology to give modern man a more accurate picture of his karma and the timing of events in his life.

All things on the physical planet take place in natural order, in linear sequences, unless you are communicating on the higher, formless spiritual dimensions. Astrology was given to mankind as a means to understand and predict sequences of actions which are influenced by certain planetary movements in our solar system. These influences play upon your personal life and influence mankind in general.

Many are feeling the effects of the heightened vibrations and the turmoil on the astral plane. This has necessarily affected each and every one of us, including members of our families, in a personal way and has caused many to look to the immediate future in confusion and fear.

We looked into Vedic Astrology for some answers, because we believe that events in life follow certain linear time sequences that are influenced by planetary forces playing upon the earth. Any of these sequences can be altered for good or for bad by the person involved. However, astrology can act as sort of a weather report to show you whether certain sequences of actions will run into good or foul weather, leaving it entirely up to one's free will to decide how to proceed and make the decisions.

In light of the population movement caused by the oncoming earth changes and the suggested "safe areas" listed in the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies, volume 2, Locational Astrology is yet another tool that can help you specifically decide where to move as indicated by your natal astrology chart.


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