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Freeing Yourself from Entity Possession

Many people have lost control of their bodies, emotions, and/or minds to other "presences." This causes uncharacteristic behavior ranging from hyperactivity, insanity, and personality change, to addiction and uncontrolled rage. We suggest that much of this behavior is caused by entity possession. This booklet explores this problem.

What is an Entity? What is Entity Possession?

An "entity" is a discarnate or non-physical being that attaches itself to a person, or host, in order to draw the energy it needs to meet its desires. Through this attachment the entity affects the physical, emotional, and or mental health of the host; the entity can cause problems or aggravate existing ones; it can also lead the host to criminal behavior.

The host's behavior, emotions, or desires attract the entity since an entity usually chooses a person who has similar needs: an entity that retains an unsatisfied craving for chocolate will latch on to a person who adores chocolate; one that loves playing drums will attach to a drum player; one that craves heroin will latch on to a heroin user who may become an addict under the added impact of the entity's craving. The host bears the ultimate responsibility and must deal with the behavior that attracts the entity.

An entity can take over a person for a lifetime, as in the case of a lonely child who invites an entity to come in and it stays; or until a certain deed is done, as in the case of young people who gun down their schoolmates. An entity can also take over a person on and off, as in the case of artists who create one work of art after another; artists often call the entity their muse, and may have a special ritual for connecting with it. Many people who have an entity attached to them realize it on a sub-conscious level; you can hear it in the language they use: "I don't know what possessed me, but once I began whipping him, something came over me and I just couldn't stop." If they were to sit quietly and feel what was going on, they would realize there was something strange attached to them impacting their behavior.

Some people clearly realize they have an entity attached to them, but are embarrassed to talk about it for fear of being considered crazy. Listen to a man who is aware that an entity is controlling him; he could only remain sober a week at a time; then he'd go on a drinking and fighting binge: "Before each binge I feel a monster latch onto my back and the monster makes me drink and fight. The monster only goes away when I'm rip-roaring drunk and beaten up. I'm afraid I'll never be able to stop."

How is an entity created? Where does it come from?

To understand this, we need to explore the structure of the human body. Humans have several bodies: the physical, etheric, astral, and lower mental bodies; and the higher mental, buddhic, and atmic bodies, which comprise the realm of the soul. For our purpose we're concerned with the lower four bodies.

Your etheric body: Your physical body has an interpenetrating etheric body, a subtle energy body; it's the life-force that supports and enlivens your physical body. Your etheric body links your dense physical body with your astral/emotional body. (1)

Your astral body: Your astral body is the seat of your desires and emotions. These emotions can range from the darkest (desires that compel cruelty, greed, addiction, perverted sex) to the most evolved (desires for soul liberation, peace, joy).

Your lower mental body: Your lower mental body is the seat of concrete thinking and reasoning; when it is closely intertwined with the astral body, its thinking faculty is enlisted to fulfill the lower desires of the astral body: finding ways to sustain basic living needs, as well as conniving, manipulating, thinking up ways to get what you want. Most people live on this plane.

At death the physical body decomposes and returns to dust. The etheric body continues to live, carrying with it the astral and lower mental bodies. (2)

If the person had strong emotional attachments, be it to a loved or hated person, alcohol, drugs, sex, political power or the like, the soul may not want to move on, or evolve. The etheric/astral body will linger on the lower etheric and astral sub-planes appropriate to that person's evolutionary level. (3)

If the soul is inclined to continue its journey of evolution, the etheric/astral body experiences a second death, shattering into sub-parts, leaving behind etheric/astral shells which should disintegrate over time, but often do not. These shells retain their instinct for self-preservation. (4)

As well, these etheric/astral shells and bodies retain some of the desires and appetites of their previous personality, but they no longer have a life source (soul). If they can attach to a living person to use as an energy source, they become entities possessing someone.

What does an entity want?

An entity retains one or two unresolved desires or obsessions which it "tries to satisfy in a repetitive and rigid way" by attaching to a person who shares these desires. The entity wants emotional intensity and/or sensual enjoyment, so it creates desires/cravings in the host that vicariously satisfy it. (5) Some of these desires are for:

• Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, chocolate, sweets, junk food.
• Unresolved emotional states like anger, hate, depression, fear.
• Sex, gambling, playing the drums.
• A pet project like inventing a free energy device or cleaning up the environment.
• Political power and fame.
• Feeling cared for and nurtured.

Who will an entity attach to?

• Someone who likes what it likes.
• A close relative, friend, or someone it loves.
• Someone of weak character.
• An emotionally vulnerable person.

How does an entity enter or attach to the body?

There is a protective shield between our etheric and astral bodies. When this shield is damaged, torn open or temporarily collapsed, an entity can enter and attach to the body. How can this protective shield become damaged?

• Any great emotional shock can create an explosion in the astral body that rips the shield open: terrible grief, fright, rage, panic, terror, etc.
• Heavy use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.
• Incomplete, forced, or misguided meditation practices. (6)

What are the high-risk conditions for attracting an entity?

Repeated, extreme behaviors open you to entity possession. These include:

• Abusing or being addicted to alcohol, drugs (including marijuana), or tobacco. A word of caution: You are unlikely to attract an entity if you enjoy a beer or glass of wine occasionally. But even relatively light and regular use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco can create small tears in your protective shield.
• Hanging out in seedy bars.
• Excessive use of painkillers and sleeping pills, esp. in combination with alcohol or drugs. (7)
• Engaging in promiscuous sex, having multiple sex partners, visiting brothels or massage parlors, creating or viewing pornography.
• Continuous fantasizing about an intensely desired partner.
• Being sexually abused.
• Gambling and frequenting casinos.
• Lying
• Attending mass gatherings where emotions are stirred to a high pitch, especially when drugs are involved: fundamentalist religious services, sports events, rock concerts, rave parties, or political rallies. (8)
• Watching films, TV programs, newscasts, etc. or playing video or computer games that stir up strong emotions; violent war games can be especially harmful.
• Listening to loud, angry music (heavy metal, hip-hop), especially for babies and children.
• Being in a violent, abusive family. The abuser may be entity possessed; the abused children, spouse, or other relatives are very likely feeling terror and panic.
• Situations where there is mass death and the survivors are terrified, grief stricken, in shock, and/or near the dead; etheric/astral bodies or shells may be arising from the dead, so the living are open to entity possession:
• Natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, floods, tsunamis.
• Manmade situations like war, fires, plane, train, or ship wrecks.
• Battlefields: etheric/astral bodies or shells arising from dead soldiers may be feeling intense fear, hate, and/or violent destructiveness; they may possess survivors, and cause or contribute to the flashbacks, post traumatic stress disorders, and/or violent rampages that plague war veterans on the battlefield and when they return home.
• Car, bike, motorcycle, or boat accidents; if there are fatalities, etheric/astrals may arise and attach to fellow passengers who are traumatized or injured.
• Severe illness when the body and immune system are depleted, especially when there is great loss of fluids or blood. (9)
• Chronic illness that depletes the energy level. (10)
• Undergoing intensive medical procedures that induce fright, especially in children.
• Receiving electric shock or insulin shock treatments, sometimes used on patients in mental hospitals. (11)
• Surgery: a general anesthetic stupefies the patient's defense system; the body incision creates an opening for an entity to enter. (12)
• Severe Alzheimer's: a clairvoyant person can see that in some cases the soul has vacated the patient, and other entities have taken over, often not just one entity but several. (13)
• Relatives of advanced Alzheimer's patients may catch astral fragments broken off from the patient; perhaps "part of the astral body's shattering, which ordinarily takes place after death, happens while the patient is still alive…" (14)
• Relatives of schizophrenic patients may also catch astral fragments from the patient; perhaps "the disintegration of the personality which takes place in the more advanced stages of schizophrenia is accompanied by (or perhaps due to) a premature shattering of the astral body." (15)
• Exhausting the body by overwork, not eating properly, not getting enough sleep.
• Inviting an entity in; a lonely child may do this and then the entity stays.
• Children are at high risk because they can be more easily traumatized than adults…a large growling dog, being accidentally closed in a closet.
• Death of a beloved person.
• High stress alone or added to any of the conditions above will increase the possibility of attracting an entity.
• An individual with psychic abilities may attract entities from higher astral sub-planes as spirit guides; these guides speak and teach through the psychic. Generally these messages are not of the highest quality, and may lead the psychic and others off track. (16)
• Entities like fleshy inner cavities, so a woman's reproductive area is ideal; an area of high energy associated with sex, it serves the residual desires of entities for sex. (17)

A fetus weakened while in the womb, may be vulnerable to entity possession later in life:

• Ideally a fetus is basking in the light of its mother's love and happiness. However, if the woman does not want the baby, and is stressed, angry, or resentful of it, the fetus is living in the woman's energetic darkness, which is breaking down its defense systems. (18)
• If a pregnant woman is living with an abusive partner she's traumatized, so is the fetus; an entity can enter the mother and harm the fetus. (19)
• If a pregnant woman is regularly smoking, taking alcohol or drugs (including some prescription drugs), these substances can cross through the placenta into the fetus; often the baby will be addicted at birth, and vulnerable to addiction later in life.

What effect does an entity have on a person?

• Causes or exacerbates fatigue because it is sucking life energy from its host.
• Magnifies a person's tendency toward physically, emotionally, or psychologically abusing family members or others.
• Promotes addictions to or compulsive abuse of alcohol and drugs, as well as tobacco, sex, food, or gambling.
• Intensifies feelings like rage, grief, fear.
• Sometimes causes or magnifies illnesses, tumors, severe headaches or migraines, food cravings, violent tendencies, depression, anxiety, wild changes of attitude, irresponsible actions, or momentary insanity.

Why does a host sometimes encourage possession?

• The pleasure of both host and entity when engaging in their common desire is magnified; both thrill to sensual enjoyment or harsh emotions.
• The entity keeps the host company, becoming a way to deal with loneliness; this is especially common when an entity has been invited in by a lonely child and becomes a companion for life.
• The entity satisfies the need to care for someone. This may be especially true for a woman who has had a miscarriage or abortion; the yearning of the woman for a child may attract an entity into her womb. (21)

The host must examine and take responsibility for the ways s/he is contributing to entity possession

How do I protect myself from attracting an entity?

• If you are living in a way that may damage your natural defense systems you need to change your lifestyle and let go of deep-rooted habits.
• You may have to deal with or separate from friends or family members who prevent you from changing.
• If you are living a stress filled, frenzied life, simplify it. What negative aspects can you eliminate from your life?
• If you are addicted to alcohol, drugs, food, sex, gambling, or other forms of compulsive behavior seek appropriate help.
• If you are in an abusive relationship get help or get out. There are hotlines you can call to find help.
• If your diet is unhealthy, heavy on sugary, greasy foods learn to eat a balanced diet. An unhealthy body usually reflects unhealthy emotions and mind.
• If you are sleep deprived, get the sleep you need in a good bed, in a quiet room.
• If you keep yourself in turmoil with high emotions generated by music, soap-operas, films, violent video games, pornography, turn them all off.
• If your life is noisy, you can make it quieter: Turn off your TV and radio, except for programs that inform and nurture you. Turn off angry, jarring music. Turn off music with inane lyrics that manipulate your mind. Turn off computer and video games. Turn off background noise when possible.
• Avoid mass gatherings where emotions are ramped up like political rallies, sports events, fundamentalist religious services, rave parties or rock concerts; these are feeding grounds for etheric/astral shells or bodies looking for hosts.
• If you experience violent mood swings, avoid the people and situations that rile you.
• Once you realize your emotions are not always under your control, challenge yourself to take control.
• Your mind can act as a counter balance to your emotions and help calm you, especially when unreal fears and needless worries arise. If you are in emotional turmoil sit quietly, take 10 deep, slow breaths, and ask yourself, "What is the truth of this situation? Is it as bad as it seems?"
• A woman who has just given birth, or had a miscarriage or abortion may feel tired and empty, and yearn to have this emptiness filled. This can be a trap and encourage entity possession. She needs to rest, to be quiet and warm both physically and emotionally, so she can regain her strength. (22)
• Exercise each day.
• Try yoga sessions; they will calm you.
• Spend time each day in quiet and alone. Quietness enables you to detect signs of entity possession.
• Learn to meditate; this will help calm and balance you. For suggested meditations go to our website: Click Invocations and Meditations. Then choose Suggestion for Meditation where you will find directions for the In-breath Meditation.
• We also suggest that you say the Invocation for Protection several times a day; it's also on the Invocations and Meditations drop-down menu.

What are the signs that an entity might be attached to me?

• Fatigue, because the entity is sucking energy from you in order to stay "alive."
• Unusually strong, uncontrollable craving for certain foods or drinks.
• Compulsive, irrational behaviors such as shopping (especially if you can't afford it), getting into debt, workaholism, hoarding, unnecessary frugality.
• Being drawn to various forms of self-mutilation, such as tattoos or surgical procedures to give oneself fangs, horns, or forked tongues. These can be the outward signs of an entity making itself seen.
• Being attracted to cults, satanic rites, Wicca, and the like.
• Rushing, hyper-active, crazy behavior, getting run into the ground.
• Emotional intensity is a big red flag. Your emotions, like anger, hate, or sexual excitement, may become more powerful than normal, even flying out of control.
• Being stuck in a painful emotion; some entities will impel you to create situations that generate a specific emotion over and over like depression, anxiety, grief, fear or anger.
• Inner confusion. Entities promote over eating, missing sleep, living in noisy circumstances, abusing alcohol, drugs, or sex, etc. because the confused person is less likely to realize they have an entity controlling them. (23)
• Feeling tired and confused even thought you are not doing any of these extreme behaviors; an entity may be vegetating quietly within you to feel nurtured.
• Entities try to make you think their desires are your desires. They don't want to be noticed because if they are, they may be expelled. They try to prevent this by keeping your life as hectic and out of control as possible.
• Most entities don't want you to meditate or be in loving relationships; if you have both in your life chances are you are entity free.

How do I get rid of an entity?

Initiate soul contact

There may come a time when the entity has driven you into such misery you know you must change; misery means you have strayed way off your soul path. Since your efforts to change have failed, you call for help, hoping there is something more powerful than you. There is.

Help comes from your soul, the living force deep within you. Calling for help means there has been an inner shift of energies: the lower vibration (the entity that has been controlling you) will yield to the higher vibration (your soul). Taking command, your soul will attract whatever you need to rid you of the entity. You must initiate the change and follow the path laid out for you.

For more information, go to On the dropdown menu, click Soul Contact.

Declare I AM decrees

I AM is another name for the soul or divine presence within you; this is the true you. Calling upon the I AM empowers the full activity of your soul, stimulating it to attract a solution to whatever is troubling you. You simply take what appears to be a problem and decree, out loud with the full conviction of your being, several of the following decrees:

• I AM s/he who is free from entity possession.I AM s/he who is free from all behaviors, emotions, and desires that attract entities. (Be specific: I AM free from alcohol/drug addiction, or anger, or the compulsion to abuse my family, etc.)
• I AM s/he who controls her/his emotions, desires, and compulsions with an alert, powerfully developed mind. I AM well defended; no entity can attach to me.
• I AM s/he who is more powerful than any entity; no entity can attach to me.
• I AM s/he who vanquishes all entities once and for all.

Here's a general decree to be used often throughout your days and nights:

I invoke the mighty I AM presence to flood my world with light, perfection, wisdom, love, abundance and protection.

Sounding Om

Sometimes unattached entities will buzz around you like flies, and suggest feelings, ideas or actions you would not think of yourself. These entities know how to attune their thoughts to make you think they are your own.

When you are aware that something is hovering around you, sound OM out loud or silently. Sounding OM calls forth your soul to manifest energies that are too high and pure for these entities to withstand; they will usually leave. (24)

A word of caution: An entity that seems to have disappeared may be hiding, building up desire, waiting for a time when you are off-guard to regain control over you; when it becomes active again it may impel you to go on a mega binge. Always be alert.

The Sanctus Germanus Foundation offers Telepathic Healings to lightbearers who are working in service to the Great White Brotherhood. Many lightbearers find themselves suffering from addictions, as well as physical and emotional problems that impede their spiritual development and sidetrack their soul missions. As part of the healing, the lightbearer's body is cleared of any astral entities before the healing proceeds.

For more information, go to On the dropdown menu, click Telepathic Healing. Please fill out the application form and send it to us.

Removing the entity does not completely solve the problem. An entity attaches to a person because of that person's vulnerability due to uncontrolled desires or unresolved emotional trauma; it is the person's responsibility to deal with these. To permanently resist entity attachments, your mind (the mental body), your higher faculty, can be engaged to control your astral/emotional body. Learning meditation can help align your mental body with your emotional body and bring your emotions under control.


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