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Teachings of the Great Brotherhood of Light by the Masters Kuthumi and Morya

Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 1 by the Amanuensis

Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 2 by the Amanuensis

Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 3 by the Amanuensis



"Neither physical phenomena nor the "feel good" of the present spiritual movements will ever bring conviction to the hearts of the unbelievers in the “Brotherhood” but rather intellectuality, philosophy and logic. Yes, read and study, my friends; for there is an object. Do all you can to prepare the intellect toward “soul-culture”. For without this preparation you will never understand us." Master Kuthumi

Mysticism Training

In the Tradition of the Ancient Mystery Schools

We offer Lightbearers around the world a correspondence course on mysticism that is reinforced by stimulating seminars led by one of the members of the foundation.

In the tradition of the Ancient Mystery Schools, the course is taught by the Master of the Brotherhood of Light, Serapis Bey. The Master essentially recapitulates certain essential cosmic laws of the Ancient Wisdom and reveals some closely held occult secrets to those who are ready to accept them and carry them into the New Age. The course represents one last attempt of the Spiritual Hierarchy to reach mankind as the big changes that will engulf the earth take place.

The entire course is on CD-MP3 and takes up to four months to complete. The occult knowledge gained from this course will also help each disciple deal with the tumultuous times of today. The instruction materials are intense and powerful, so the chosen students should be well on the Path before considering this instruction. The instruction is in English.

(Click here to view a webinar about the Mystery School)

Preparation for the Mystery School:

Prospective disciples who believe they are well on the Path of Initiation can apply for this course. The potential student should have achieved at least the first, if not the second initiations of the Path. We do not accept students who are still on the Probationary path and below.

In order to get a better idea of where you stand, we strongly recommended that you study all the webinars, especially the one on initiations. Please go to the Webinars page for study.

In order to take the Mystery School Course (which in fact is a continuing lifetime endeavor), the applicant should be ready to serve in his or her own life the objectives of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

After deep meditation and thought, potential candidates, who feel guided rationally (as opposed to emotionally) to receive this instruction, may fill the application form below and send it to us for evaluation.

Please send the application form below and the confidentiality agreement to the following email address:

Live Mystery School Seminars with Dr. Mau:

In 2015, Dr. Mau will conduct a live seminar in person and review the major occult concepts contained within. As usual, there is no charge for these seminars.

Typically you should already be a student of the correspondence course who has engaged in a self-study of the Mystery School. Those students who have taken the course over the past five years are also welcomed to attend.

2015 Schedule of Regional Seminars

January 16-18: San Jose, Costa Rica

March 13- 15: Singapore

August 15-17: Canmore, Alberta Canada

If you are interested in attending one of these seminars after you have completed the correspondence course, please contact us at:


We are now accepting applications. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Application Form

Fill in this application, and sign the confidentiality agreement.

2. Confidentiality agreement:

After signing this agreement of confidentiality, please post an original copy to the following address:

The Sanctus Germanus Foundation
104-743 Railway Avenue, Suite 611
Canmore, AB, T1W 1P2

You may also scan the signed agreement and email it in a PDF or JPEG file to

3. Payment of Postal Handling fees: Only for students who are accepted to the Mystery School

If you are selected to receive the Mystery School Correspondence Course, there will be NO tuition charge for the course. We only ask that you pay a nominal charge of $30.00 for shipping and handling. The course consists of audio lessons on one CD with MP3 lesson files or five regular audio CD's. A manual with instructions and transcripts of the discourses accompanies the audio lessons. While taking the course you will have email access to a lesson monitor who will guide you through the course content.

You may use the following two methods to pay for the shipping charges:

1. Process your credit card payment through Paypal or (if you have a paypal account, you can simply transfer the funds from your account)

2. You may send us a check (US and Canada) or international money order (other countries) for USD30.00 for shipping and handling to the following address:

The Sanctus Germanus Foundation
104-743 Railway Avenue
Suite 611
Canmore, AB, T1W 1P2

You should receive your correspondence course in about two weeks after the foundation has received your payment of the $30.00 shipping and handling fees.

Acceptance to the Mystery School is both subjective and objective. If we feel the candidate is not adequately prepared for this course, we will suggest further preparation. However, we reserve the right to decline any application without offering a reason for our decision, this being the subjective side of our application process.

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