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A Call for Participation in the New Race Education Project

As we come to the end of the current cycle, a new race is gradually manifesting that will carry humanity into a New Age. A whole generation of new race children has been incarnating since the 1960's. This vanguard group has probably suffered the most from a world that did not understand them. Many have survived the difficulties of childhood and are now also parents of new race children.

This new race is manifesting as children with increasing psychic abilities that can include clairvoyance, clairaudience and/or clairsentience. These qualities can be wonderful gifts if the child's upbringing and education are well managed. However, if unknowing adults (parents, teachers, guardians) misinterpret these new abilities as signs of disease, dementia, mental retardation, etc., the child can experience hell on earth.

The Sanctus Germanus Foundation has created a committee called the New Race Education Project to study this topic and eventually develop guidance and education models that parents of these children can follow. This committee is comprised of foundation members who themselves are parents of these new race children.

The New Race Education Project seeks advice from those who have been given the priviliege of raising these children: the parents of new race children. The new race children are incarnating on every continent and in every race and culture. We would like to learn as much as possible about these children and perhaps draw up common and individual characteristics that would help to shape an appropriate educational program for future generations of new race children in the New Age.

So we invite you to share your experiences as a new race child or as parents of such children.

We plan to create a forum under the auspices of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation that will be open to all concerned with the new race children. We invite you to voice the challenges you have faced or are dealing with presently. To join our group discussions and share your views with others of the new race, please contact us by EMAIL.


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