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- The Critical World Situation
- Interpenetration of Masters
- Soul Liberation in the New Age
- Toward a New Perspective

The purpose of this website is to provide a window through which the Masters of Wisdom of the Great Brotherhood of Light can share their perspective with humanity on a range of current affairs including the looming world economic crisis and the coming world war. This website is sponsored by the Great and Holy Master, Sanctus Germanus (also known as St. Germain), the hierarch of the coming New Age.

Sanctus Germanus once said, "If they knew better, they'd do better." It is in the spirit of this simple and powerful statement that we open this website to humanity. The information we present to you is meant to inform you of a different perspective from what the world media feeds you. We do not try to convince you of our point of view but merely present the position of the Masters of Wisdom as food-for-thought. This different perspective will give you another tool with which to differentiate between the truth and untruth that so flood the airwaves and frequencies of the world's media channels.

The Critical World Situation We Face Today:

We mark the beginning of the Twenty-First Century in a state of turmoil as the earth enters a period of accelerated evolution. All that we know will be questioned and purified. It is for that reason the world stands at the brink of a severe economic depression that will possibly be more severe than the Great Depression of 1929 and of conflicts and terrorism throughout the world, in other words the Armageddon. (Read more about this in The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies)

These conflicts, a product of insanity or the disconnection of the conscious mind from its Higher Self, will reach deep into the family foyer and affect even those nearest and dearest relationships. In a sense, we are going through a vast worldwide weeding out process, separating the tares from the wheat. Those dark souls that instigate negativity and conflict on earth will be eventually moved off the earth plane and the remaining good souls will be then allowed to proceed with their evolution. This is the promised New Age, an age of prolonged peace and prosperity, the likes of which earth has not experienced for millennia.

Since the last World War, the present world order, created upon the ashes of the devastating wars from 1914 to 1945 and upon the idealism that such wars should never, ever be repeated, has struggled to survive amid powerful counter-forces of greed and materialism that have rendered these idealistic institutions and governments, bureaucratic, at best inept at creating a world where individual souls can freely express themselves.

The present world financial and economic systems, those very institutions that were created to free man from want and poverty after the Second World War, have now come under the influence of powerful Dark Forces. These forces would like to keep the majority of mankind in a state of poverty, for the impoverished are pliable and easy victims of those who have money.

These national and international forces play upon the daily lives of all inhabitants of this earth whether they are conscious of them or not. The vast majority of humanity labors under impoverished physical and moral conditions so that the struggle to survive has diverted them from their primary task on the earth plane, that of soul liberation. Those whose lives enjoy material affluence, suffer the same impoverishment, that of clouding individual soul's expression with the glamour of materialism.

In this period of accelerated evolution, all that has worked against mankind's best interest will tumble, even the most sacred of religious, banking, and political institutions. We will inform you through this website of the methods and machinations of these forces in order to create the awareness necessary to cope with them.

Interpenetration of the Brotherhood with Mankind

Every 25, 920 years or so, the earth enters into the final stage of a cosmic cycle from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age, and mankind is faced with a choice. In the past the Lemurian and Atlantean Civilizations destroyed themselves with the knowledge of technology they had gained. Hopefully, it should be different this time, for help is being poured onto the earth plane as the earth goes into accelerated evolution.

To help and guide humanity through this final phase in the battle between good and evil, the Great Brotherhood of Light has been approaching ever closer the earth plane, providing it with adepts and initiates who are their disciples, all working together under a grand divine plan. As these high beings mix with the earthly populations, less and less shall there be the apparent distance between the spiritual and physical planes. More and more shall we observe that the two are indeed but two sides of the same coin, that one simply cannot exist without the other. All parts of our life and society will be influenced by the Great Brotherhood of Light, in both the incarnate and disincarnate forms, for their approach to mankind is all part of the grand plan to bring about the New Age, so long promised to mankind.

Sanctus Germanus: The Proponent of Soul Liberation in the New Age

What will follow the range of minor and major conflagrations during this decade is a vast project under the guidance of the Great and Holy Master Sanctus Germanus for the liberation of the individual soul for it is in this way that all the force of God, the creator of the Universe, can be released for good.

But before we can reach this point, we must all transit the present difficult and trying period upon us right now. More ferocious will be the attempts of the so-called Dark Forces to enslave mankind in rules and regulations that will perpetuate his state of subservience to the dark forces. So the first and necessary step that mankind must take is to educate itself of these often unseen forces. The Great Brotherhood of Light will use this website to provide information as food-for-thought so that mankind can reflect upon these views and form its own conclusions.

Toward a New Perspective

Armed with a new perspective you will see subtle changes in the way you perceive events. You will develop an innate sense that will tell you when the media is lying to you or why they are presenting such and such facts or programs to you. You will know when your good sense of what is right is being manipulated. Most of all, you will develop the ability to discern between the truth and lies.

Mankind can then say "no" to these forces, for by cosmic law, we say "yes" by default unless we say "no". If we don't resist, reject or say "no" to something, then of course we remain in agreement. Thus, the sponsor of this website, Sanctus Germanus, reiterates, "If they knew better, they'd do better."

And in doing so, HOPE remains always around the corner. The economic depression and the world war that will ensue will ultimately cleanse of the earth plane of those dark forces. The end of world is not at hand. Far be it. Instead, we can mark only the end of those that perpetuate evil, and finally, the entry of the great promise, The New Age.

The Amanuensis

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