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Seeding the Mass Consciousness

Seed Thought of the Week

Since January 2010, the Sanctus Germanus Foundation has put before lightbearers and our general readership a new project called Seeding the Mass Conscious to Heal Earth's Mental Body. Members of the Foundation gather every week to elaborate specific seed thoughts on issues in the mass consciousness that need correction in line with Cosmic Law. These seed thoughts will necessarily counter the lies and maya that the Dark Forces perpetrate in the world in order to deceive the world and keep it under its control.

After each meeting, we will publish the seed thought of the week so that you may include them in your daily meditations and reinforce their impact upon the mass consciousness. We would also like to invite suggestions from our readership on seed thoughts they would like to work on. These seed thoughts can be sent to our Seed Thought Committee for consideration.

How Seed Thoughts will Affect the Mass Consciousness

A few months after the “attack” on the twin towers in New York on September 11, 2001, the Sanctus Germanus website published an opinion calling the incident “the greatest act of treason” committed in the USA. The implication of this statement was that the perpetrators of this disaster came from within the US and not from some far off cave in Afghanistan. Today, a decade after this incident, it is widely known among millions around the world that 9/11 came from within and not at all from what has been in the world press.

Expert structural and demolition engineers from around the world have concluded that the collapse of the Twin Towers resulted from a careful and wilful demolition rather than the airliner attack that was portrayed so dramatically on the world's television screens. A simple logical review of events that led to the attack shows how neatly the incident had been planned from within the highest offices of the US and other foreign Governments, and not by a bogus boogeyman from a cave in Afghanistan using cell phones and walkie-talkies to coordinate such an event.

This is an example of the power of thought launched into the mass consciousness. When such a thought-form carries the truth and is well-enough formulated with enough correct details, it attracts the mental matter necessary to make it grow. The analysis done by the engineers and architects is an example of how the thought-form gathered supporting mental matter to complete itself. A more and more complete rendition of the 9/11 incident has now been formulated from the seeds that were planted a decade ago and is now being broadcasted around the world to receptive minds via the mass consciousness.

The Power of Thought to Effect Change

At this point in our journey toward the New Age, many of us feel powerless against the overwhelming structure of physical and mental control the Dark Forces have at their disposal. But if there is anything in the world that is more powerful than the whole Dark Force arsenal, it is still the power of thought. This is the weapon that everyone is equipped to use during the ongoing battle with the forces of darkness. It is even more powerful than street riots or demonstrations against human injustices, although such demonstrations serve as landmarks to measure the state of change in the ongoing transmutation of matter. Thought is also the creative tool that can be used to manifest all one needs.

The key to the thought-form's power is its clarity and detail. The Master, who once taught in London and Boston as depicted in the Initiate series by Cyril Scott and known to us under his earthly pseudonym as Justin Moreward Haig, gave the author the simple formula for using thought-forms:

. . . (W)e, who worship at the feet of great Buddhas, find them contemplating this simple truth. You see, there is something of a mystery here. That which passes for the simple is often the most profound. When I say then that all things begin with thought, I speak of creation from beginning to end. The clothes that you are wearing were once a thought in a designer's mind. Now they adorn your form. . . . There is much that I would say to you about thought, but it lies here. But whatever you want to accomplish, first think of it specifically as only a thought. You see in this there is confusion. First, it must be seen as the thought form that it is and only then, once the thought is clear can atoms know how to proceed to build molecules of matter around the thought-form. So you see the thought itself must be intact, clear, and as definite as one can make it. Justin Moreward Haig

The power of thought is very much underestimated and the tendency among lightbearers is to think that we are individually too insignificant to make a difference. But with an understanding of cycles and cosmic trends given to us in the Ancient Wisdom, our thinking can be put in harmony with what we know of the Divine Plan, and within that plan, we can generate thought-forms of quality and detail that can turn the battle with the Dark Forces in favour of the forces of light.

Creating thought-forms to manifest one's needs is also a valid right, but this creative process has been twisted into yet another New Age industry that commercializes spiritual teachings. Through high-powered and expensive seminars, marketing experts prey on well-intentioned lightbearers to use “the secret” of the Law of Attraction to satisfy one's selfish desires and become part of the super wealthy. Creating thought-forms to manifest a gated mansion with a swimming pool and two sports cars parked in the driveway is quite different from creating thought-forms that will shed light on the lies and projects that the Dark Forces perpetrate against one's brethren.

Seeding the Mass Consciousness

The mass consciousness exists on the lower mental plane and often works in tandem with the astral plane. Lower astral emotions permeate the lower mental plane, oscillating between mental and astral matter. The mass consciousness thus mirrors the fact that the vast majority of the earth's populations live according to emotional impulses and basic mental functions necessary to survive which provides ready fodder to the Dark Forces.

Invocation of Light into the Mass Consciousness

As world karma plays out, we, the inhabitants of the earth, have the right to invoke light and help from the Spiritual Hierarchy. We have the right to think the truth about what is going on, no matter what the mass media is telling us. Finally, we have the right and power to send our enlightened thoughts into the mass consciousness, without hatred or emotion but as a matter of duty, being lightbearers in incarnation on earth. This whole thought process is done internally far from the eyes of the Dark Forces and has the incalculable force of the cosmos behind it.

Once we release these light-bearing thoughts into the mass consciousness, they find their way into the open-minded of similar vibrations. This is the true working of the Law of Attraction. Through this marvellous cosmic law, the light-bearing thought-form works its way through the often dark recesses of mass consciousness and begins to reach more and more lightbearers and the open-minded around the world. The momentum builds and a snowball effect ensues.

Each enlightened thought-form works to counter the lies and deception that are resident in the mass consciousness, AND IT IS IN THE MASS CONSCIOUSNESS THAT THE INITIAL HEALING OF THE EARTH'S MENTAL BODY TAKES PLACE.

The mass consciousness can reach more individuals than the mass media and can gain considerable momentum in shifting the balance of light and darkness on earth. It will touch the minds of people in their sleep, in quiet moments of contemplation during the day, in prayers, and even in the most unexpected moments of one's daily life. And as minds change, so will the rebalancing begin to manifest on the earth plane.

The Dark Forces know of this power and fight the process by creating every conceivable form of noise and real and virtual distractions to create confusion. They even direct their agents on the astral plane to whisper counter-thoughts that seem like one's own thinking. Thus, they, too, feed the mass consciousness but with lies, half-truths and sophisms. To make these distractions stick, they project anything that titillates the lower chakras so that thinking is held in sensual chains.

But those who see beyond these counter-claims can form the initial snowball whose momentum and size will eventually overwhelm these Dark Forces efforts. The mass consciousness will reform and thus represent the true thoughts of earth's inhabitants.

So we invite all our readers to join us in sending well-thought-out seed thoughts into the mass consciousness to effect change in a meaningful and powerful manner. Go to Seed Thought of the Week



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