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A Welcome Message from the Sponsor of this Website,
the Great and Holy Master Sanctus Germanus (Holy Brother)

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I won the bet!

And to think they thought
That they had got
The power to keep you from me!
I wouldn't have it. I wouldn't have it.
But in my vision you were already free.
And so it should be for eternity.

I've got no time for temporary things.
For they're not there when you need them.
I've only interest in those things of earth
That can be reproduced so that I can see them.

And here I've seeded
What looks like an orchard.
A delightful array of souls.
You delight me.
Each one, you delight me.

You're fragrant like newly baked rolls
Out of the oven of the Mother Divine.
To feed all these who yet wait
Thinking somehow that they'd better be good
Or they'll get turned away at the gate.
Or perhaps thinking if they don't hurry on
They won't get into heaven.
It's too late.

Heaven is not about childish fears
Or anything that would result in sadness and tears.
But Heaven is that moment
When those who are so clear
Suddenly manifest before you.

I've taken flaws out of jewels before
So many times it's like a bore.
I've been accused of just about everything.
I wonder if I've missed anything.

I'm here tonight to simply drop in
And to remind you that there's no such thing as sin
And all those things that seem to occupy your day
And cause you to think, huh, you could have lost your way.
For there's nothing wider than Heaven's bay;
You really can't miss it if you use the Violet Ray.

The Violet flame, my claim to fame?
Hardly. But I suppose some have said it
And though I've tried so very hard
I still seem to end up with the credit.
But I didn't do it for that reason, you know.

No, I did it so that things would more sweetly flow
And so that each one of you would really know
That there is such a thing as phenomena.
It isn't always apports
And it isn't always smoke
That issues out of a medium's throat
But instead it's that thing that can turn a bloke
Into one whose heaven's fires doth stoke. . .
Through Her love or His great, great devotion.

I'll dive in that ocean.
The ocean of love.
The ocean of freedom.
The ocean of soul liberation.

And at last I come to this place.
I come to this place,
For I can help you get rid of your past.
Oh yes. Oh yes, the promise is given.
The debt, it is paid.
The rocket is ridden.
The waters now flow.

Won't you drink and be healed?
For as far as I am concerned
In my heart you are sealed
And ever more, there you can wield
That magic that is yours to command.

Beloved. Beloved.
What does it take?
Must all manifestation fall and break
Before you learn that this isn't a fake?
But all for your growth and education I radiate then
Frequencies geared to your soul.
And you will know it.

You can take a poll.
As the weeks go to months
And the months go to years,
You'll live without your hell bent fears
And instead come to know
That the violet flame
It clears those things
That now would seem to blind you.

Though I can be so rough,
Perhaps careless, some even might say.
But you see it isn't the words
Or the appearance itself
That I bring to you all this day
But instead something far better,
Far better indeed.
A Kiss from the Violet Ray.
And so to you all, Namaste
And so I do begin this glorious day
. . . AWAY!!!

Sanctus Germanus left a little P.S.

I guess I should have signed
My autograph in your mind
But I thought Violet Rain
Would betray St. Germain.


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