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In November, 2009 I was called up to Lake Louise for what has been an annual meeting with the Masters. St. Germain, El Morya, Kuthumi, HPB, and others honoured me with their presence. One of the many projects we discussed was the Mahatma Letters, as the need to resurrect the teachings contained therein in order to establish as sort of baseline of their philosophical teachings before more teachings were introduced for the coming New Age.

Besides the obvious letters of straight teachings, there are strewn among the wranglings and intrigues associated with the TS, bits and pieces of the Masters' Wisdom that underpin various positions they were forced to take toward members of the Theosophical Society and those interested in the society. Some teachings were deliberately buried in exoteric verbiage for release during these times. Kuthumi explained that as the Mahatma Letters were written and precipitated, there was a logic to them in the revelation of the Brotherhood's teachings. He asked me to use all the spiritual discernment I could muster to extract these teachings from the background of the Letters and put them into a coherent order in modern, discernible English as opposed to 19 th Century British English. Madame Blavatsky was at the meeting and shook her head vigorously in the affirmative.

The Master told me that in order to render his teachings into modern English I was to discern the thought-forms behind his writings, then paraphrase them without losing the essential meaning of the teachings. This, I have tried to do, to my best abilities, fully conscious of the necessity to keep the Masters' thought-forms intact even though the English used to express them would be slightly, and in some cases more than slightly different—all in the spirit of rendering the Masters' teachings as clear as possible for 21 st Century readers.

The process required me to plore through all the letters with “a fine tooth comb” to express what philosophical mandate, rules, laws or requirements were being revealed.

We start off with the basic philosophy that there is no God, a most shocking and revolutionary stance to most westerners, but one that has been the background of Tibetan Buddhism and other ancient teachings of the occult for eternity. This is followed by even more shocking statements that “All is Matter”. From this premise we are led to understand that what really governs our Solar System are cosmic laws rather than an all-knowing, omnipotent and omnipresent God figure. Such a figure, according to the Brotherhood, has resulted erroneous teachings that are at the root of two-thirds of the evil perpetuated on earth, the first third being mankind's actions.

Revealing these hidden teachings is a work in progress. As each subject matter is completed, we will post it for our viewers to ponder in depth and hopefully take to heart. So we invite you all who are interested in occult instruction to check this section of our website periodically.

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