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The whole of our system is imperceptibly shifting its position in space. The relative distance between planets remaining ever the same, and being in no wise affected by the displacement of the whole system; and the distance between the latter and the stars and other suns being so incommensurable as to produce but little if any perceptible change for centuries and milleniums to come, no astronomer will perceive it telescopically , until Jupiter and some other planets, whose little luminous points hide now from our sight millions upon millions of stars (all but some 5000 or 6000) — will suddenly let us have a peep at a few of the Raja-Suns they are now hiding.

There is such a king-star right behind Jupiter, that no mortal physical eye has ever seen during this, our Round. Could it be so perceived it would appear, through the best telescope with a power of multiplying its diameter ten thousand times, still a small dimensionless point, thrown into the shadow by the brightness of any planet; nevertheless — this world is thousands of times larger than Jupiter. The violent disturbance of its atmosphere and even its red spot that so intrigues science lately, are due — (1) to that shifting and (2) to the influence of that Raja-Star.

In its present position in space, imperceptibly small though it be, the metallic substances of which it is mainly composed are expanding and gradually transforming themselves into aeriform fluids — the state of our own earth and its six sister globes before the first Round — and becoming part of its atmosphere. Draw your inferences and deductions from this, my dear “lay” chela, but beware lest in doing so you sacrifice your humble instructor and the occult doctrine itself on the altar of your wrathful Goddess — modern science .

Is the sun's corona an atmosphere? of any known gases? and why does it assume the rayed shape always observed in eclipses?

Call it a chromosphere or atmosphere, it can be called neither; for it is simply the magnetic and ever present aura of the sun, seen by astronomers only for a brief few moments during the eclipse, and by some of our chelas whenever they like — of course while in a certain induced state. A counterpart of what the astronomers call the red flames in the “corona” may be seen in Reichenbach's crystals or in any other strongly magnetic body.

The head of a man in a strong ecstatic condition, when all the electricity of his system is centered around the brain, will represent — especially in darkness — a perfect simile of the Sun during such periods. The first artist who drew the aureoles about the heads of his God and Saints was not inspired, but represented it on the authority of temple pictures and traditions of the sanctuary and the chambers of initiation where such phenomena took place. The closer to the head or to the aura-emitting body, the stronger and the more effulgent the emanation (due to hydrogen, science tells us, in the case of the flames); hence the irregular red flames around the Sun or the “ inner corona.” The fact that these are not always present in equal quantity shows only the constant fluctuation of the magnetic matter and its energy, upon which also depend the variety and number of spots. During periods of magnetic inertia the spots disappear, or rather remain invisible. The further the emanation shoots out the more it loses in intensity, until gradually subsiding it fades out; hence the “outer corona,” its rayed shape being due entirely to the latter phenomenon whose effulgence proceeds from the magnetic nature of the matter and the electric energy and not at all from intensely hot particles, as asserted by some astronomers. All this is terribly unscientific, nevertheless a fact.

The Sun is a Reflection

The Sun is simply the reflection of the huge “storehouse” of our System wherein ALL its forces are generated and preserved; the Sun being the heart and brain of our pigmy Universe, we might compare its faculae — those millions of small, intensely brilliant bodies of which the Sun's surface away from the spots is made up — with the blood corpuscles of that luminary, though some of them as correctly conjectured by Science are as large as Europe. Those blood corpuscles are the electric and magnetic matter in its sixth and seventh state. What are those long white filaments twisted like so many ropes, of which the penumbra of the Sun is made up? What the central part that is seen like a huge flame ending in fiery spires, and the transparent clouds, or rather vapours formed of delicate threads of silvery light, that hangs over those flames — what — but magneto-electric aura — the phlogiston of the Sun?

Thus, the Sun we see is not at all the central planet of our little Universe, but only its veil or its reflection . Science has tremendous odds against studying that planet which luckily for us we have not; foremost of all — the constant tremors of our atmosphere which prevent them from judging correctly the little they do see. This impediment was never in the way of the ancient Chaldee and Egyptian astronomers; nor is it an obstacle to us, for we have means of arresting, or counteracting such tremors — acquainted as we are with all the akasic conditions.

The Sun is full of iron vapours — a fact that was demonstrated by the spectroscope, showing that the light of the corona consisted largely of a line in the green part of the spectrum, very nearly coinciding with an iron line.

(1) These particles do not fall upon the sun's body because there are forces co-existent with gravitation and that there is no gravitation properly speaking , only attraction and repulsion.

(2) That comets “pass through” is simply an optical illusion; they could not pass within the area of attraction without being immediately annihilated by that force of which no vril can give an adequate idea, since there can be nothing on earth that could be compared with it. Passing as the comets do through a “reflection” no wonder that the said vapour has “no visible effect on these light bodies.”

(3) The coronal line may not seem identical through the best “grating spectroscope,” nevertheless, the corona contains iron as well as other vapours whose names I am unable to translate and that no such matter exists (not in our planetary system, at any rate) — but in the sun.

Some of science's greatest misconceptions are found in her limited notions on the law of gravitation; her denial that matter may be imponderable ; her newly invented term “force” and the absurd and tacitly accepted idea that force is capable of existing per se , or of acting any more than life, outside , independent of, or in any other wise than through matter. . . in other words that force is anything but matter in one of her highest states , the last three on the ascending scale being denied because only science knows nothing of them. Science maintains her utter ignorance of the universal Proteus, its functions and importance in the economy of nature — magnetism and electricity.

Tell Science that even in those days of the decline of the Roman Empire, there were yet men remaining aloof from the immoral masses, who knew more of electricity and magnetism than they, the men of science, do now, and science will laugh at you as bitterly as she now does over your kind dedication to me. Verily, when your astronomers, speaking of sun-matter , term those lights and flames “clouds of vapour” and “gases unknown to science” (rather!) chased by mighty whirlwinds and cyclones — whereas we know it to be simply magnetic matter in its usual state of activity — we feel inclined to smile at the expressions. Can one imagine the “Sun's fires fed with purely mineral matter” — with meteorites highly charged with hydrogen giving the “Sun a far-reaching atmosphere of ignited gas”?

We know that the invisible sun is composed of that which has neither name, nor can it be compared to anything known by your science — on earth; and that its “reflection” contains still less of anything like “gases,” mineral matter, or fire , though even we when treating of it in your civilized tongue are compelled to use such expressions as “vapour” and “magnetic matter.”

To close the subject, the coronal changes have no effect upon the earth's climate, though spots have. The Sun is neither a solid nor a liquid , nor yet a gaseous globe; but a gigantic ball of electromagnetic Forces, the store-house of universal life and motion , from which the latter pulsate in all directions, feeding the smallest atom as the greatest genius with the same material unto the end of the Maha Yug .

The Sun of our Solar System is a Reflection of the Greater Raja Star

The Stars

The stars are distant from us at least 500,000 times as far as the Sun and some as many times more. The strong accumulation of meteoric matter and the atmospheric tremors are always in the way. But the real degree of light intensity cannot be known on earth unless astronomers could climb beyond that meteoric dust , with their telescopes and havanas . With satellites and space probes, scientists have gained a better idea of how far stars are positioned from the earth.

We know with the sole help of our spiritual naked eye a number of stars; every completely matured Sun-star having, like in our own system, several companion planets in fact. Neither the Chaldees nor the old Rishis had either telescopes or photometers; and yet their astronomical predictions were faultless, the mistakes, very slight ones in truth — fathered upon them by their modern rivals — proceeding from the mistakes of the latter.

“The Sun's surface emits per square mile as much light ( in proportion ) as can be emitted from any body.” But what can you mean in this case by “light”? The latter is not an independent principle. In the Occult Science the very ancient theory states that every phenomenon is but the effect of the diversified motions of what we call Akasa (not your ether) which is but one element, the causative principle of all.

To measure the speed of light from these stars in order to gain a perspective of their relative distances, astronomers would have to measure light above earth's atmosphere, which we reckon they are now doing, given the advancements in space technology.






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