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Books of Interest

Teachings of the Great Brotherhood of Light by the Masters Kuthumi and Morya

Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 1 by the Amanuensis

Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 2 by the Amanuensis

Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 3 by the Amanuensis




Individual members of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation present below a series of Webinars designed to introduce exciting and stimulating concepts of the Ancient Wisdom in plain and simple language. All are presented as food-for-thought. Our aim is to enable newcomers to grasp the basic concepts of the Ancient Wisdom so that their study of more complex writings later will lead to spiritual discoveries that help us to expand our consciousness.

We recommend that those who are new to or confused about certain concepts advanced by the Ancient Wisdom take advantage of these Webinars to clarify their understanding. We welcome any feedback or questions regarding these presentations.

Listed below are the basic concepts of the Ancient Wisdom that we propose.


The Laws of Cause and Effect and The Law of Rebirth

Introduction to the Deva Kingdom

The Externalization of the Hierarchy

Sanat Kumara The Head of The Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth

Amon Ra The God of our Solar System

I AM the Divine Spark that links each of us directly with the God of our Solar System, Amon Ra

The Spiritual Hierarchy Part 1 The great beings of Kumaras, Buddhas, Masters of the Wisdom link us in yet another way to the Love-Wisdom-Will of our Solar God

The Spiritual Hierarchy Part 2

The Spiritual Hierarchy- An exloration of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth

Masters of Wisdom: Masters of the Great Brotherhood of Light fill the ranks of the Spiritual Hierarchy, working tirelessly for our spiritual evolution

The Number Seven in our World

The Number 7 (Septenary Principle)- The number 7 is one of the building blocks of how our solar system is constructed. This concept comes from the Seven Rays that emanate from the Sun, the hierarch of our solar system.

The Seven Planes and the Astral World

The Seven Rays: Embodiment of the One Life

There is No Death- Presentation on the fallacies abounding today about the concept of Death.



Earth Changes

Cycles Part 1

Cycles Part 2 (under construction)

Acceleration This determines the speed of our transition into a new cycle

The Grand Solar Cycle: Exploration of Cycles and Evolution

War- What can we do? How we view war as we transit into the new cycle.

The DF- History and background of the Dark Forces

Protection from Dark Forces

Gold Today- What you should know about Gold now and its important role in the entering new cycle to come.

Paper Money as the Middleman

Gold and Big Oil



Selfishness and Sacrifice

Aligning to Amon Ra

The Normalcy Bias

Spiritual Discernment, Telling the Truth from the Lie

Opening the Doors Of Spiritual Blindness: A Prison with No Keys

The In Breath Meditation...Contacting Your God Within

Etheric Vision

Recognizing Entity Possession in today's world (A para-psychological viewpoint)

Finding your Soul Mission back to the basics of why you incarnated at this time

Lightbearers Part 1- What is a Lightbearer? For the past two centuries hundreds of thousands of lightbearers have been born on Earth in anticipation of humanity's transition to a new age.

Lightbearers Part 2- How a Lightbearer can help the Spiritual Hierarchy

Evolution of Consciousness-We explore how far the evolution of consciousness in you can take place on Planet Earth.

An Introduction to the 7 Bodies of Man you are not one but seven different bodies that should be aligned in order to serve the Spiritual Hierarchy

The Spiritual Triad

The Astral Body

Etheric Body

The Lower Mental Body

The Basics of Initiation: Initiations are the milestones that indicate where you are in your journey of spiritual return

Meditation: Exploration of meditation; the purpose, methods and outcomes to help you on your journey of return

Esoteric Truth about Gold: The effects on spiritual enhancement.

Entity Possession: How entity possession tries to prevent your spiritual return. How to avoid and get rid of them.

The Bardo: Exploration of the state of Bardo



Telepathic Healing service









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