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Messages from the Brotherhood will keep us constantly up-to-date on vital issues affecting our lives. Check this page from time to time for the latest messages.

If you are a latecomer to this website, scroll down this page and see for yourself the tremendous effort the Brotherhood of Light is making to communicate with all of us!

***Archives Project: The Sanctus Germanus Foundation in an effort to safeguard books and original manuscripts on the Ancient (Ageless) Wisdom from the onslaught of earth changes is creating an occult research library in the climatically safe zone high in the Canadian Rockies. The foundation will commit whatever resources are necessary to preserve these precious works. If readers know of private collections that may be endangered or have such works in hand to donate to this project, please contact Stavros ( and for more information about this project.




16 March

Part 11 of About the Amanuensis: Events Leading up to My Crucifixion

24 January

Part 10 of About the Amanuensis: Mid-2007



08 November

Discussions on Dropping Gender, Resolving your Financial Problems and possible fruit diet--all on New Age Menu of Teachings

16 October

New Webinar posted: Gold and Big Oil

23 September: new webinar posted: Paper Money as the Middleman

08 September: Your latent talents and resourcess

02 September: Teachings for the New Age discourse: Testimonies on Results of Alignment

16 August: Teachings for the New Age discourse: Worldwide effect of your alignmentThe Master Jesus

Teachings for the New Age discourse:Doing God's Work

12 August

Teachnings for the New Age entitled Using Your Divine Gift of Attention

9 August

Two new webinars posted under Returning to Your Spiritual Roots: Aligning to Amon Ra and Selfishness and Sacrifice.

8 August

New Menu item- Esoteric Teachings for the New Age: We will now be introducing a series of discourses concerning the concepts of the New Age which will begin emerging as the end of the cycle takes place.

3 August

We will be posting a series of discourses by St. Germain and the Amanuensis that will serve as follow-on advice to that which is included in the lecture “The End is Nigh”. The End is Nigh Lecture Series Part 1: Threshold to the New Age

20 July

New message from the Amanuensis: Aligning to Amon Ra

New webinar: The Normalcy Bias

4 June

New Message from the Master Sanctus Germanus through the Amanuensis: The End is Nigh

2 January

New webinars posted: The Law of Cause and Effect and The Law of Rebirth


22 December

New webinars posted: The Externalization of the Hierarchy and Introduction to the Deva Kingdom.

13 October

New Messages: The Current World Situation; Oscillating Acceleration; Call to Arms of the Lightbearers

Dear Reader,

We will now resume our postings of messages from the Brotherhood of Light after a hiatus of almost five years. In 2012 the Dark Forces pulled out all the stops to prevent the collapse of their system of finance and warmongering. All they did was to slow down the inevitable. Today as we approach 2017, the five year hiatus, the destructive energies of Divne Will are still in play to bring to an end this cosmic cycle and usher in a new age.

Throughout this five year hiatus, the Masters of the Brotherhood continued to communicate with us regularly, but we were asked not to publish these messages, "for they would fall on deaf ears." Today we are told that more lightbearers are now coming to the realization that the "end is nigh" for the Piscean cycle and are searching for answers.

We hope that the coming series of messages, primarily from the Master Sanctus Germanus, will provide the necessary understanding of what we are about to witness.

In the name of the Brotherhood,

The Amanuensis
Heart, Head and Hand

11 September

New webinar posted: The Bardo

7 July

Link to June and July Newsletters

2 May

Link to May Newsletter

24 Apr

Thundering Heard: Earth changes update for 2015 and into 2016

9 Apr

Link to April Newsletter

5 March

New webinar posted under Returning to your Spiritual Roots: Spiritual Discernment, Telling the Truth from the Lie

1 March

Link to March Newsletter

27 Feb

New webinar posted under Returning to your Spiritual Roots: Opening the Doors Of Spiritual Blindness: A Prison with No Keys

8 Feb

New webinar posted under Resources: Telepathic Healing

2 Feb

Link to Feb Newsletter

18 Jan

Link to Jan Newsletter


20 Dec

New webinar posted: The In Breath Meditation...Contacting Your God Within.

4 Dec

Link to December Newsletter posted

15 Oct

Link to October Newsletter posted

27 Sept

New Webinars posted: Etheric Vision and Sanat Kumara

1 Sept

Link to September Newsletter posted

12 July

New Webinar posted: Recognizing Entity Possession in Today's world.

11 July

Link to July Newsletter posted

21 June

New Webinar posted: Earth Changes

6 June

New Webinar posted: Lightbearers Part 2- How the Lightbearer can help the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Link to the June Newsletter posted.

30 May

New public lecture videos posted: Afternoon Tea with Dr. Mau

26 May

New Webinars posted: The DF and The Lower Mental Body

9 May

Link to May Newsletter posted

19 Apr

New Webinar posted: I AM

17 Apr

Link to April Newsletter posted.

9 Apr

New webinar posted: Amon Ra, The Solar Logos

9 Apr

Wanted notice posted: movie producer/director who is a student of the Ancient Wisdom. Please email.

7 Mar

Link to the March Newsletter posted

28 Feb

New message posted: Who is Sanat Kumara?

1 Feb

December newsletter posted

31 Jan

New webinar posted: Acceleration

30 Jan

THO- (Revised) Sounding the THO mantra reaches deep into the vastness of the throat chakra and accelerates its wondrous unfoldment and blossoming.

27 Jan

Link to the Sanctus Germanus Photo Gallery added to menu

26 Jan

New webinar posted: Finding your Soul Mission

24 Jan

Earth Changes update from Thundering Heard: Part 2

21 Jan

Earth Changes update from Thundering Heard: Part 1



25 Dec

A Christmas Message from the Amanuensis

21 Dec

New webinars posted: The Spiritual Triad and An Introduction to the 7 Bodies.

6 Dec

New webinars posted: Protection from Dark Forces, The Spiritual Hierarchy Parts 1 and 2

30 Nov

Link to November Newsletter posted.

17 Nov

New Webinar posted: Etheric Body

11 Oct

New Webinar posted: Astral Body

9 Oct

New Video Lectures posted:
Introduction to the Sanctus Germanus Foundation Headquarters
Meet the Lightbearers of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation

Link to the October Newsletter posted

23 Sept

New Webinar posted: War- What can we do?

12 Sept 2014

New Video Lectures posted:
Public Lectures: Ageless Wisdom Foundation Retreat Center
Metaphysical Topics: Complacency and the Divine Spark

5 Sept 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: All past graduates of the SGF Mystery School Correspondence Course are invited to attend a three-day seminar covering the main principles of the Mystery School. The seminar will take place at the SGF Headquarters in Canmore, Alberta from October 24, 25 and 26, 2014. Dr. Michael P. Mau will lead the seminar. The seminar is free-of-charge. For more information email us at or

14 July 2014

New Webinar posted: Cycles Part 1

3 July 2014

New Webinar posted: The number seven in our World

7 June 2014

New Webinar posted: The Mystery School

30 May 2014

We are pleased to share with our readers a photo gallery of our activities, both international and in Canada.

18 May 2014

Video of a free discussion (in French) on various esoteric matters between Dr. Mau and a group in Belgium.

18 April 2014

Video's of Dr Mau's public lecture in San Jose, Costa Rica

21 March, 2014

Link to the February Newsletter .

2 March, 2014

Seed Thought of the Week : When the financial system collapses because its lies are revealed, because its money is understood to be worthless, and because, in its diseased state, the system is no match for accelerating earth changes and extreme weather events, those who create intrinsic value for people will excel at helping themselves and others, while those who have become adepts of gaming the system will find that the game is over.

Seed Thought From our Philippine counterparts : Everything functions according to universal or cosmic laws and nobody can control or manipulate the natural cycle of things without suffering the repercussion of repressing the normal flow of energy.

20 February, 2014

New webinar posted: The Seven Planes and the Astral World

18 February, 2014

New webinar posted: Masters of Wisdom

17 February, 2014

New webinar posted: Entity Possession

16 February, 2014

Link to the January Newsletter

15 February, 2014

Seed Thought of the Week: The collapse of the current system into barter, with transactions smoothed out by gold and silver coins, will force people to re-learn the true value of labor, of intelligence, and of resources from the Earth.

4 February, 2014

New Webinar Posted: The Grand Solar Cycle

1 February, 2014

Seed Thought of the Week: In the new golden age, people see through political charades and seek higher vibrational leadership and plans that actively propel human evolution.

22 January, 2014

Stark evidence of the ongoing worldwide conflict, today's version of WWIII.

19 January, 2014

Seed Thought of the Week: As the New Age unfolds, magnificent energies of synthesis will penetrate the very fiber of human activity, bringing pervasive and lasting change.

Seed Thought From our Philippine counterparts: Only with a clear understanding that conflict, brought about by the destruction of the existing system, is essential and unavoidable for harmony to be restored can one have the inner strength to brace the pain and chaos associated with the necessary transition.

7 January, 2014

New webinar posted: The Basics of Initiation

5 January, 2014

Seed Thought of the Week: Some claim that, aside from some minor skirmishes, the world is at peace. War is currently spreading on Earth, not diminishing. The Dark Forces are igniting conflicts worldwide. They intend to engulf the entire world in conflict. Tens of millions of soldiers are engaged in war or stand at the ready for it. This is not peace. Each person must decide whether to give their cooperation and support to this darkness, or to stand on the side of light to bring in the New Age.

5 January, 2014

New webinars posted on Meditation and the Seven Rays

4 January, 2014

Link to the December 2013 Newsletter


December 28th, 2013

New Current Message from the Amanuensis: A Different Perspective on the World War

December 22nd, 2013

Dr. Mau just completed a two-month lecture and teaching tour through Southeast Asia where he addressed Sai Baba devotees as well as the general public in Singapore; Perth, Western Australia; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Bali, Indonesia. You may view videos of these meetings here. (Unfortunately the audio pickup of the video equipment malfunctioned and there is no sound.)

December 21st, 2013

Seed Thought of the Week: As people pour more energy into thought forms such as freedom, truth, meditation, gold, or justice, these thought forms grow causing powerful turbulence to the Dark Force structures of manipulation. After all, their structures are not as invincible as they think. Energies carrying active intelligence, evolutionary purpose, wisdom, and love work together to allow the magic of the new golden age to blossom.

Seed Thought From our Philippine counterparts: The unfoldment of the full potential of each human being is not for the benefit of the self alone but for the good of mankind and all creation.

December 8th, 2013

Link to the November Newsletter posted

December 7th, 2013

Seed Thought From our Philippine counterparts: When one realizes that he is the Soul and not a human being, he realizes that he is one with all.

November 16th, 2013

Seed Thought of the Week: Many people who are experiencing the effects of increasing earth changes--earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions--and extreme weather events, believe that these events are punishment, the wrath of God, or consequences of bad human behaviour. The mass media sometimes calls Earth an "angry planet" and refers to "nature's fury." But cyclic cleansings and reconfigurations of the Earth's surface are natural, evolutionary processes. It is wise for those who understand that we are early in this cyclic process to do what they can to protect themselves and preserve that which will truly serve humanity now and in the New Golden Age.

Seed Thought From our Philippine counterparts: The market for cheap products worldwide is so enormous and the industries producing these goods have greatly contributed to the economic growth of producer countries. Unknown to many, however, these cheap products are manufactured from the sweat and labor of a significant number of people, mostly children, who are forced under duress to work in sweatshops, quarries, farms and other work places where they are housed in deplorable conditions and treated without mercy. Enjoying the benefits of a bargain is condoning a person to suffer a life of slavery.

November 2nd, 2013

Seed Thought of the Week: Conflict steeped in hatred and revenge tends to yield more of the same; conflict conditioned by the presence of higher vibrational energies can lead to resolution, harmony, liberation.

October27th, 2013

New Webinars posted: Esoteric Meaning of Gold and Gold Today.

October 26th, 2013

Seed Thought of the Week from our Philippine counterparts: Within each is the innate power to break free of the spells of the dark forces which are, in reality, purely superficial and meaningless.

October 19th, 2013

Seed Thought of the Week: People can approach false flag terrorist events and fear campaigns with calm rationale and logical questioning. Through deep meditation they can raise themselves above the low vibrations of this fear tactic to where the truth of these situations are exposed for what they truly are. With every attempt by the dark forces to imprint FEAR into the mass consciousness people can respond with "WE FEAR NOT!!!"

October 6th, 2013

New Webinar posted: The Spiritual Hierarchy

October 5th, 2013

Seed Thoughts of the Week: An economy based on money which is debt must always grow or the interest on the debt cannot be paid. When too much debt is accumulated, the economy groans under the burden, can no longer grow, and begins to collapse. Authorities put money printing into hyper-drive to try to overcome this reality, but this tactic fails. So to stimulate an economy in end-of-cycle death throes, they resort to war. This too will fail as humanity realizes the folly and cruelty of a trumped-up war being fought to save an economy that is a system of profiteering and enslavement. Humanity will see through this elaborate ruse and gain its freedom.

From our Philippine counterparts: The forces of acceleration are now inspiring courageous souls to expose and publicly denounce the deceit and systemic defrauding or manipulation of the people by the controlling powers. Awareness of the trickery and exploitation of those in power is likewise gaining strength among the many. To expect the perpetrators to be decreed judgment by the present judicial system, being one of their ilk, is futile. Only a firm and united will of the many to resist and defy the suppression of truth will restore balance.

October 4th, 2013

New Webinar posted entitled: Evolution of Consciousness

October 2nd, 2013

New Webinar posted: The Number 7

September 23rd, 2013

Seed Thought of the Week: With earth changes growing apace due to the increasing acceleration, people are seeing more frequently the vulnerable areas that they are living in are no longer suitable to sound and safe living. Through deep and ardent meditation people can listen to the calm logic and rationale of their own Souls and make a clear decision about moving to higher ground or safer areas and making the necessary preparations to survive. People can "rebuild" based upon these soul-inspired actions rather than rebuilding on reluctance, tradition, and fear of change.

September 14th, 2013

Link to the August Newsletter posted.

September 8th, 2013

New Webinar posted: There is No Death

September 7th, 2013

Seed Thought of the Week : From our Philippine counterparts: The collective will of the people to resist war can overcome the formidable power of the warmongers.

August 24th, 2013

New section posted: Webinars- The Sanctus Germanus Foundation presents a series of Webinars designed to introduce exciting and stimulating concepts of the Ancient Wisdom in plain and simple language.

August 17th, 2013

Seed Thought of the Week: The Dark Forces have rigged the financial and legal system so that their interests have, by law, super-seniority over the interests of all others. While those who run the system pretend it is for the benefit of all, as demonstrated in the Cyprus collapse and the Detroit bankruptcy, this is not so. People need to take their financial future into their own hands by obtaining precious metal coins, items for barter, and the tools and skills to produce what is truly useful for themselves and their communities.

From our Philippine counterparts: When education becomes an end in itself and learning its own fulfillment, joy and love will flourish --- overcoming the fragmentation and aggression in the world.

August 3rd, 2013

Seed Thought of the Week: Leadership is a matter of vibration and humility, not of royal pomp and circumstances. It must be proven and earned.

From our Philippine counterparts:The real purpose of the wheel of rebirth in the physical plane is for man to realize that he is not a corporeal being and that he is the Soul using a physical body.

Aug 2nd, 2013

Recent Earth Changes articles:
Rising sea levels will seal fate of 316 U.S. cities, study warns

Greenland soars to its highest temperature ever recorded, almost 80 degrees F.

Aug 2nd, 2013

Link to the July Newsletter posted

July 27, 2013

"The concept of Hierarchy should not be viewed as a very linear structure based on a single factor but more so as a matrix, where you recognize and adjust to your changing hierarch in each area, specialty or situation." M. Gabata SGF Member

July 20, 2013

Seed Thoughts of the Week: Once self awareness is achieved, then much about the pace of a person's evolution is in their own hands. It is up to them to pursue and master the realms of consciousness, intuition, telepathy, that is, to learn to relate to the higher vibrational realms of their soul and with the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy, Shamballa, the Planetary Logos Sanat Kumara, and the Solar Logos Amon Ra.

From our Philippine counterparts: The distribution of GMO seeds and pesticides by the agribusiness giants, which presently is so comprehensive, having its trace in practically all processed food products and animal feeds, is another powerful tool of the few to control the masses.

July 14, 2013

"Persistence and Consistency are key aspects of Discipleship. For when you constantly turn inside and focus on your inner world, the outer world gently falls away. And when one gradually detaches from his outer garments, that is when one starts to experience liberation." M. Gabata SGF Member

July 7, 2013

Seed Thought of the Week: Acceleration is relegating the attitude that "nothing will change" to the past. Things are changing, dramatically. It is time to take a strong interest in the higher vibrational nature of the inner and outer evolutionary leap in which we are all participating, and to speak truth about it.

July 4th, 2013

Article: Why Arctic sea ice will vanish in 2013

June 30th, 2013

Link to June's newsletter posted.

June 29th, 2013

Seed thought of the Week From our Philippine counterparts: Survival depends on one's fortitude and preparedness borne of a clear understanding of the unfolding events and their significance, both in material and spiritual sense.

June 23, 2013

New Article posted: There is No Death

June 16, 2013

Seed thought of the Week: Government is not supposed to be a parasite on people, but to serve them.

From our Philippine counterparts: The best way to free oneself from this matrix of lies is to go beyond the information being fed in the mainstream and be cognizant of what is happening in the real world. It is of utmost importance to strengthen one's discernment by seeking guidance from one's Soul.

June 4, 2013

Link to May's newsletter posted.

June 1, 2013

Seed thought of the week: The Dark Forces have succeeded in creating continuous regional war and they are working to set up the next world war. Our so-called leaders will not stop this; they are the sales people for this war for profit. It is up to people to take a stand, to peacefully refuse this plan for world war on all fronts, and to end war on this planet forever.

From our Philippine counterparts: The human body's capacity to build, maintain and repair itself, if supported by natural and proper diet, regular exercise, sunlight and right lifestyle, knows no bounds -- such is the realization that will free humanity from this dark age of conventional medicine -- and the light that will take humanity to genuine healing and wellness.

May 21, 2013

Transition Update: Climate, Sea Level, and Weather.

May18, 2013

Seed thought of the week: People will find that the belief that large institutions will provide safety is misplaced, and that they are far better off relying on inner work, precious metals, and strengthening their real world capabilities and those of their communities.

From our Philippine counterparts: Involvement in any act of war is the very contradiction of our divine nature.

May 4, 2013

Seed thought of the Week: The lie "You only live once" is constantly broadcast by the Dark Forces to convince people that life has no meaning beyond the physical, or that they get a single "test" lifetime, followed by eternal punishment or reward. It is designed to keep people from the freedom and joy that results from contact with the wisdom of the soul cultivated over many incarnations and the periods between incarnations.

From our Philippine counterparts: The real significance of this destructive phase marking the end of an evolutionary cycle is primarily to awaken the spiritual man and to realize brotherhood through unselfish service, more than mere physical concern.

April 28, 2013

Link to April's newsletter posted.

April 20, 2013

Seed Thought of the Week: The confiscation of bank deposits in Cyprus proves beyond a doubt that banks are not safe, and that keeping your savings in banks is not wise. Those who wish to maintain the purchasing power of their savings must see through the heavy-handed ploys of the bankers and government, remove their savings from the currencies and institutions of the system, and place them into minted gold and silver bullion coins.

From our Philippine counterparts: The existing global economy controlled by monopolistic capitalists, banks and political elites has tipped the scale to such a precarious extreme where half of the global wealth is owned by just 1% of the world elite and only 7% wealth is owned by 80% of the world population. These dominant powers continue to capture almost all of the financial rewards and economic control while leaving the masses of workers barely surviving. We need to realize this anomaly and break out of the matrix of control wielded by the dominant few by dissociating ourselves from the banking system and becoming self-sufficient. Only then will the dissolution of suppressive capitalism be hastened and a new equitable and just economic order established.

April 7, 2013

More evidence of powerful earth changes taking place

April 6, 2013

Seed Thought of the Week: In this time of acceleration, a wait-and-see attitude about earth changes is no longer appropriate. It makes sense to these changes as trends, to plan for their continuing increase, to seek higher ground away from the coasts in seismically stable areas, to locate in those regions where the predominant effect of acceleration is its vast inner benefits.

From our Philippine counterparts: The unraveling decadence of the fraudulent international banking cartel and the profligate politicians who provide legislative protection for the former's larceny clearly demonstrates that the interest and welfare of the citizens, who entrusted their lifetime toil to the banks, are of no consequence. People must realize that they cannot trust the banks and depend on their governments to defend their rights and must learn to protect themselves.

March 30, 2013

Link to the March Newsletter posted.

Mar 20, 2013

A note to the wise: your money is not safe in the current banking system. Convert your holdings into precious metals, gold or silver, preferably in minted coins, and store them close to you in a private place. You can always re-convert small amounts back into paper cash as you need it. Storing your savings in gold or silver preserves its value while the central bankers inflate the financial system. The Amanuensis

Mar 16, 2013

Videos of Dr. Mau's lecture tour in Southeast Asia and Australia:
Manila, Singapore, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

March 16, 2013

Seed Thought of the Week: Tensions arising from disputes among nations over rights to islands and seabeds are fast escalating as the acceleration of energies intensifies the separatist conditioning of man which has its roots in his identification with the physical body. Such mentality has deluded man into identifying with a fragment. The real identity of each individual is not of a race, a nation or a belief but as a Soul and each Soul being an intrinsic part of an indivisible Whole.

Mar 3rd, 2013

Seed Thought of the Week: The increasing frequency of shooting sprees is one of the unpleasant side-effects of a great cosmic cleansing process filtering through to the earth plane right now. Studying esoteric knowledge and meditating help people to align with the cosmic processes unfolding in our world, and to see the futility of depending on power-hungry governments to "make things better."

From our Philippine counterparts: Now, more than ever, is the time to realize and accept the fact that the current form of global economic foundation that has enslaved humanity has no place in the New Age and must, therefore, be purged to pave the way for a new economic order.

Mar 2nd, 2013

Link to Feb 2013 Newsletter posted.

Feb 16th, 2013

Link to "What Is the Transition?" an evidence-based series describing our progress through the pralaya:
Part 1
Part 2

Feb 5th, 2013

Link to the January 2013 newsletter posted.

Feb 2nd, 2013

Seed Thought of the Week: Our individual livelihoods depend on our own creativity to produce what is necessary for our well being. This is the responsibility of each and every one of us, not the government's.

Jan 13th, 2013

As predicted in the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies, Vol 1, the year 2012 would be a very hot year.

Jan 5th, 2013

Seed Thought of the Week: When we realize our true identity as souls, not bodies, and discover and live our soul missions, we thrive.

From our Philippine counterparts: One needs to realize that any happiness that is based on something or even someone never lasts. Only the joy of the spirit endures forever.

Jan 1st, 2013

New Years Message from the Amanuensis


Dec 9th, 2012

Seed Thought of the Week:
From our Philippine counterparts:The competitive nature of physical survival has embedded in the psyche of the majority a strong sense of rivalry manifesting as "me first" attitude. As the world is plunged into earth-shaking changes and economic/geo-political collapse, this selfish attitude will destroy what is left of the thin veneer of society's civilization as a desperate mass fight for survival where each individual compete with everyone else. The key to survival and preservation of order and harmony is through cooperation. One must realize that our interdependence manifests our Oneness being Souls.

Dec 8th, 2012

Link to the November Newsletter posted

Dec 8th, 2012

New Video posted: Group Discussion at Wiesbanden, Germany , Nov. 8, 2012

Dec 1st, 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: Having children for automatic or unconscious reasons, such as meeting social or family expectations, has far more to do with satisfying psychological needs of parents than meeting the real needs of a child. Would-be parents can study the ageless wisdom to understand the place human reproduction has in the evolution of the soul and can then make a conscious, reasoned decision about whether they wish to undertake this important and arduous task, and how they can prepare themselves for it.

From our Philippine counterparts: It is our duty to take care of nature and to protect earth's inhabitants.

Nov 24th, 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: Free human beings are owned by no one and have the right to freely associate with other human beings when and where they choose.

From our Philippine counterparts: Driven by greed and poverty, a significant majority is entrapped in all forms of gambling, from pleasurable and innocuous side-street wagers to lotteries, high stake casino games and the more sophisticated and absurdly massive speculations in derivative trades.

Nov 17th, 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: People need to look beyond these current forms of governance, to contemplate and envision how people will organize themselves to create and maintain a world that truly fosters people's inner and outer evolution.

From our Philippine counterparts: One must realize that more than just a financial status, being poor is a state of mind where one allows himself to be stripped of hope, pride and dignity, and to be controlled by his benefactor.

Nov 11th, 2012

Link to the October Newsletter posted.

Nov 10th, 2012

Seed Thought of the Week:
From our Philippine counterparts: Productivity is an expression of creativity and positivity, the innate expression of the Soul.

Nov 3rd, 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: Wisdom dictates that people evaluate their circumstances and resources in the light of these accelerating changes and position themselves to be a beacon of help.

From our Philippine counterparts: Each citizen has the right to this demand for the gold reserve of their country to serve as the basis for the rebuilding of their country's monetary foundation in the even of a global economic collapse.

Oct 27th, 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: The evolution of mankind is a cosmic cyclical progression through a series of seven planets called "Rounds". The Earth is Round IV.

From our Philippine counterparts: Filipinos need to realize that they are engulfed in a culture of political patronage which threatens their right to be properly represented and heard.

Oct 20th, 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: At the end of this major cycle, which is in its last days, dependence on the status quo is dangerous. Ignoring the end of cycle will not make it go away. It is not by rioting in the street to try to force the government to continue to give people benefits that will bring them happiness and prosperity. People need to deepen their soul contact. From this contact, they will increasingly see life from the perspective of the group rather than just the individual, and will see how to create their own livelihood and system of support for themselves and their communities.

From our Philippine counterparts:

The earth abounds with free sources of energy. Let us harness the energy of the sun, the wind and the atmosphere and thereby free ourselves from the control of the DF. Let electricity harnessed from nature be freely and easily accessible to humanity.

Oct 6th, 2012

Seed Thoughts of the Week: The central banks of the world claim they are printing money to create inflation to create jobs. This policy is what is being pawned on the public whereas QE infinity is really a prop for the crumbling derivative market, which, if allowed to crumble would drag down the whole world financial system.

From our Philippine counterparts:

A critical mass of Filipino citizens, who until now have been generally taciturn with their views on political or social issues, are creating a massive wave of protest in cyberspace as they assail the implementation of the Cybercrive Prevention Act, a newly enacted law suppressing the freedom of expression and breaching the basic right to privacy.

Oct 1st, 2012

Indisputable scientific and photographic proof of melting of the Arctic.

Sept 30th, 2012

Link to the September Newsletter posted.

Sept 29th, 2012

Seed Thoughts of the Week: In this age of truth, truth must be expressed. Injustice must be opposed. Silence is not always golden. Stating truth is not being judgmental. Judgment carries weight when it is discernment based on deliberation rather than emotional criticism or attack. By their works you shall know them.

From our Philippine counterparts:

The sense of lack and insufficiency inherent in a person compels him to preserve himself by securing his future and continuously amassing what he feels will satisfy his want. This becomes the seed of greed in man driving him to violate the natural balance of things.

The physical is a natural state of need and insufficiency that has no lasting satisfaction. The sense of lack one feels is the Divine Discontent or that innate urging coming from the Soul to unfold. Only through merging with one's Soul will this sense of lack be fulfilled.


Sept 22nd, 2012

Seed Thoughts of the Week: The best spiritual practices and methods reflect humanity's present and future; not what was applicable to bygone evolutionary phases.

From our Philippine counterparts:

Feeling anger and fear toward the unfolding events not only adds steam to the prevailing agitation but means falling right into the trap of the DF's gambit. Knowing this sinister maneuverings is vital so one can maintain a strong stance to resist being used as pawn by the DF. Calmness and fortitude comes from an understanding of the current evolutionary cycle and from alignment with the Soul.

Sept 16th, 2012

Seed Thoughts of the Week: When the next phase of the financial crisis erupts, all money in electronic accounts will be vaporized by the implosion of the derivatives market. All are advised to systematically remove their savings from the financial system and put that money into minted gold and silver coins, a little physical cash, and the real goods and tools that they can use to flourish when the financial system dissolves.

From our Philippine counterparts:

The severe drop in agricultural yields resulting from intense drought scorching the heart of the granary of the West and its devastating impact on the cost of production of other food chains, fuels and other industrial products, complicated further by the inflationary consequence of the poor management of the global economy – all these factors are pushing the world into an unprecedented food crisis. As this continue to aggravate into the future, being one of the necessary cleansing humanity has to endure, a way to prepare is to cultivate or find access to a food source as can be managed since the government will find itself helpless to feed the starving populace. The best refuge and protection in this time of perilous survival is to seek the guidance of one's Innermost – the Soul.

Sept 15th, 2012

Link to the August Newsletter posted.

Sept 1st, 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: People need to increase humanity's awareness of chemtrails and to raise their own vibrational level to counteract the deleterious impacts of these poisonous concoctions.

From our Philippine counterparts:

All religions, no matter how disparate each one may be in form, have their fundamental meaning in One God, the God Within. One's true liberation comes from the realization of the God Within, the Soul.

Aug 25th, 2012

Seed Thoughts of the Week : Current forms of government have been hijacked by those seeking personal power and wealth. The best form of government is guided by true spiritual principles; its members are solidly guided by their own souls and are established on the occult Path. People can know that higher vibrational manifestations of brotherhood, peace, truth, and an esoteric understanding of money and economy make for a higher form of order in alignment with the law of hierarchy and soul liberation.

From our Philippine counterparts:

With prices of commodities consistently rising over time, a situation characteristic of an economy based on paper currency, most people have been conditioned to accept inflation as a normal environment and have learned to survive its impact. With such an unquestioning attitude, they have succumbed into a blind resignation and are unable to even consider the more dreadful scenario of hyperinflation or deflation, or worst, of a total economic collapse.

Aug 20th, 2012

Seed Thought of the Week from our Philippine Counterparts

Aug 19th, 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: Revenge accomplishes only the perpetuation of cycles of inner and outer misery. Attention to compassion and forgiveness has the power to break these cycles.

Aug 12th, 2012

New Podcast: Dr. Mau's interview on Stargazer's TV/Radio program, Pinoy Vibes, on July 22 , 2012 in Manila, Philippines

Aug 11th, 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: Propaganda and lies emanating from our leaders and authorities can no longer mask the truth. In the past, they have eventually been seen for what they are, even though the masses have been temporarily duped. However, the time lag between the emission of the lie and the mass perception that the lie is just a lie is narrowing. We are now entering that very sought-after period where the mass consciousness can now instantly perceive official pronouncements of policy (propaganda) as lies, thus rendering these lies impotent. Let the process of seeing official lies for what they are penetrate more deeply into the mass consciousness.

Aug 7th, 2012

New Video posted: Dr. Mau's interview on Stargazer's TV/Radio program, Pinoy Vibes, on July 22 , 2012 in Manila, Philippines

Aug 7th, 2012:

Link to July newsletter added.

July 28th, 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: Living on the physical plane--where our vision of past, present, and future is imperfect--and in the free will zone that is planet Earth, mistakes are an inevitable part of life. Having a strong fear of mistakes, or failing to forgive ourselves and others when they happen, lowers one's vibration and hampers creativity in a time when raising one's vibration, and having full access to our creativity, is crucial. It is best to treat mistakes with honesty, learning the lessons they provide, and with a sense of humor as all of us stumble along on our evolutionary path.

July 21st, 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: Do not be fooled by the claims that the war in Syria is a war for justice. Neither side in these wars has the slightest interest in justice. This is all manipulation of people, politicians and countries by those Dark Forces who seek to create and sustain continuous war for profit on Earth. When humanity realizes this, war on this planet will end.

July 14th, 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: 2012 will be a reality shift that is part of greater and lesser cosmic cycles. For humanity 2012 is a shift to higher dimensional frequencies, involving the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Part of this involves freedom from dark force manipulations, raised levels of consciousness, true brotherhood, and abundance, all of which are a part of our entry into the golden age.

July 8th, 2012

Newsletter page updated with links to April-June newsletters.

July 7th, 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: People can do themselves an enormous favour by getting their money and assets out of their banks NOW. They can disregard the various dark force controlled media reports that tell them their money is safe and get it out promptly, followed by immediately investing in gold and silver or any useful exchangable items that be can bartered and can help them to survive during a total economic collapse.

June 30th, 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: Sixth Root Race children, adults, and parents of these incoming souls can liberate themselves from these drug-related schemes by the dark forces to lure them away from, or destroy their potentials, to fulfill their parts in the divine plan by understanding where these souls are coming from through studying and retaining an open mind to the ageless wisdom and so protect them from the knee-jerk reaction to medicate them and psychologically pigeon-hole them because of their unusual behaviour which is a result of being born into difficult vibrations.

June 23rd, 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: A worthy alternative to the current system of global commerce, with its vast overhead and extreme specialization, is barter. This could be the direct exchange of goods or services between people or businesses. Or it may use the medium of a barter currency. Either way, with barter, people's work can provide direct real benefits to their neighbors and friends rather than being siphoned into the overhead of the global system. Those practicing barter now are preparing themselves and their communities for an easier transition into a balanced local economy based on what is real.

June 16th, 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: The price of gold and silver as flashed to the world is nothing but what the Dark Forces want us to believe. It is a lie. Let the true price of precious metals emerge from the dark chambers of the Dark Forces and present its true value (exoteric and esoteric) to mankind. In this way only will mankind gain the proper guidance needed to navigate through this period of transition.

June 9th, 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: The dark forces intentionally use governments and the media to present people with policies and behaviors that are so deranged that most people feel the need to turn away, look down, and concern themselves solely with the mundane details of their daily life. Most have experienced the dismay and disbelief that leads to a desire to shut out the world. This DF technique is known as "reversal" and its purpose is to shatter the rational integration of people's minds, to curtail their awareness so that they pose no challenge to DF control of life on Earth. To counter DF control, and to maintain broad horizons in their own awareness, people need to see this attack for what it is, to think for themselves and take appropriate actions.

June 3rd, 2012

New Video Posted: Dr. Mau's lecture in Wiesbaden, Germany, May 2012

June 2th, 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: The Sanctus Germanus predictions about acceleration and waves of insanity are presenting themselves apace. The Brotherhood of Light have given to the world meditation techniques that a person can practice to help them navigate through the chaos by connecting with their true selves, their souls. These meditations are the golden ticket to soul contact and the new age, as well as allowing practitioners to be calm focal points of light, discrimination, and usefulness to others during these times.

26 May 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: If people adopt selfishness, the "every-man-for-himself" attitude, in order to survive the financial crisis, wars and the earth changes, it will substantially reduce their ability to adjust to the incoming higher frequency vibrations. They will not survive no matter what methods of survival they adopt. Only increasing one's personal vibrations through meditation, fasting and study of the Ancient Wisdom will assure survival of the coming ramp up of vibrations. That is the surest and best preparation anyone can adopt at this point.

20 May 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: Governments use a multitude of methods to manipulate statistics in order to forward their agendas. If used by the private sector, they are bound to mislead and result in wrong business decisions. If used by the governments themselves, they are bound to result in misguided policies. Official statistics have little to do with the truth and only put a legitimate face on bald lies. For this reason, it is best to discount them and refer to other sources of statistics.

19 May 2012

New Videos Posted: Dr. Mau's lectures in London and Berlin

12 May 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: The idea that competition among beings is beneficial and necessary is a lie promoted by those seeking to exploit others for profit. Competition engenders fear, separation, and vast wasting of resources. Collaboration brings real progress, evolution, and joy, and aligns with the essential unity of all life and the cosmic laws.

5 May 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: After the death of the physical body, life continues; you are essentially the same person, but with added powers. Death is to be celebrated as the dropping of the limiting physical body and the entrance into the fuller life of the freer soul.

4 May 2012

Announcement: Dr. Mau's Schedule of Lectures in Europe, May 2012. All lectures are free and open to the public. All are welcome.

London, Saturday, May 5, 2012 Time: 16:00-19:00

"Moving Toward the New Golden Age: How will 2012 end and what will 2013 bring?"

Venue:Novotel London West One Shortlands
London W6 8DR
United Kingdom
Phone: 44 (0) 208 237 7407
Fax: 44 (0) 208 748 2228

(The nearest Underground station is Hammersmith on the District, Piccadilly and Hammersmith & City lines)


Wiesbaden, Germany, Wednesday, May 9, 2012 19:00 to 23:00

". „Auf dem Weg ins Neue Goldene Zeitalter“
- Wie wird das Jahr 2012 enden und was wird uns 2013 bringen? -

Vor dem Hintergrund großer Veränderungen und Unruhen können wir positive Aspekte für das heraufkommende Neue Zeitalter erwarten:

1. Furchtlosigkeit
2. wachsendes Gruppenbewusstsein
3. weitverbreitete Hellsichtigkeit
4. Erste Schritte in die vierte Dimension

Venue: CHOPAN, Bleichstrae 34, 65183 Wiesbaden
Veranstalter: Regional-Vision, Bleichstr. 39, Wiesbaden


Berlin, Germany, Friday, May 11, 2012 (19:00 to 21:00)
". „Auf dem Weg ins Neue Goldene Zeitalter“
- Wie wird das Jahr 2012 enden und was wird uns 2013 bringen? -

Vor dem Hintergrund großer Veränderungen und Unruhen können wir positive Aspekte für das heraufkommende Neue Zeitalter erwarten:

1. Furchtlosigkeit
2. wachsendes Gruppenbewusstsein
3. weitverbreitete Hellsichtigkeit
4. Erste Schritte in die vierte Dimension

Venue: ABACUS Tierpark Hotel
Franz-Mett Strasse 3-9 , 10319 Berlin , Deutschland


All lectures are open to the public. All are welcome.

28 April 2012

New Article posted: Entity Possession. Many people today have lost control of their bodies, emotions, and/or minds to other "presences." This causes uncharacteristic behavior ranging from hyperactivity, insanity, and personality change, to addiction and uncontrolled rage. We suggest that much of this behavior is caused by entity possession. Entity possession explores this problem.

28 April 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: Humanity is divinely capable of putting an end to the grip of the dark forces and their wars once and for all. With the aid of the acceleration, seed thoughts, and the major ramping up of energies towards the end of 2012, a tipping point is around the corner that will favour the side of light. By connecting with their souls people can see that it is humanity's spiritual upward evolution that is inevitable and that war is a dying racket.

15 April 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: The Ageless Wisdom is now freely available in the mass consciousness. The gates are open. Go in.

14 April 2012

"What will the Year 2012 Bring?" A new message from the Master St. Germain in Current Messages.

13 April 2012

The Sanctus Germanus Foundation will soon be publishing a FREE monthly newsletter covering esoteric subjects touching on the world today. If you are interested in receiving this newsletter, please sign up by entering your email address in the sign up box.

2 April 2012

Announcement: Graduates of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation's Mystery School around the world are invited to attend the Foundation's Annual Meeting at Lake Louise in October 2012. If you are interested, please contact Oleta for more information.

31 Mar 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: As the unfolding events and preparations for another world war are read out openly to the public as though straight from a script, the people who read these headlines have been given a gift. People can take heed, wake up to facts, and resist mentally, emotionally, and physically all warmongering by the Dark Forces during these times.

27 Mar 2012 Fireside Chat

You are cordially invited to a free-flowing fireside chat on a range of esoteric subjects with Dr. Mau near Bigfork, Montana on March 27, 2012. Please contact us for more information and directions.

24 Mar 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: In a time where many default food, water, medical, industrial, and media choices are designed to poison and weaken you, it is the responsibility of every person to pay very close attention to what they ingest on all levels, favoring pure air and water, nutritious organic whole foods, healthy practices that strengthen their bodies, and impressions that raise their vibrations.

17 Mar 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: We must all come to realize that black magic is not something of the past but is being used as a tool to manipulate humanity in order to thwart its evolution.

10 Mar 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: Vast benefits emerge for people when they balance their use of technology and their inner work, when technology *supports* their work for the liberation of their soul.

3 Mar 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: The war is a hidden money-making opportunity for the DF and is being touted in the mass media as a way out of our economic doldrums. However, the war has a more important esoteric function: it will force everyone without exception to make a decision whether to stand on the side of light or darkness. This will determine much in the individual's evolution from hereon. It will also determine the course of earth's evolution. The war is an opportunity, a fork in the road, a spiritual juncture, a last choice being given to humanity to right things. It is an opportunity given each person to exercise his/her will-to-good and not to get sucked into the wave of emotional conflict, no matter what the stated cause. At the end of the war, the mass consciousness must weigh more on the side of light if the earth will rebalance itself and enter a new age. Otherwise humanity will thrash around in ever more misery and chaos until it does reach an equilibrium.

29 Feb 2012

To esoterically-inclined Montanans: You are cordially invited to a free-flowing fireside chat on a range of esoteric subjects with Dr. Mau near Bigfork, Montana on March 27, 2012. Please contact Celeste for more information and directions.

27 Feb 2012

New Podcast: One Radio Network- Interview with Dr. Mau- Travelling toward the 4th Dimension

26 Feb 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: As we see the international war clouds darkening, it is time we, the people of this planet, wake up and become aware of the numerous ways we are being manipulated into hatred of other nations, creeds, or races, then further manipulated by deliberately created incidents--false-flag attacks--designed to inflame our emotions and drive us into war. It is time to let our minds control our emotions, to clearly see what is going on, and peacefully refuse to co-operate.

25 Feb 2012

New Videos posted: Dr. Mau's interview on Stargazer TV program on January 22, 2012 in Manila, Philippines; and Public Lectures Philippines on Jan. 19, 2012

19 Feb 2012

New NREP article posted: Hand Signing with your Baby

19 Feb 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: "As good as gold." Many use the phrase. It reminds of authenticity, enduring value. It shines a bright light on our current world: counterfeit money and bonds, conjured by the Federal Reserve and its cronies to serve the few and enslave the rest; counterfeit news, spun to favor the powerful; counterfeit political leaders, who rarely keep a promise; counterfeit religious leaders who pay lip service to love while fomenting hatred and violence; counterfeit governments, publishers of counterfeit statistics, who serve themselves, not their citizens; counterfeit wars, generated for profit by counterfeit narratives, but bringing death and suffering that is all too real. It is time for people to wake up.

18 Feb 2012

New Videos of Dr. Mau's lectures in the Philippines Jan 2012.

11 Feb 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: Those we call the Dark Forces prefer to keep their activities secret. There is a split in the DF between what is called the Anglo-American Conspiracy and the Asian faction. Web sites such as Project Camelot report on the Anglo-American side. Writers such as Benjamin Fulford back the Asian faction as saviors of humanity, but this stance is naïve and misled. There are no good Dark Forces sides. Both sides are bad news. The public should not be fooled.

5 Feb 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: The ruling elites have made it clear that the idea of "greatest good for the greatest number" is no longer on their agenda, which is now designed to maintain and increase their power. They are actively working to end current experiments in political freedom. Whatever happens, governments will not be able to kill the *ideas* that created and sustained these experiments. The ideas of individual freedom, the right to free assembly, free speech, etc--which are in accord with cosmic law--have been planted firmly in the minds of humanity, and will rise in many places on the planet as behemoth national governments dissolve and Earth enters its new Golden Age.

4 Feb 2012

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28 Jan 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: The idea that opposing something necessarily "gives it energy" and thus strengthens it--is a mistake. This idea serves the purposes of those currently in power by limiting opposition to their ways. Opposing lies, injustice, cruelty, and tyranny with truth is required during this end-of-cycle period. To enter the new Golden Age, humanity must understand and cast off the outer and inner forces that keep us from being free.

21 Jan 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: Criminal, cruel, inhumane activities are not legal or acceptable in any way simply because they are carried out by people in government who, through the twisting of laws, do not face immediate consequences for their actions. Government people are just as responsible for their actions as all others. Soon, people will demand that all governments have only a minimal influence on daily life, align with cosmic law, and serve the people, not dominate and exploit them for power gains by the few.

14 Jan 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: Corporate law protects executives, sitting behind the corporate veil, from responsibility for their actions that cause serious harm. Until this corporate veil is removed, the high risk, destructive actions of many corporations will not cease. Laws that exempt corporate employees from the consequences that would befall an ordinary person must be eliminated. In humanity's new Golden Age, all such laws will be scrapped and replaced with a system based on cosmic law.

7 Jan 2012

Seed Thought of the Week: Governments actively seek to debase the value of their paper currencies to make their country's exports appear cheap to other countries. And most governments can never repay the debts on which those currencies are based. Despite all this, to give the appearance of stability, paper currencies are being manipulated into trading in tight ranges with respect to one another.


31 Dec 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: Class distinctions among people are made on the basis of superficial material and physical differences. The selfish accumulation of material wealth and the devaluing of another human being widen the gulf of brotherhood evermore, impeding humanity's spiritual development and unity. Recognizing, acknowledging and honoring the universal in each and every one eliminates our human differences and realizes our common divinity. All differences should be looked upon as diversity of the ONE, not fodder for separation. Variety is the spice of life on the earth and the challenge is to see the One in the ocean of differences.

26 Dec 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: Re-hypothecation (lending and re-lending) of the assets in people's accounts at brokerage and insurance companies has made it nearly impossible for anyone to know where their money actually is, that is, on which counterparties they are dependent if they want to actually withdraw and use any of their money. There may still be time for people to remove their money from the high-risk shadow banking system by converting it to, and taking possession of, gold and silver bullion coins that do not rely for their utility and value on the solvency of a chain of unknown counterparties engaging in high-risk speculations.

25 Dec 2011

Christmas Message from Sanctus Germanus.

17 Dec 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: In places in the world, especially North America, Christmas shopping is embedded in the mass consciousness as an obligation. There is nothing religious or spiritual behind the practice. What does getting a flat screen TV have to do with the birth of Christ? It is a false obligation people feel, a result of commercial indoctrination to spend. It is a form of indoctrination of the next generation that stirs greed and materialism. In tough economic times, it is totally unwarranted and usually results in buying junk that is NOT needed. It is astral mania pure and simple, a practice that only serves the commercial and perhaps Dark Forces' interests. This mania obscures the Christ Light described by Sanctus Germanus in his Christmas Message 2010: "The great light of the Christ shines forth. It is a Light that heals, it is a Light that brings hope, it is a Light that forwards your evolution and your progress, it is a Light that provides bountiful resources to you, it is a Light that guides you like the guiding star, it is everything you need and will ever need on the earth."

10 Dec 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: Many people carry a quiet despair, a belief that things can't really change for the better. In fact, all form is in perpetual change, and our current time is a cosmic end-of-cycle entailing great cyclical change, the beginnings of which are clearly visible in many areas of life. Resistance to these changes, in people and by the Dark Forces, impedes humanity's transition to the new Golden Age. Embracing and fostering these soul-inspired changes smoothes the transition for individuals and for humankind to a higher dimension. All of these changes will make life on earth infinitely better than it is today. This is change for the better.

9 Dec 2011

New videos posted: Group Discussion on Handling Fear and We are in full Acceleration Mode with Dr. Mau and members of the Sanctus Germanu Foundation.

1 Dec 2011

We posted a new video entitled "A Group Discussion on Spiritual Discernment" with Dr. Mau and members of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation.

27 Nov 2011

"War is a Racket" - We highly recommend reading this timely piece written by US Marine General Smedley Butler many years ago.

27 Nov 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: A charade is being played before the eyes of the world as the dark forces take over governments and attempt to trick humanity into thinking that war, a path of terrible consequences, is necessary. In fact war is merely another tool the DF use to abscond with the world's wealth. War for profit is the way the DF hope to recoup their losses from the collapse of their financial system. Let this seed thought clarify forever that there is no other justification for these wars except the profits the DF gain. War does not solve any problem for any country or for any person. To gain freedom, people must refuse to participate in this warfare regime.

26 Nov 2011

Video Lecture Series: New Metaphysical Discourse videos posted. A Presentation of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation and The Spiritual Hierarchy and the Place of the Lightbearer.

23 Nov 2011

Video Lecture Series: Videos published of Dr. Mau's lecture in Athens Oct 2011 and Discourses of Meditation Techniques and Lightbearers' Soul Mission

20 Nov 2011

New Section: We are introducing a new section called Video Lecture Series. Taking advantage of video technology, we will be uploading videos on various metaphysical topics by Dr. Mau and other lecturers associated with the Sanctus Germanus Foundation.

19 Nov 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: For years, Israel and Iran have been threatening each other with war. This is odd behavior, since war plans are typically secret and rely on the element of surprise. Our view is that these two nations are not bellicose enemies as the media would like to portray them, but rather pawns of the Dark Forces' effort to gin up a war for profit, especially as the world financial system crumbles.

12 Nov 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: What is currently called the "financial system," which we are told must be protected at all costs, is actually a financial *prison* system. It was designed by the large banking families of the world, and is operated by the central banks and large banks for the enrichment of a very few through the labor and impoverishment of the many. Truth is served by calling the financial system what it really is, a financial prison system. It is wise to understand the nefarious nature of this prison system, and to focus on ways to live free of it. Life will go on, and for the better, without the current financial prison system. People have the right to invoke the cosmic law of supply and demand to see that all real needs are met without the current financial prison system.

8 Nov 2011

A message from the Amanuensis entitled: Two Significant Milestones.

5 Nov 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: For years, to manipulate minds and behaviors and to maintain power, governments have methodically manipulated economic statistics to hide the ongoing theft by the few from the many. They have lied to people on many fronts, especially to gain support for wars. In this age of truth, people will increasingly see government claims and promises, their debts, and their currencies as lies. At this time, reliance on truth, on yourself, on your own communities, and on gold and silver are required.

29 Oct 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: It is important for people to resist these nefarious DF attempts to impose their New World Order. People can do this by enhancing and relying on their own discernment, and by reliance on their own strength rather than the mythical protection of the "authorities."

22 Oct 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: Every week, sometimes almost every day, we are told of a new, typically vague, program from the EFSF, the IMF, the EU, the G-20, or the Federal Reserve that will solve the financial system debt crisis. The simple problem is there is too much debt and it cannot be paid back. These organizations are all trying to shift who will ultimately lose when that debt is not repaid. Instead of banks bearing the risk for bad credit decisions, and politicians taking the heat for terrible fiscal decisions, these will all be saved--banker's outsized salaries and bonuses will be paid, politicians will stay in office--and taxpayers around the world will be left with the bill.

As more understand the tottering nature of the insolvent banking system, they have started a quiet "bank run" on the commercial financial system, withdrawing deposits. When there is a bank run, it is wise to be early in line rather than late. The current best way to handle a bank run before it gains exponential momentum is to convert paper and electronic money to precious metal bullion coins now.

16 Oct 2011

Announcement: Dr. Mau will give a free lecture in Athens, Greece on October 20, 2011, 18h00 at the Golden Age Hotel

  • 57 Mihalakopoulou Str.
  • 115 28 Athens, Greece
    Tel: +30(210)7240861-9
    FAX : +30 210 7213965
  • Website:
  • Click here for more information:
The subject of the lecture and discussion will be:



All our friends in Europe are invited to attend.


15 Oct 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: St. Germain has said that beyond gold's use a means of exchange and ornamentation, that the "far greater activity and purpose of it, within and upon the earth, is the release of its own inherent quality and energy to purify, vitalize and balance the atomic structure of the world." Gold has intrinsic power of its own and ultimately cannot be manipulated by mankind. In fact, mankind must learn to follow and adopt the wisdom inherent in gold and as a means of exchange and monetary stability.


10 October 2011 Announcement

The Sanctus Germanus Foundation, in an effort to safeguard books and manuscripts on the Ancient (Ageless) Wisdom, is constituting an occult library in the Canadian Rockies. High, safe, cool and dry, the Canadian Rockies offer the perfect conditions to protect valuable works on the Ancient Wisdom that would otherwise be lost in the coming earth changes, especially if located in lowland flood areas. The Spiritual Hierarchy has directed us to spearhead this effort, and we ask all those who are moved to donate these works to the library to contact Oleta.


8 October 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: Recent actions in the stock and commodity markets and exchanges have illustrated that these so-called markets (the stock exchanges, mercantile and commodity exchanges, COMEX, etc) are all inventions that the Dark Forces still control and are designed to intercept the blessings of Shamballa to humanity and direct them to a clique of individuals for their own benefit. These structures remain in the mass consciousness, accepted as legitimate and modern-day "realities of life", whereas in truth they are totally illegitimate dark force astral inventions and have nothing to do with carrying out the Divine Will. Acceptance of these organizations in the mass consciousness maintains the chains that enslave the earth by the hands of the DF. These markets and exchanges must be allowed to destroy themselves under the Cosmic Law of Periodicity and as a result of the destructive qualities of Divine Will that enables the will-to-good to pass freely, without interception, from Shamballa onto earth.

24 Sept 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: Government and business have been infected with so much brazen corruption that the participants now make little effort to even cover their tracks. Despite flagrant violations of law, no one is indicted, and no one goes to jail. These violations of human and cosmic law must be fully exposed and halted rather than being accepted by default. Humanity's silence and inaction to check these violations is tantamount to acceptance and complicity and will be subject to karmic re-balancing.

20 Sept 2011

Announcement: Dr. Mau will give a free lecture in Athens, Greece on October 20, 2011, 18h00 at the Golden Age Hotel

  • 57 Mihalakopoulou Str.
  • 115 28 Athens, Greece
    Tel: +30(210)7240861-9
    FAX : +30 210 7213965
  • Website:
  • Click here for more information:
The subject of the lecture and discussion will be:



All our friends in Europe are invited to attend.

17 Sept 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: Desperate investors looking to preserve their wealth by buying US Treasuries as "the new gold" are merely being led into another lie perpetrated by the Dark Forces. Paper and electronic financial instruments with no intrinsic value--including currencies, bonds, futures, options, ETFs, etc.--can never replace real gold bullion in spite of efforts by the DF to reinstate this lie in the mass consciousness.

10 Sept 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: Seeing the crumbling of their whole financial system, the Dark Forces are now touting that this destruction is clearing the way to their eventual hegemony of the world, the New World Order. Nothing could be further from the truth. The financial system is the target and victim of acceleration and the close of the present cosmic cycle. The system that is crumbling before our eyes WAS the DF attempt to set up worldwide financial hegemony. This is being broken. For them to rebuild it under a regime of acceleration will be impossible.

6 Sept 2011

New Section: The Basics of Soul Contact. This section is designed to show you how you can tap into the power, love, and knowledge your soul embodies.

3 Sept 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: It is wise to refuse the Dark Forces' pervasive attempts to dumb-down the population, and to raise one's discernment to ever-higher levels via study, questioning, meditation, and logic.

31 Aug 2011

Announcement: Just Published! Teachings of the Great Brotherhood of Light: In Their Own Words.
For more information and ordering:


27 Aug 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: Most judge one of these *better than* the others: Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, atheism, Protestantism, etc. Though each is an expression of the One and contributes to evolution in its unique way, we judge cultures, places, people, races, dietary approaches, spiritual pathways, and countries as objectively *better than* others. Illusions of *better than* bring fierce discord to families, groups, nations, and the world, contributing to the great heresy of separation, and leading to intolerance with sometimes deadly consequences. A person can create internal discomfort and squander a great deal of their energy striving to be *better than* others. The conscious and careful use of this thought form *better than* is required for our movement into the Golden Age.

22 Aug 2011

We have added a new section called Self Sufficiency. Members of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation have compiled some resources and suggestions on ways of becoming self sufficient in these critical times.

20 Aug 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: Natural gas supplied by fracking is not the "clean energy" that its proponents would have us believe. Fracking is a danger to clean water supplies and increases the risk of earthquakes. As so often, big profits and political power are the motives, while information about consequences is suppressed. Mental resistance to fracking is a worthwhile effort, as is support for free and renewable energy.

13 Aug 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: Evolution is accelerating. The increasing tornadoes, riots, earthquakes, revolutions, wildfires, financial crises, tsunamis, etc. are part of a pervasive transition for humanity and the Earth. They are harbingers, a wake up call of larger events to come. They will help dissolve that which does not serve to allow greater freedom, peace, and enlightenment. Seeing one's life in this greater context can help a person to thrive during this transition.

6 Aug 2011

Seed Thought of the Week:The era of life dominated by nation states will pass. Wisdom dictates that people prepare for this by learning to rely on themselves and by establishing, recognizing, and nurturing the communities, both local and widely dispersed, that are crucial to their lives.

30 July 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: The fiat, paper money system has proven detrimental to society, leading to a plethora of wars and highly armed nations, a sharply increasing divide between the super-rich and everyone else, debt slavery of nations and people who have amassed far more debt than they can repay, etc. Gold must be the basis of any monetary system for people to live without these chains. Gold is money, the true means of exchange and store of value. At the same time, it is the means by which the earth is purified as it is the cleansing prana that courses through the veins of the earth.

24 July 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: The charades in the USA regarding the raising of the US debt ceiling, and in the Euro-zone regarding the bailout for Greece and other countries, are lies. There are no just solutions to these problems. Massive over-accumulations of debt cannot be solved by adding more debt! It is insanity in its most blatant form, paraded before the world as a solution! The Emperor has NO clothes. Since the monetary system is composed of debt, people should expect the complete breakdown of the current monetary system. Those who wish to protect themselves can plant gardens and purchase precious metals, backup supplies of food, equipment to produce electricity, and so forth.

16 July 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: Taxes are not a given, they should be paid as a matter of conscious choice. People should mentally resist paying all types of taxes (income, value added, sales, utility, etc.). They must consciously, rather than blindly, pay taxes, while mentally directing these funds to the greater good.

9 July 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: There is no legal basis for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and its tax collection activities, and for its bullying and imprisonment of US citizens. There is no authoritative accountability for what happens to the money collected by the IRS and other such institutions. Wisdom dictates that people create a life that is independent of large institutions that will dissolve as their nature is exposed to the light.

2 July 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: All governments of the world work in concert with the Dark Forces for their mutual survival. The public must come to the realization that they cannot count on their governments to help them in the current crisis. Everyone should learn to stand on their own two feet and fend for themselves in accord with their inner God selves.

2 July 2011

Lance White of the "Zany Mystic" show on BBS Radio interviews Dr. Michael P. Mau about the current situation in the world on July 2, 2011.

25 June 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: In line with the Cosmic Law of Destruction, the carrying out of this law is inevitable and no matter what the Powers that Be do, this gnawing destruction of the derivative market is inevitable and on course. Let it continue.

18 June 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: The aim of the US Federal Reserve is to promote the interests of the cartel of the world's largest banks at the expense of people everywhere. People are wise to operate as independently of the Fed as they can, by staying out of debt, by not keeping their savings in fiat currency, by resisting war, by supporting free energy efforts, etc.

12 June 2011

Lecture in Cyprus: Audio file of Dr. Mau's lecture and discussion in Nicosia, Cyprus on May 26, 2011.

12 June 2011

Kindle editions of the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vols. 1, 2, and 3 are now available in English, French, Spanish and German at the following link:

11 June 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: According to Cosmic Law, leadership should be based on vibrations (the highest) and not on birthright, looks, political connections, money, etc.

4 June 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: The exposing of a single lie--that real estate values always go up--shook the apparent foundations of the financial system in 2007-2009. The exposing of another lie--that government guarantees and debts have real value--will show that the current financial system has no real foundations at all. This understanding will vaporize government guarantees, debts, and the mountain of derivatives that sit atop them, leaving gold, silver, and barter as the basis of a new system.

28 May 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: Humanity must decide whether it will forsake exotic and massively destructive weapons, or possibly suffer the same fate as a previous unredeemable race, the Atlanteans, whose civilization required destruction because they refused to give up their exotic weapons and follow the more enlightened path of tolerance of oneself and others, meditation, group consciousness, and love.

21 May 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: Throughout recorded history, when their survival is threatened, governments always turn against their own people. In such an environment, it pays to decrease reliance on government and its crony institutions, and to favor reliance on oneself and one's communities.

14 May 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: The aim of this seed thought is to correct the prevalent ideas in the mass consciousness that many of the maladies humanity suffers from are due to psychological or physical reasons. In fact, dark forces inflict many modern maladies on individuals through astral attachments while other roaming astral shells prey on individuals for energy to prolong their existence.

7 May 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: Insolvent institutions are making rampant use of accounting lies to appear viable and profitable. Such frauds are a violation of human and cosmic law. Since the truth of these conditions will emerge, wiping out those relying on these lies, intelligence dictates that people avoid any reliance on organizations engaging in such practices.

28 April 2011

Announcement: Dr. Mau will give a public lecture in Nicosia, Cyprus on May 26, 2011 at the Classic Hotel Nicosia at 18.00. The topics he will cover are:




All interested in attending are invited to contact Harris for more information.

23 April 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: The claim that there are companies and banks that are too big to fail--and thus must survive on the backs of common people--is a lie. The idea put forward is that it would be catastrophic for all people if the huge banking leviathans were to fail. It is used as an excuse to funnel trillions of dollars to institutions that take huge risks and keep all of the profits when their bets go well, and that receive public money to cover their losses when their bets go poorly. These bailouts and other financial supports are said to be for the good of the people, but their true purpose is to guarantee obscene salaries and profits on the backs of working people through taxes. Were these big companies to fail, all that would be lost is the giant rigged casino of debt and derivatives. People would still produce, transport, buy, and sell that which is essential for life.

The concept that institutions are too big to fail is a lie, and supports the greatest financial theft in recorded history.

23 April 2011

Easter Message from The Amanuensis

17 April 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: Under ANY circumstances the drugging of populations and the use of the resultant monies to finance the activities of the Dark Forces is against the cosmic law of free will. To bring this sinister trade to an end, drug addiction must end first in order to stop drug trafficking. All government anti-drug trafficking campaigns are a sham, for only when there is no addiction (demand) will the whole chain of drug supply collapse. This is a basic law of economics. Drugs users must realize that drugs cannot fill the emptiness that can only be alleviated by soul contact and that addiction can lead only to greater difficulties and complete lack of freedom.

9 April 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: Complex commercial legal systems are designed by those who control money and power to enhance their own position. For true fairness, all of those laws should be based on immutable cosmic laws.

3 April 2011

Lecture in Costa Rica: Audio files of Dr. Mau's lecture and discussion in Costa Rica March 24 to 26.

26 March 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: The world must transition away from reliance on an energy industry that destroys much life and beauty in the world by its reckless pursuit of profits. All efforts to bring into manifestation free energy should be wholly embraced by the world's population as the key to their liberation from the Dark Forces' systematized monopoly of energy sources.

24-26 March 2011

Announcement: Dr. Mau will be lecturing in San Jose, Costa Rica on March 24 and 25. Lecture and discussions will be in both English and Spanish. For more information please contact Marjorie.

19 March 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: Many people believe that, in order to survive, they must fall in with the prevailing corruption- in businees, government, everywhere.

11 March 2011

Seed Thought of the Week: War is staged and created by those who wish to profit from it in the form of riches and power. For others, it creates misery. For humanity to attain true freedom, people must resist war, resist being manipulated into any form of support for it: physical, emotional, or mental. People can be vastly helped in this by aligning with Cosmic Law.

10 January 2011

A four part podcast of the Amanuensis' Lecture in Calgary on November 16th, 2010.

8 to 31 January 2011

Dr. Mau will be lecturing and teaching in Metro Manila and Tagaytay in the Philippines throughout the month of January. Please contact Eya for more information.

7 January 2011

A podcast entitled "The Education and Preparation of Parents". The committee working on the Foundation's New Race Education Project discusses education in the new age and how parents can prepare themselves.


23 December 2010

"Christmas Message 2010 from Sanctus Germanus

16 November 2010

New article added to the New Race Education Project: Transformation Through Art

Public Lecture Series Announcement

Free lecture on November 16, Tuesday evening 19:00 to 22:00 at the Self Connection, #125 4611 Bowness Road, NW, Calgary, AB T3B 0B2. Topic: "The Three Major Crises leading to the New Age within the context of a Safe Zone" For more information, please contact Jeff or email


15 November 2010

Earth changes continue . . . As Glaciers Melt, Science Seeks Data on Rising Seas

13 November 2010

A poem "Bear the Light Hike" on the Lightbearer's journey.

06 November 2010

We have added a new section called "Films of Occult Significance". Members of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation have viewed and continue to review a host of films produced around the world that speak to our foundation's goal of Soul Liberation. You can find these heart-warming and inspirational films at your public library or neighbourhood film and video outlet.

03 November 2010

More volcanic activity UNDER Icelandic glacier leads to flooding.

28 October 2010

A message from the Amanuensis entitled "On the Brink"

27 October 2010

A poem for today's world--"Chance Favours the Prepared Mind" When the chattering mind expands its focus from survival (or staying afloat) to becoming aware of higher thoughts, the person is prepared to respond to opportunities (Chance).  

Public Lecture Series Announcement

Dr. Mau will deliver the following free public lecture "Three Major Cosmic Events Leading up to the New Age" at:

October 24, Sunday: Vancouver, BC Canada, 15:00 at Unity of Vancouver, 5840 Oak Street, Vancouver. Free parking. For more information, please contact Ernest. or

15 July 2010

Earth Changes

Scientists are now noting significant earth changes in line with those predicted in Volume 2 of the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies, that are now taking place. Please refer to the link below:

Huge Glacier Calving in Greenland within 24 Hours

6 July 2010

Earth Changes:

Two articles from NASA and the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite gravity mission showing recent data concerning the rising sea level and the melting of ice in Greenland and Antarctica

Excerpt from the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Volume 2 on "Earth Changes" published in 2006.. Herein we describe the Safe Zones and the future Spiritual Regions.

5 July 2010

As a follow-up to the June 29th message "What More Do They Want?" we urge all readers to scroll through the current messages where a wealth of information that the Masters and the Amanuensis have given out regarding this tumultuous period awaits your understanding and action. Be sure to listen to the rare and precious audios of discourses by the venerable Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. All information you need in order to weather the vast changes that are roiling mankind today are contained therein.

29 June 2010

Messsage from the Amanuensis "What More Do They Want?"

26 June 2010

SEED THOUGHT: As Afghanistan lies between China and Iran, the announcement of the trillion dollar store of minerals in the Afghan mountains is a ploy to keep NATO troops and their contractors in the country indefinitely, and to draw and entice China into the coming war in the Middle East, thus creating a worldwide conflagration. Not only will China secure its place in the Middle East, but could exploit the minerals.

6 June 2010

For those who wish to probe deeper into the philosophy of the Brotherhood of Light, we have set up a new section on this website entitled "Esoteric Teachings of the Brotherhood". These teachings come directly from the Masters Kuthumi and Morya as explained in the introduction and are meant to engage the Manas or mind to contemplate the deeper meanings of esoterism. Some of these ideas remain controversial until this day yet as a body of teachings, it will prepare us for the reception in the coming years of further teachings that will guide us into the New Age.

29 May 2010

SEED THOUGHT: Our seed thought sends hope into the mass consciousness that one's life is not dependent on pension funds. Other alternatives and opportunities can open up through soul contact. Let the spirit of individual self-sufficiency and creativity be rekindled among all people dependent on pension funds. Let pensioners open their minds to creating for themselves new opportunities outside the limitations of the Dark Forces economy and financial system.


SEED THOUGHT: We call for the truth about the trillion dollar PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain) bailout by the European Union and the IMF to be exposed to the peoples of the earth. This bailout is promoted as a bailout of countries, but it is primarily a bailout of big banks. We call for the exposure of all BIG Bank and Dark Forces interests and for the collapse of all institutions supporting this theft of the people. We call for the imposition of this cyclical clean-up on the financial system, making it impossible for the DF to use the bailout as yet another occasion to steal.

22 May 2010

SEED THOUGHT: Both light and dark forces know about the strong astrological influences that will come into play this Summer. We invoke that these influences bring on true end-of-cycle clean-ups and not provide the dark forces with another occasion to enrich themselves and to increase their power

15 May 2010

SEED THOUGHT: Let all sovereign debt defaults (Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Ireland, US, and Great Britain) come to the fore. Let the forces of light block all Dark Force attempts to mask these defaults or cover them up through false bailouts and more debt. The whole world financial system must be purged of all its debt.

In light of the gold-tungsten scandal currently brewing, we call for the immediate audit of all sovereign gold reserves, including the US reserves at Fort Knox.

8 May 2010

SEED THOUGHT: We call on all governments, commercial organizations, and individuals to immediately halt all activities such as wiretaps, data gathering, video surveillance, and so forth, that infringe on the privacy and violate or threaten the free will of all people who are causing no harm to others. We call on them to fully respect the privacy and free will of all people of good will, and to cease all actions that seek to use these methods for subjugation and manipulation. We call on people to clearly resist infringements of privacy and free will that are violations of Cosmic Law.

For those organizations and individuals who persist in these activities, we call on the Spiritual Hierarchy thwart their actions immediately.

1 May 2010

SEED THOUGHT: We call for a halt to all violent activities designed to gain or exercise power over people by terrorizing, intimidating, and coercing them, whether those activities are carried out by individuals, small groups, or organizations of state dedicated to military or covert operations.

24 April 2010

SEED THOUGHT: We invoke that all enterprises in the developing and developed world adjust their compensation practices to those that are enlightened and just for all participants and be in accordance with the Cosmic Law of Balance and Equilibrium.

18 April 2010

A podcast entitled "Poland's Tragedy". Members of the SGF air their suspicions about the plane crash that wiped out the top leadership of Poland

17 April 2010

More seed thoughts for your meditations:

1. We call for the immediate negation of the quadrillion dollar derivatives market which drains the world's resources into the hands of a very few.

2. We call for fair elections in the Philippines on May 5, that all measures be taken to block the current regime from manufacturing a crisis to enable it to remain in power.

10 April 2010

New seed thoughts for your meditations to:

1. Awaken people around the world not to accept paper gold (certificates of ownership) but to demand physical bullion instead.
2. Demand that the emergency measures to cover the shortfall of rice in the Philippines due to drought be not an opportunity for corrupt government officials, including the President herself, to enrich themselves. All food emergency measures should benefit the people.

03 April 2010

A seed thought for your meditation to counter human trafficking and slavery.

24 March 2010

A call to action. A major Turning Point in the battle between Light and Dark Forces is signalled. It is absolutely necessary that lightbearers take action.

18 February 2010

A podcast entitled "The Law of Love". The committee working on Foundation's Compendium of Cosmic Laws discusses one of the most important laws, the Cosmic Law of Love.

17 February 2010

Dr. Mau will present a free lecture on "The Dawning of the New Age: An Esoteric Perspective on the World Financial Crisis" at the Metropolitan Club, Rockwell, Makati City. Philippines on 28 February 2010 from 14:00 to 18:00. All are welcome. Contact Eya .

16 February 2010

New seed thoughts have been posted.

07 February 2010

Every Saturday members of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation gather to discuss and send up to the mass consciousness seed thougths designed to counter or correct erroneous actions by the Dark Forces that are detrimental to mankind. Audio files of our informal discussions preceding our launching of weekly seed thoughts are being posted weekly on our Seed Thought of the Week page. We invite you all to consider these seed thoughts in your meditations during the week and join us individually in sending these seed thoughts into the mass consciousness. This Light Force offensive on the earth plane is defined and elaborated on in the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Volume 3: Seeding the Mass Consciousness to Heal Earth Mental Body.( as well as in our section "Seeding the Mass Consciousness"

28 January 2010

A message from the Master Kuthumi entitled True Representatives of the Brotherhood.

21 January 2010

Dr. Mau will conduct a series of lectures and discussion groups in various venues in and around Manila, The Philippines from the 28 February to 7 March 2010. All interested in attending these events may Contact us for more details.

19 January 2010

Podcast of Dr. Mau's recent lecture in Chilliwack, British Colombia on the link between Earth Changes and the defiance of the Dark Forces as the present cycle comes to an end.

14 January 2010

Announcement: The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Volume 3---Seeding the Mass Concsiousness to Heal Earth's Mental Body by Michael P. Mau PhD. is now available. For an autographed copy please go to:

03 January 2010

Detention Centres: A lively podcast discussion among members of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation about the US Government`s establishment of detention centres around the country to intern dissidents and any who oppose government actions.. An advertisement on the US Army website for Internment and Resettlement Specialists may indicate that these camps may already be a reality and that we may face yet again the horrors of such camps as they existed in Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, the Soviet Union, Communist China and other totalitarian powers.

01 January 2010

Starting January 1, 2010, the Sanctus Germanus Foundation will put before lightbearers and our general readership a new project called Seeding the Mass Consciousness to Heal Earth's Mental Body. Members of the Foundation will gather weekly to elaborate specific seed thoughts on issues in the mass consciousness that need correction in line with Cosmic Law. Under the leadership of the Master Sanctus Germanus, the Knight Commander of the Light Forces, these seed thoughts will necessarily counter the lies and maya that the Dark Forces perpetrate in the world in order to deceive the world and keep it under its control. Through this seeding, the battle between Light and darkness penetrates deeper into the dark recesses of the Dark Force world where their machinations can no longer remain hidden from humanity's scrutiny.


28 December 2009

Young Members Share their Ideas of Preparing for their Soul Plans: Young members of the Foundation, Dale and Matt, share their ideas with the Amanuensis about how they are preparing for the coming collapse of the financial system. These preparations will enable them to pursue their soul plans through the rocky times ahead.

25 December 2009

"The Wayshower" The Master Jesus

23 November 2009

"Commentary on the ongoing gold scandal" Members of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation discuss the possible ramifications of the scandal concerning the allegation that there are 1.5 million 400 oz tungsten-filled gold bars circulating on the international gold market.

20 November 2009

A major gold crisis is in the making with widespread ramifications on the U.S. dollar and everything in the economy and financial system that is denominated in US dollars.

17 November 2009:

Podcast: young members of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation discuss how their families influence the young lightbearer's pursuit of his or her soul path.

Suggestion: Give a pure silver coin e.g. silver Maple or silver Eagle to a loved one for Christmas. It may help them out in the future in more ways than you could imagine.

12 November 2009

Lecture Series: Residents of the Greater Vancouver area are invited to join us for an evening with, Dr. Michael P. Mau, the Amanuensis, on November 14, 2009 in the Fraser Room, in The Coast Chilliwack Hotel located at 45920 First Avenue, Chilliwack, BC. Tel: 604-792-5552. Doors open at 6:15pm. Dr. Mau's talk will focus on the coming Earth Changes as part of the Divine Plan and what these changes mean to residents of Chilliwack. In his presentation, Dr. Mau will also discuss the connection between the dark forces (finance and war) and the anticipated earth changes. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions about anything of an esoteric nature. Dr. Mau will be available as long as the questions last! Don't miss this great opportunity - have your questions ready! As there are limited seats available, please contact Janet or call 604-792-3730 for details.
29 September 2009
The Amanuensis' Lecture in Chicago on September 11, 2009 in a four-part podcast.
4 September 2009
Dr. Michael P. Mau, the Amanuensis, will present a free lecture and discussion entitled An Esoteric Perspective on the Present Global Financial Crisis. All interested in attending, please download a copy of the announcement or contact Anna for details and directions to the venue. The lecture will take place next week Saturday, September 12, 2009 at the Hampton Inn conference center in Carol Stream, IL at 5:30 PM . Refreshments will be served during the break. All are invited.
22 August 2009
A podcast on "Thoughts about the Economic Depression". Some members of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation share their experiences and ideas about living in a depression.
19 August 2009
A podcast entitled "The Stock Market Rally". Members of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation muse about the so-called green shoots rally.
8 August 2009
" What is apparent is NOT, What is not apparent, IS" A message from Sanctus Germanus. What the vaccination campaign really means.
6 August 2009
The Sanctus Germanus Foundation invites all Chicago region visitors of this website to attend a free lecture on

Saturday, September 12, 2009 at the Hampton Inn conference center in Carol Stream, IL on Saturday, September 12 th , 2009 at 5:30 PM.

The subject of the lecture and discussion will be An Esoteric Perspective on the Present Global Financial Crisis. Dr. Michael P. Mau, the Amanuensis, will present the lecture, then open the session to questions from the audience. All interested in attending, please download a copy of the announcement or contact Anna for details and directions to the venue.
11 July 2009
A discussion about the message "The Winds of War" and what we can do about it on a new podcast.
26 June 2009
"The Winds of War are Blowing" a message from the Master El Morya in collaboration with his student, the Amanuensis.
24 June 2009
An article entitled "Who are the Sixth Root-Race Souls?" by Matthew Thompson of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation.
15 June 2009
A new podcast entitled "The Commercialisation of Spiritual Teachings" through the feel good movement. A young member of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation discusses with other members how he succumbed to high powered sales people pitching expensive seminars in the name of cosmic Law of Attraction before he began seeing through their methods of mind manipulation.
2 June 2009
The Sanctus Germanus Foundation invites all Chicago region visitors of this website to attend a free lecture on Saturday, September 12, 2009 entitled An Esoteric Perspective on the Present Global Financial Crisis. Dr. Michael P. Mau, the Amanuensis, will present the lecture, then open the session to questions from the audience. All interested in attending, please contact Anna for details and directions to the venue.
1 June 2009
The Sanctus Germanus Foundation has officially moved to the Banff Spiritual Region, one of the twelve spiritual regions listed in the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 2. Please go to the Contact Us page for the new SGF mailing address.
6 April 2009
A whimsical perspective on the Coming Floods.
5 April 2009
Another podcast "Soul Liberation during the World Crisis" We explore our individual efforts at Soul Liberation in the greater context of a process of Worldwide soul liberation.
4 March 2009
Turn to the "God Within" During this Global Crisis Some time honored food-for-thought for coping with the current global crisis.
11 February 2009

The New Race Education Project (NREP) Committee research: The NREP Committee invites readers of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation Website to share your experience regarding your education in the current school systems and what you would do to improve it. The committee would appreciate 6th root race (RR) children, youths, adults, and the parents and caregivers of the 6th RR generations sharing how they think current system of education needs to change in order to better serve the needs of the 6th RR generations. When sending the committee any written material or pictures, please, specify if you are willing to give the NREP Committee your full permission to include your personal experiences in the committee's research and future publications or if you prefer this information to be kept confidential.. Please send your correspondence to: A big "thank you" in advance.
2 February 2009
"A New World is Unfolding" by the Master Kuthumi.
23 January 2009
Parenting the 6 th Root Race Generation another seminal article from our New Race Education Project.
17 January 2009
A podcast entitled "Detachment in a State of Turmoil" We chat about a range of situations that require our knowing but detachment-- from world events to miserable marriages and disfunctional relationships--to keep a level head in a time of turmoil.
14 January 2009
"No Innocence under the Law of Karma" pinpoints why and how we are ALL subject to the Law of Karma. An article by Matthew Hartigen of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation.
2 January 2009
A podcast entitled "Esoteric Perspectives on the Current Financial Crisis"
1 January 2009
A New Year's Message 2009


19 December 2008
A Christmas message and reminder from the Brotherhood of Light to cherish the greatest gift given to you. Christmas Message 2008
23 November 2008
SHARE SOME LEVITY WITH US. There's enough heaviness to go round in the world today. For this reason, we're introducing a new section called "Whimsical Perspectives" where we treat esoteric issues in a light manner. Sometimes the best way to see through a problem is to laugh at it. Join us for a chuckle. We hope you enjoy this new section.
22 November 2008
A message from the Master Sanctus Germanus on the Coming Grand Unveiling--The Cosmic Awakening.
7 November 2008
A message from the Master Kuthumi on the Continuance of Free Will in the New Era.
31 October 2008
How the Armageddon brings Lasting Joy and Happiness: The Master Sanctus Germanus asked me to share this part of a longer message he streamed through two nights ago. A short and typically pithy message he emphasizes that the suffering we endure during this "Armageddon" will have lasting positive effects on the world for centuries and centuries to come as it enables us to seek true joy and happiness from within.
8 October 2008
A message from the Brotherhood: start stockpiling essential foods as there will be periodic shortages throughout the food distribution system. As credit dries up, food distribution companies and large supermarket chains will not be able to buy supplies forward on credit. They will have to pay cash when they have it. This will cause ups and downs in the normal food supply. The best would be to rely on your local sources of food. Your stockpile should be able to carry you through during these periodic shortages. You have adequate time to stockpile your needs. As lightbearers, go about your food stockpiling in a calm, deliberate and wise manner without causing a sense of panic. You have dominion over this situation.

The Amanuensis

2 October 2008
As predicted, we step deeper into the world's financial crisis. The Amanuensis offers his commentary in " 2008 Financial Crisis in Progress".
1 August 2008
Parts I and II of an Interview with the Amanuensis conducted by Lance White, "The Zany Mystic" on BBS Radio. The interview covers a tour d'horizon of our predictions for the future.
3 July 2008
A podcast to download: Accepting Individual Responsiblity amid Earth Changes SGF members share their plans to take action.
1 July 2008
A podcast to download entitled Keeping Joyful in the Midst of Crises SGF members share some of the ways they face the growing turmoil in the world.
30 June 2008
A podcast to download entitled Heeding the many signs of earth changes and taking action Aren't the floods, tsunamis and earthquakes we are witnessing today signs of what is to come?
4 June 2008
The Sanctus Germanus Foundation is introducing a new service called Locational Astrology. In light of the population movement foreseen by the oncoming earth changes and the suggested "safe areas" listed in the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies, volume 2, a Locational Astrology Analysis can serve as yet another tool to help you decide where to move, if a move is necessary. The analysis is tailored specifically to you through your natal astrology chart.
1 June 2008
Another podcast entitled "Commentaries on World Service" give our ideas on this most important aspect of the lightbearer's actions on earth.
15 May 2008
Our Perspective on Current Round of Natural Disasters More food-for-thought about the current round of earth changes (natural disasters) and their effect on governmental regimes.
10 May 2008
"Lessons Drawn from a Survey of the US Educational System and their implications for the New Race Educational Project" : a researched article by Reyna Michel-Trapaga, member of the New Race Education Project of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation.
9 May 2008
A new podcast entitled Astral Attacks on Those on the Path. When you choose the Path, you are likely to become a target for astral attacks behind which are the dark forces. We discuss some of our experiences. In addition we offer a short podcast/commentary on William Pelley, one of the authors we featured in our Pertinent Book section.
7 May 2008
"The World Food Crisis": A Call to Action" We maintain that the present food crisis is the result of Dark Forces' manipulation of the commodity derivatives market. We can invoke the truth on this matter.
6 May 2008
Another podcast entitled "Oneness in a World of Duality, rock concerts, and cults.
5 May 2008
We've added two more podcasts entitled "What are you prepared to do?" and "How to Maintain Tranquility amid Chaos."
27 April 2008
Our viewpoint on the current state of Entity Possession, a source of many obstacles and difficulties among lightbearers.
26 February 2008
Seek Safety and Tranquility in the In-Breath Meditation.
25 January 2008
A New Year's message for 2008 from the Amanuensis.



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