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Woman Essential in Combatting World Insanity

Estelle Roberts

This message, delivered on July 28, 2001, was directed at a group of women to solicit their aid in handling the insanity that has engulfed our planet.

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Ladies, in your country you celebrate a day of Thanksgiving. And so you did last year, late November, I believe. And you've got your traditions of how the native peoples and your early settlers supposedly sat together and feasted. Truth to tell the Akashic records would tell another story. Still in all, we understand that this event or supposed event had its uses and so they've endured. In fact, it was one of the early statesmen of your country, whose grandfather knew myself, but yet in another life, one that was known as William Penn, that was very interested in perpetuating this thing, for he intuitively sensed the acknowledgement should go to the early, early settlers of your country, your continent. You see, dear ones, in those days, it wasn't anything like you were likely to learn in your schooling of today. You know the story, but it isn't like that, like so many things in history has been said by Sir Arthur, "It's only his story, that's all."

I bring it up because upon that event, Thanksgiving Day last, I believe you were celebrating, some of you at the home of the medium and yours, Jill, and Sir Arthur convened a rather unexpected meeting and I do believe startled more than four by speaking of something that instead of it being, oh you know, something of a comforting little message, "Oh you people have had your lovely Thanksgiving, well, well, well." Well, then, what did he say but that your planet, this planet, was about to be engulfed by a wave of insanity. That was the word, INSANITY. He went into detail, I believe, as to how it would manifest. Should any of you care to hear it, I do believe copies exist.

Well, he's not one to mince words, much less to fabricate. And if you've had cause to note, there's been insanity, hasn't there, Oh yes! Enough for everybody?

I think so. Well, it's got everything to do, as we said, with certain factors of cosmos, the so-called photon belt and so on. And yet, really, could it be that this so-called photon belt could cause otherwise totally sane people, a sane planet to suddenly go insane? I don't think so. I think that when it rains, and it leaks, it's because there was a leak that could not withstand the rain, don't you? The rain did not suddenly create the leaks. So also with the insanity, dear ones. What has come to the fore, is but the latent insanity of the planet, a planet that except for certain exceptions, and I'm afraid I can't give you one nationally, but I'm referring of course to individuals, bodies of individuals, except for these, a planet that has gone insane, that has been insane for some time now. Five decades to be exact. Fifty years of insanity.

What occurred? The Great War had, well I hesitate to say, been won. Can such a thing ever be won? Let's just say, been settled at a terrible, terrible price. And I tell you, my dears, as so often when one does not calculate the price, that one is willing to pay for something that one is obsessive about gaining, it cost too much. It was as if by the terrible bombings at Nagasaki and Hiroshima, a terrible force was unleashed, but returned to the very ones that launched it. Who are more crazy than the Americans? I don't know. And when I say this, dear ones, I trust you know that I'm certainly not on some kind of a political soapbox. I've better things to do, and so have you. No, I'm saying, your country, your magnificent country, the most magnificent in the world in various ways and for various reasons, is thus the most desirable for the powers that govern things to use it to promote their insanity. So we can't really say it's American though America unfortunately seems to be its major proponent and instigator and even victim.

Who watches more tele than the Americans? No one. Beware of your television sets, my dears. Beware. What comes through them is far more and far less than what you would consider entertainment. Behold, these occurred and, you might say, were distributed during the decade of the 1950's approximately. Not long after, certain clandestine meetings occurred, betwixt your own President, Mr. Eisenhower and members of races not of this earth. You might have heard of this. (See message below on the Dark Forces) Oh, yes, it was happening. Mr. Truman involved as well. The point being, my dears, that unholy alliances have been struck and plots not to enrich, not to enlighten have also been launched upon you, upon all. These things must be understood, that we get our errands clear, for I call to you, sisters of mercy, mothers of tomorrow, and I ask you and enlist your aid to be as nurses in the great hospital of the Divine Mother that exists wherever you are. You are that hospital, as are others. It is a hospital not for the mentally ill, but rather for the mentally balanced and sane that they might regain and retain their sanity and lose it not again.

Each one of you present has suffered from this thing. You've all been mentally ill. Some of you still are. It's not a cause for shame. Not at all. On the contrary, it's a cause for honesty. Cannot any of you catch a cold? You need not be embarrassed at that. Some of you complain about your so-called menstrual cramps. You don't think twice about mentioning it over your lunch. Some of you complain of headaches, a little too often, I might add. And by that I don't mean criticism. I mean that you're bringing it up so often, my dears, something must be dreadfully wrong. It's not natural to have headaches. They should be quite the exception, certainly never the rule.

For some it goes deeper. The point being, that you must grasp your own sanity, where it is, right now. And don't let it slip from you again. You can't afford it. You really can't afford it. I'm telling you every moment the waters rise and you can't afford to allow yourself to go off on some kind of a tizzy, for this one might just be your last.

I am not here to frighten, to threaten. I am here to alert, to awaken. to hopefully suggest that each one of you here and all of that should hear these words must come to know that sanity is like, well, a line drawn upon a field upon which a game of soccer is being played, football. You know, if you know anything about the game, though I realize it's rather man's domain, that there be lines 10 yard line, twenty yard line and such, and the object of course is to get it to your end and keep it there and bring it back as often as you can, at any rate, the idea being, don't let the enemy gain control. Don't let the enemy gain ground on you.

If you were climbing a mountain you would see it as not losing ground, that is to say, sliding in a downward fashion. I say it is best not to progress than that you do not regress. So, guard your sanity, my dears, that you need not lose ground and in that can help those that have. And so the enlisting that I have referred to, I'm here to solicit your love, your aid, your care and perhaps also your patience that you might all come to know that this insanity, it's reign of terror is not over, indeed, it's not reached its peak. I'm referring in general and not to specific cases here, so please take no fear.

I'm but saying that viewed in the overall, we see this planet and all who compose its inhabitants all subject to waves of this thing and that then is the next topic: waves. Waves, indeed. Waves of energies, but whose energies? But human energies, obviously. Waves that are generated by human minds, that are confused, that are cut off from their divine source, that are temporarily lost, bewildered, frightened and thus, insane.

I am not speaking here of clinical definitions. I am referring to sanity as that which comes with Love, Peace and, in a sense, of connectedness to God, and insanity is the lack of this. So, let us redefine sanity and insanity. And let us come to know this frankly that this war shall be won, why I am projected back to the days of the Great War, and believe it or not, on one very frightening occasion, with bombs falling in London, Red Cloud had me step up to a porch of a bombed out building, and call out to all the people who were looking through the rubble for perhaps their loved ones, and to say "This war shall not be Lost! These prices that have been paid in blood shall not have been in vain! Take heart, dear people, and do not make it easier for the enemy to vanquish us, by abdicating your thrones of personal faith, power, balance and sanity." And those were the words I used. Little did I know. So here I am again saying the same thing.

Consider it. My dears, consider it. You've got to care to not allow yourself to go into some kind of emotional tailspin. For you know that it's always a matter of choice, don't you? Oh yes. This isn't to say that we judge our fellows, certainly not. On the contrary, more's the pity that they have not the foresight to see what their, shall we say, reluctance to control themselves has yielded. Don't do it, dear ones. Hold your ground. Don't give in to the temptation to throw your hands up and act insane. Please. It doesn't work. It doesn't help. It doesn't heal. It doesn't love. It doesn't care. Don't do it, I implore you. Be as sane as you are for all things beget themselves, you know, by the cosmic law of momentum. What you are is constantly becoming more. So should you choose to become insane, well, you know about downward momentums. Watch anyone skiing. Can they stop?

My dears, THIS IS THE LAST GREAT HURDLE OF THIS PLANET BEFORE IT REACHES ITS ENLIGHTENMENT. It's the antithesis of enlightenment, isn't it? INSANITY. What is the opposite, if there be one of an enlightened being, if one must think of opposites at all. Well, obviously one not only not enlightened but quite insane, far from peace and the joy that always marks the presence of Divine Sight.


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