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Women to be Heard and Listened to in the New Millennium

Estelle Roberts

Nothing can stop you now, nothing at all. Oh that we could show you how long we have waited for this magnificent moment. Oh that you might see its rarity and thus its preciousness. Oh, that you could rejoice as we rejoice in this very moment. It had been foretold that upon a certain mid-summer's eve, not by a man of the world, but one of the spirit, sat openly and spoke about the victory of woman. That this would be, though small in attendance as to actual numbers, a most magnificent inception and event. And that from that point onward my dear, dear friends nothing can stop the sweet voice of spirit ever again. Nothing! Speak out; speak out my dear souls, your wondrous truths from this point on, unafraid. Who is there to tell you to be silent? I say God Herself would not allow it.

When I was frequenting the halls of earth, though some might say somewhat appreciated and I suppose somewhat well known, in that the Royal Albert Hall was rarely left with a seat open at the performances. Still I would receive threats, I would receive correspondences telling me to be silent coming from the highest vicars of the Church of England. Oh yes, I speak of threats that were, well, serious in nature my dears. The type that said, "If you speak again in such blasphemy we must consider you the most serious enemy of the Christ that we know, and thus release forces against you to take you out."

What way I doing? I but spoke the truth as the Lord of Sight put it in my mind to speak. I but saw the dear, dear souls that pleaded with me to give their news and announcements to their beloved ones on the earth plane. And I willingly, willingly gave those messages forth, only to see love burst forth in the auras of the recipients, even as I've seen it here this night.

But I say to you, my dears, mark this event, mark it well. I say that it initiates a cycle wherein nothing can no longer stop the flow of truth coming from any woman's mouth out into the world. You need not fear the disapproval of your lovers. For though they might express it, it might as well be as if they'd not expressed it at all. In other words, though they might tell you, "I don't believe you", or "you know you're quite insane", or "why are you saying this", or " you're making it up", or whatever their excuse, in truth you will sense an impetus there, an impetus to stop you. And it is the impetus put there by the Divine Mother Herself. She will no longer be silenced anywhere, and certainly not through one of Her daughters. Can you not see the standard being raised, even as I speak? I am here to announce it, and so privileged to do it.

My dear souls, please do not misunderstand me. This is not a war, much less a battle against men, heaven forbid. Have we not had enough of battles? It is on the contrary the liberation of men. For at last their women can tell them the truth about themselves. And I implore you, brave ones, to do just that.

One by one you will find your tongues unloosed. One by one will find a bravery you have not had before. One by one you will say those lovely, lovely truths you have always known in the depths of your souls, only to be startled by your own boldness. I can't wait! I can't wait my dears! I'll be watching every one of you. Speak them out, and speak them clearly. Trust your nature as a woman in particular, that what you speak you must speak that it is coming from love. For what else are you made of?

Oh, you know not how long I've waited to come and speak to you thusly. But I couldn't do it until the moment had struck. I tell you I feel like Cinderella tonight. And there'll be no striking of twelve for me. (Chuckle) Oh no, not for me, and not for you either. On the contrary the balls are lit again. Let us dance. Let us all dance in this wondrous ballroom of life.

A momentous event of this nature has not occurred for thousands of years. It begins, but it has no ending. For lo, as the great Hindus will tell you the manvantaras are grand ages that go on and on beyond human reckonings. So before this thing has had an end, and it shall not, you'll all be, shall we say, ascended in the light and free. You will not have to worry about coming back to a prison cage again.

One of the most interesting phenomena of this whole thing shall be the fearlessness with which you do it. I alert you. In other words, when yesterday, yesteryear, you might have felt, "Oh, I'd like to say that but I don't dare really, what shall he think? Shall he leave me?" Suddenly it won't matter. It won't matter at all. And it'll be that not mattering that will give magic to your utterance. Can't you see? You are not speaking out of fear any longer. You are speaking out of essence. You can't help it and you can't stop it. And even the more shy amongst you who prefer to lag back shall we say, and say, "Oh, I'll watch what my sisters do. I can't imagine myself doing this, not with my ogre of a husband." Fine, there's no rush. You've got eternity.

But I tell you in prophecy that there will come the day when every single one of you women here, and every woman you've ever known or shall ever know, will speak out and her voice shall be known immediately as the voice of revelation. This was the way it was before and so shall it be again. Though so distant in human memory that none recall it. So distant that I know that these thoughts and my words my sound so odd, almost like a language you do not comprehend. Nonetheless, time shall prove me out. Time, the great healer shall indeed prove me out.

You have need to speak to your mum. Call your Mother. Your Divine Mother. Pray to Her:

Oh sweet and gracious One.
Divine Mother that reads my heart
Open my eyes and my mind that we've been one from the start
Let your supernal love now heed its sight through my hands
And give me, Oh Mother,
Thy sweetness to stand with angelic bands.
Oh come, oh come, oh come sweet Mother,
That where I come, Thou art too
And flood my home and my aura
With your most precious ray. Amen

Intuit your own prayers my dears, but won't you pray? Won't you speak to your own sweet, sweet Mother? Invite Her into your lovely temples, that as you brush your hair it is She that brushes your hair, as your mum perhaps did when you were young. Oh, surrender won't you to Her sweetness, for it is your own, in whatever measure you experience it. There is no other but She.

(Here Estelle gives messages out to the audience. She does not call on anyone in particular, but does this in the fashion "If the shoe fits, wear it.")

There is one of you here who feels terribly disenfranchised; she feels as if the rug's been pulled out from under her, and one she knows not how to proceed. But feels as if she's floundering, treading water. Sweet one, it but builds your strength. Soon a life raft approaches.

There's another here who feels she's on the verge of making a terrible mistake, but she can't stop the changes. I say walk into it my dear, walk into it, for you produced it. Now watch your own movie and learn from it.

There is another here who loves a man who can't love her the same way, but she can't stop that love any more than she can stop drinking the water that brings life to her body. Drink on my dear, drink on; you drink from the fountain of love. What is wrong with that?

There is another here who fears that she might not be spiritual at all, though she would like to be and attempts to be. But she finds herself looking in that mirror a little too often and wanting to shop (chuckle) a little too frequently. You my dear have spent too many past lives in a nunnery. Go on and shop. It's a balance you're striking. I say strike it.

There's one of you here who's been greatly misunderstood by those she loves dearly. She's been accused. She's told this and that and the next thing. It's not coming from them my dear; it's coming from yourself. Seek out the source within self, and you shall be at peace. They're but players in your personal play.

There is another here, who though she is doing quite well in the worldly sense and would even appear to do well in the spiritual sense, is very aware that something is lacking. I say it is true. What is it? It is called devotion. You're not in love with deity. You're not in love with God. You just know about God and speak about God, but have not allowed that thing to so enter your heart that when you think of it your eyes fill with tears and you look to the quickest alter that you might go down on your knees. That thing that can't be healed, my dear, it has to do with love of deity.

There's another of you here who feels all is well in her world and she sits contentedly. Well, to her I've got little to say.

There is another here who wonders when, oh when, oh when shall that magnificent stranger finally appear. Keep wondering my dear, for that is your magnet and he's closer than you think.

There is another here, who's gone from love affair to love affair, like one bad town after the next. She wonders when she shall hit the magnificent empire. Perhaps it's time to stop seeking. Perhaps it's time to stop traveling, at least for a bit, to seek out your own heart and home and make yourself supremely comfortable, wherever home is. And watch how you magnetize that unto you, for indeed you're living there already.

And there is another here who feels that no one really understands her, no one ever has. But again it's up to her to understand herself, and when she does, and when she truly does, it won't matter that others do or don't. But lo and behold that's what they'll beget.

And there's yet another here, who can't shake the veneer of politeness. Oh, she's so proper. Oh, she won't step on any ones toes. She'll do all the right things regardless of what she's feeling. And this one is seeking high spiritual attainment. Nothing wrong with it, save that she might want to investigate that part of nature that is very willing to crack the branch, to shake the earth, to cause the storm to do whatever it takes to move forward in evolution.

And there is yet another here who has fear as her constant companion. It is a paralysis as real as if she were in a wheelchair. It must be faced my dear. But she says, "I know not what. I fear the unknown." I say, it is but a forest you have not ventured into deeply enough and the path is one, and it's trailhead id called meditation.

And there is yet another here who fancies herself quite spiritual. And so she is. And so she is. And yet she fears deep, deep within that perhaps she's not quite as far as, well, she thinks she is. I say settle it. You are where you are, accept your crown and be done with the false modesty. And be the queen that you are. Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all. You are. Can't you believe it? It's so. Let the Divine Mother tell Her truth in your ear, you are, you are, you are, the Queen of the ball. Now play that part my dear and feel no shame of it. For is it not the destiny of all?

God Bless you my dear souls, men and women. Enjoy the liberation that you follow. Indeed participate in it and come to know that those that watch from vantage points know each and every one of you. Why even the hairs on your head are numbered, and it's been my grand joy and pleasure to address you this eve, and from this point forward open your mouths and speak, speak, sing, shout, rejoice. Nothing can stop you. I love you all.

Delivered through the trance medium on July 31, 1998


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