What the Ancient Wisdom Tells Us About the Incoming 6 th Root Race Souls

By Matthew Thompson

"Then there will emerge a new race, with new capacities, new ideals, new concepts about God and matter, about life and spirit. Through that race and through the humanity of the future there will be seen not only a mechanism and a structure, but a soul, an entity, who, using the mechanism, will manifest its own nature, which is love, wisdom and intelligence." 1 Djwahl Khul

In our society there is a growing recognition that certain unusual characteristics in our children are coming to the fore. These characteristics can seem alarming and strange yet are causing a new interest in the way human evolution is perceived. Parents are reporting exceptional brightness in their off-spring, not only intellectual acuity, but a seemingly high intuition and sensitivity about their environment, people, and the other children with whom they interact. There are cases where this interaction appears to go beyond the five senses, as some children more and more frequently display what would normally be called imaginative qualities, or even so far taken as psychic gifts or powers. Seeing and talking to "ghosts" is one example, picking up on the thoughts and feelings (telepathy, empathy) is another. Other examples (2) show children demonstrating precognition of places or events. Another trait appears to be a sense of purpose or direction which many adults would like to possess. Observance of various cases reveal children that seem to know exactly what to do or how things should be done (by way of improvement) and so act in accordance More often than not, they act with convictions, even if they cannot fully explain it to their parents or teachers. ­Labels have been given to these children and the most commonly known is "Indigo Child".(3) Others are "Rainbow Children" or "Crystal Children."(4) We tend to refer to them as the "6 th Root Race" souls.(5)

Those who disagree with parents that associate their children with such phenomena, yet readily see that something is occurring, might be compelled to explore this social controversy via the scientific route and would easily ascribe a medical condition, such as ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), (6) in most cases to help avoid a social catastrophe. Generally, reports of what the child may be seeing, hearing, or feeling are ignored, because for many adults who reject these ideas, they do so more often than not for the sake of just having an opinion based only on what they know, or out of fear of public retribution.

This poses the question: Is there an actual link between ADHD and the 6 th Root Race souls? The condition ADHD is not new though the term "ADHD" is a relatively recent one. To summarize, ADHD is a psychological condition of which symptoms include impulsiveness, hyperactivity, inattention, etc. From 1902 to the present it has passed through many stages of identification. It started out as being called "Defect of Moral Control." In 1937, Dr. Charles Bradley introduced the use of stimulants to treat hyperactive children. The well-known Ritalin treatment was introduced in the 1950s. Ritalin is now the most common medicine given to treat this problem. The disorder passed through a few more decades of name changes and in 1980 the American Psychiatric Association gave it the term ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Many people now use both ADD and ADHD terms interchangeably, but it must be remembered that with ADHD there is a strong tendency toward hyper-activity as well.

This brief history is meant to illustrate that these ever-increasing behavioural problems have been around for a considerable amount of time. We do not advocate that every child or person diagnosed with such condition is a 6 th Root Race soul, but we would like to make parents and caregivers aware of behavioural conditions that could be grouped with medical diagnoses similar to ADD/ADHD which, in fact, may be a reaction of a child toward an environment that simply does not accept his or her abilities, not observed in previous generations.

How ever one might wish to label these children, there are many who say that these characteristics are simply a product of the global society in which we live in, and that all these so-called psychic powers etc. (in an un-investigated sense) are just a psychological reflection of the over-indulgent and glamorous world at large. After all, many child entertainments are of the fantasy genre where children and juvenile actors play characters possessing some sort of paranormal ability or another. With the children's young and impressionable minds engaged in endless hours of sitting at the computer or TV, playing games, watching movies, or surfing the internet, how could we expect them to not be influenced?

One could also argue that these children wouldn't be interested in, say, Harry Potter movies, if there weren't some content or quality in them to attract them in the first place. On the other hand, the counterpoint might be - "Well, they just take and absorb what we give them." To some it may just be a case of "the chicken or the egg," but that doesn't alter the unarguable fact that whether a child has psychic gifts or just an over-active imagination, she or he still requires common sense and discipline all the same. Rather than concluding to prescribe medication for these children, we at the Sanctus Germanus Foundation would like to offer a point of view that combines a practical parenting guide with a firm belief that these children (and adults) do represent a new race, as part of humanity's ongoing Evolution. They experiences life with more than just the five senses and are , in fact, on their way to fuller manifestations of the transcendental qualities of the soul. We only offer this point of view as "food for thought" and no one is expected to take on board any of this information unless it appeals to his or her own sense of reason or intelligence.


Naturally the questions then arise: "Where do these children come from?" "How is it that they possess these extraordinary gifts?" "Why are they being born at this time in our civilization?" and "What can we do about it?" The answers to these queries are to be found in the Ancient Wisdom (7).

Just as a person may in one life learn to become skilled at and even master a thing such as a certain sport, or musical instrument, or some particular field of study, the Ancient Wisdom teaches us that souls can spend many "life-times" learning and acquiring abilities which are then carried over into subsequent lives - a process that continues until an individual lifestream masters all lessons on the physical plane. This is known as reincarnation - or the cycle of rebirth - a concept widely accepted in the Orient, but introduced into the Western world in the 19 th century through the spiritualist movement. (8)

Through many incarnations, a soul is given a multitude of opportunities to learn and to perfect itself to the point when it will attain the level of its Godhood - which is the ultimate goal of each soul's evolution. This is a slow process during which each soul is given absolute freedom of will and of choice. This process and the ability to express freewill is guaranteed because a veil is placed over the soul's memory at each birth into the earth plane. This makes him or her believe that that particular life is all the soul (clothed in flesh) has.

According to the Ancient Wisdom, (9) souls do not incarnate as often as popular thinking would have us believe. In fact, a soul can sometimes spend as long as a thousand years between incarnations. We spend far more time 'out of the body' than actually in it, and there is far more learning and evolving in the inner planes of existence to be had than what might be generally supposed. If a soul progresses far enough along its path within a Sub-Round (see below) or indeed perfects itself so that all the requirements of that Sub-Round are met, it usually has to wait a very long time before it can incarnate into an environment more suitable to it's level of progress. Even during these 'intervals' the soul is constantly studying and learning in cycles of activity and rest. An interesting point here to make is that these soul types may have progressed far, but not so far as to dispense with incarnating at all. There is always some facet of the diamond that as yet needs polishing. Considering the needs of this current minor pralaya we are in, many advanced souls from the ranks of Initiates and disciples of the Great Brotherhood of Light have chosen to reincarnate many times within a shorter period of time to assist in this next step of humanity. In essence this assistance is also what these 6 th Root Race souls are here to do as well as attending to their own spiritual paths.

There is an implication here that the majority of people are slow to develop. A person's evolution is delayed because of the choices they make from life to life. If a person chooses to live a materialistic life (with little of the spiritual) then that individual retards his or her growth where evolution is concerned. Evolution waits for no one. In the book "The Mahatma Letters," the Master El Morya tells us, "The deviation of each one's course, and his rate of progress from Nirvana to Nirvana is governed by causes which he himself creates out of the exigencies in which he finds himself entangled." (10) In this case, if people choose to develop themselves spiritually, and at a greater speed than normal, then those people approach the perfecting of the requirements of a given Sub-Round and so "qualify" themselves for the next Sub-Round. An example analogy to be found is that of the school system. A child makes an effort to meet the requirements of a certain grade, and when these are met satisfactorily then that child can proceed to the next grade. Those children who struggle to meet the requirements of a particular grade can be 'held back' to repeat the same grade until progress is made to enable them to move forward. Yet all these children belong to the same school, thus there is a real inter-mixing of levels of progress. This is the case with the situation on Earth right now on the physical plane where there are those who are quite advanced spiritually living alongside people who aren't as advanced. As the schoolroom of Earth itself is advancing quite a substantial step then it will be even more difficult for un-advanced souls on Earth to handle the new vibrations, therefore, being "held back" will be most likely in the form of relocating to another planet that is more suitable for their current level of development. There is nothing personal in this as there is nothing personal about Evolution, but there is an indication here that we are far more connected to the Earth than we can imagine.

Many of these 6 th Root Race souls incarnating now gained a level of development required from a previous Sub-Round and have been waiting to develop themselves further. In order to do this, they had to wait for an advancement on the Earth's part before they could reincarnate again into an environment that would suit their respective evolutionary levels; that time is now. And, it is the same with the schoolroom analogy. The next grade provides for the incoming student all that is required (educationally) for him or her to get on with their learning. There are also opportunities for each of these souls (whatever their levels) to interact and learn from one another just as on the playground at school during the breaks the children will mix together regardless of where they go next when the bell rings.

This "mixing" will become increasingly difficult as the years go by in that the one determining factor that so categorizes us all is our development and the vibratory effect that creates. The good and the bad may have been able to live side-by-side up until now, but as the vibrations on earth are increasing this will put all those living on this planet at relative and vibratory positions to one another. Like-attracts-like, and a certain vibrational level must be attained to withstand the immense cosmic and planetary forces at work here. However, there will be certain areas on Earth that will accommodate the different levels of evolution amongst soul types - to a certain extent - and it will be more like a classroom situation at school where students are somewhat restricted by their own individual progress as to which class they can attend.


".the progress of mankind takes place in no haphazard manner, but the formation of the races with their special characteristics, physical, emotional and mental (serving as classes in the great world-school, for the development of special qualities) is as precise and definite as the curriculum and time-table of any modern college." (11)Leadbeater

Root Race is the collective term for soul "types" that are incarnating to any one particular period or cycle of human evolution, and which will set the 'tone' for the next Sub-Round of earthly experiences. These new soul types, manifested through the growing number of these children, are the precursor of the new races to develop on Earth over the next several centuries. Already some of these 6 th Root Race soul types have incarnated as early as two or three hundred years ago. Einstein was probably a 6 th Root Race soul but not necessarily the most advanced of that type. Many people in history, whether well known or otherwise - and who have in some way contributed to advancement of human evolution, may have been varying 6 th or even 7 th Root Race souls.

The number "6" implies that there is a sequence and order to spiritual evolution and this is true. Our experiences on Earth, from beginning to end, are part of what is called a "ROUND". In fact, it is the 4 th ROUND that we are in now and this is part of what is called a GRAND CYCLE that contains 7 ROUNDS. The Earth is the host to the 4 th ROUND. Other Planets make up other ROUNDS as well. Each ROUND is divided into 7 Sub-Rounds. We are practically at the point between the 4 th Sub-Round and the 5 th Sub-Round of this 4 th ROUND - this transition point is called a minor pralaya. A large portion of people on Earth right now are in fact 5 th Root Race souls yet we began incarnating on Earth about halfway through the 4 th Sub-Round. There are also 7 Root Races to each Sub-Round and each of those 7 Root Races contains 7 Sub-Root Races, plus many and varied branches. The 'last' of the 5 th Root Race souls should leave the Earth about half way through the 5 th Sub-Round and this is when the majority of people on Earth will be 6 th Root Race souls. The Earth in all it's variety actually contains not only 6 th Root Race and 5 th and 4 th Root Race types, but is also host to the remnants of the 3 rd Root Race types as to be found, for example, in the aboriginal tribes of Australia. These 3 rd Root Race souls are remnants of the great Lemurian era.

The diagram below illustrates the soul's involutionary journey through the ROUNDS and its current position being on Earth as it continues its evolutionary path.(12)

In the Mahatma Letters, the Master El Morya describes the Monad's journey through the seven ROUNDS: (13)

"1 st ROUND: The monad is an ethereal being - non-intelligent, but super-spiritual. As its evolution proceeds, it will grow more and more into an encased or incarnate being, but still preponderantly ethereal. During the ROUND, it develops monstrous bodies corresponding to its coarse surroundings, as do the animals and vegetables.

2 nd ROUND: (After a period of pralaya), the monad lands on another planet. Its form is still gigantic and ethereal, but grows firmer and more condensed in body- a more physical man, yet still less intelligent than spiritual. The development of mind matter is a slower and more difficult evolution than the physical frame.

3 rd ROUND: On yet another planet, the monad is now encased in some sort of concrete or compacted body; at first the form of a giant ape, and more intelligent (or rather cunning) than spiritual. For in the downward arc of the Grand Cycle, he has now reached the point where his primordial spirituality is eclipsed or over-shadowed by nascent mentality. During the last half of this third round his gigantic stature decreases, his body improves in texture and he becomes a more rational being- though still more ape than a Deva man.

4 th ROUND: Intellect has an enormous development in this round. The races on earth acquire human speech. Language is perfected and knowledge in physical things increases. In the first half of ROUND 4, sciences, arts, literature and philosophy are born in one civilization and reborn in another, civilization and intellectual development taking place in cycle after cycle. By the halfway point of ROUND 4, Humanity teems with intellectual activity but its spiritual activities decrease. During the second half of ROUND 4, the spiritual Ego will begin its real struggle with body and mind to manifest its transcendental powers.

5 th ROUND: - The same relative development; and the same struggle continues.

6 th ROUND.

7 th ROUND.

Of these we do not speak."


Each Root Race develops and "grows" its own civilization/s and, as with the case of all evolution, it is about refinement. The best is taken from the previous civilization and used to build what is necessary for the following civilization. The soul always aims at progress and the more refined the body the better able to manifest the qualities of its level of progress and our societies and communities should reflect these qualities as well. The 6 th Root Race souls represent the next step in our soul's development. Being about as low as we can possible go in the GRAND CYCLE, we are now proceeding up in the evolutionary scale (by choice individually, of course, but none-the-less part of a larger scheme). We have become as materialistic as we can get and it is time for us to move up in our spiritual growth.

The 6 th Root Race children being born today are here to help us in this move, for their abilities allow them to see and interact with other planes of existence, abilities which will prove indispensable down the track. This is why it is of the utmost importance for us as caregivers or parents of these children to develop an understanding of the situation through what the Ancient Wisdom teaches us to aid in the 'switch around' where learning is concerned. We as their 'elders' with so much more experience in this material, concrete/fact-thinking world must teach them the value of practical thinking and all the best of the values that our society has to offer . They, in their turn, can teach us about opening our minds to other, hopefully higher, dimensions, for they can more readily see and feel the connectedness of life than we can. They can "move" between worlds, as it were, and so illuminate our minds as to the workings of the higher planes of existence, and if they are raised in the right conditions, surrounded by purity, harmony, love, and a healthy dose of common sense in everything we do, then they can show us and teach us about those qualities as they exist beyond our perception. We will show them the very best of our world and they will do likewise for us with theirs.


Let us now consider these soul types as to how they are being perceived in the physical world.

There are more or less two schools of thought regarding these "new souls" phenomena. The much-criticized new age movement, and certain older spiritual schools, have, from our point of view, intuitively got it right. The proponents of this group are at least trying to see it all from the inside looking out, whereas the scientific community still regards everything under the sun as chemicals, hormones, and physiological happenstance and from the point of view of physical dissection they are virtually infallible. What most of them fail to grasp is the underlying cosmic forces of evolution. They know so well the plane upon which they choose to work, but choose not to reconcile it with those forces. Add to that the potential for public mockery or dissent over the socially catastrophic implications involved in suggesting that waves of psychic children are being born and only the bravest and most open-minded of scientists will stick their heads above the generally accepted trends.

The new-agers will readily believe that there is indeed a new wave of "different" souls incarnating on Earth, but their crutch is that they often cannot ground their beliefs to be of practical use in the modern world, hence why so much of what they say seems unreal or incomplete. To say and believe a thing is not of necessity to be wise about it. There has also been an unfortunate tendency towards pride in this knowledge, which can be equally as damaging to the 'cause' as disregarding it altogether.

The concrete thinking parents of the world who look to their doctors and scientists for answers are thinking in 5 th Root Race modes of thought, which more often than not preclude anything deeper, and so their 6 th Root Race children suffer through lack of understanding and intuition. These parents will look to social causes such as schooling and education, limitations of modern parenting, economic problems, eating and dietary disorders, popular life-styles, media films and computers, or in fact their governments, but these are all 5 th Root Race creations, in many instances gone awry.

Basically the environment that a lot of these children are being raised in (or as adults independently living in) is not conducive to their mind-sets. The best of them come with ideals about peace and unity, abundance and evolving consciousness, yet they are born into separateness, intolerance, greed, poverty, war and dogma. Is it any wonder that the friction alone from these opposing mind-sets causes them agitation? Could this agitation result in current medical, psychiatric, and scientific prognosis such as ADHD? Their sensitivity to our present state of affairs must be driving them mad, and so, as madness often begets the final tragedy, they sometimes take their own lives as a final solution.

The conventional minded 5 th Root Racers look to outer solutions for inner causes and the hazardous route of drugs and pharmaceuticals, in general, become the 'easy way out'. These drugs once they become part of the body's system are hard indeed to break free of. Is it any wonder so many of these 'diagnosed' children in later years turn to other kinds of substances to ease their discomforts? As stated earlier, we are not saying that everyone diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, or any behavioural complexities is an advanced being. Some are still 5 th Root Race souls who are caught up in the mire that the present world manifests.


At every new cycle we must take into account the vast cosmic energies used to 'spur' on this activity of change. In our particular case right now, going from the 4 th Sub-Round to the 5 th Sub-Round, the feminine cosmic forces are being filtered into our sphere to help balance out the over-dominant masculine energies present on Earth. This involves a sort of cosmic acceleration . This is a special dispensation awarded to us - via the Ascended Master St. Germain and the Great Brotherhood of Light , a dispensation that will rid the world of the Dark Force regime and allow souls to flourish as the case should have been all along, hence: Soul Liberation.

With these higher vibrational energies playing upon our sphere, anyone of a lower vibration will be filtered out while those of a higher vibration will survive. This is how a Root Race begins or comes into being. The majority of the souls to be the pioneers of the 6 th Root Race are those who are the most advanced of the 7 th Sub-Root Race of the 5 th Root Race. Remnants of the older Root Races and those of the lower Sub-Root Races of the 5 th Root Race will experience much in the way of difficulties and will in all likelihood be filtered out to continue their evolutionary path on other planets.

Let it be said that ALL SOULS achieve the goal of enlightenment at some stage. It is simply that not all souls evolve at the same rate. Souls can take the slower path towards this goal, by incarnating through all the Root Races and Sub-Root Races, whilst some souls proceed more quickly and so the Path of Initiation was introduced (14) to allow these souls to pursue their respective goals as to their inclinations. And as a matter of course, depending on how far along the Path of Initiation they managed to travel, they must then wait until the inception of the next Root Race, which ideally should provide them with suitable bodies for them to then continue on their journey.

We hope that through the reading of this and subsequent articles, as part of the New Race Education Project, it is recognized that humanity is not left to chance and unguided. On the contrary, we are very much more looked after and assisted than we could possibly imagine. It is hoped that the phenomenon of the Indigo Child is respectfully and intelligently handled with the wisest and most practical minded endeavours, for the safest and happiest route humanity can travel is one which keeps at the forefront of its journey the One Great Law which is UNITY and a real understanding of our Evolutionary path.

We mentioned "other planes of existence" and this in itself requires an open mind for those thinking to follow further with us as we offer our points of view regarding 6 th Root Race children.(15) Humanity is part of what the Masters of Wisdom call the Divine Plan. And that plan is EVOLUTION.


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