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Never before has the feminine side of mankind been called upon with such urgency to play its part in balancing the actions of humanity. Without this crucial element in the cosmic equation, mankind cannot attain to peace or to the soul liberation it innately seeks. For those who have incarnated as females during this lifetime, special problems and challenges lie before you that must be overcome before mankind can move forward. This task not only involves the re-emergence of the feminine side but the adjustment of the overly masculine side of humanity.

In this section, she who was considered one of the greatest mediums in modern England, Estelle Roberts, (see her autobiography Fifty Years a Medium) has devoted her efforts to educating both men and women on contemporary feminine issues. She is currently part of a six-person Council, under the auspices of the Great Brotherhood of Light, comprised of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Arthur Ford, Ho Wei Le, Golden Eagle, and the trance medium. This Council is responsible for disseminating messages from the Brotherhood to mankind on contemporary issues and events.

Mrs. Roberts communicates with us through the trance medium whose normally baritone voice must convey Mrs. Roberts' feminine pitch. In a sense, these communications represent that balance between the masculine and the feminine that mankind so needs and inwardly seeks.

We present an Overview of Women's Issues (audio and text formats) that were presented to the public last year on the radio. This is followed by a series of three Evening Tea Chats that were organized with groups of women of all walks of life. You are invited to listen to these real-life discourses or study their text versions.


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