View the Forces of Nature bringing Earth Changes as Opportunity to Change the World

Hello, my friends. Permit me to share with you some of my thoughts on matters concerning not only India but the world at large. Today, humanity faces forces not of its own making, but those of the cosmos. It has no more than to submit and go along with them, for as we Indians know, these types of forces are beyond the individual's power to resist. By submission, I counsel "intelligent submission. " It is to know what you are dealing with and intelligently use whatever means to blend into such a force.

You say, "How can one blend in with a catastrophe? How does one stop a typhoon? " Common sense tells you that stopping the typhoon is beyond yours and any person's capacity. However, we do have brave souls whose egos stretch beyond them that think they can weather such force and as a consequence, perish easily in the storm's fury, fighting something they obviously cannot win or reason with.

That was the big difference in my battle with the British. I knew I could reason with them, once I got their attention and by staging non-violent demonstrations, I surely got their attention, didn't I? And reason I did with them because I knew our cause for freedom was right and that the tide of history was against them. I knew they could not hold their grip on India with mere pomp. It was purely logical.

But is it logical to stage a sit-in against forces of nature? Obviously not. Because logically, you would gain nothing from it.

Well, from our perspective, that is exactly what the world seems to be doing now! Staging a sit-in, although not literally, regarding the forces of nature that are gathering to cleanse the earth. Would you not yield to the broom of the housemaid? What about the mop of the house-cleaner?

The forces of light today must use their power judiciously. They must see beyond petty political gains that pit one against the other while losing touch of the big picture. Time is on your side if you use it wisely and don't waste your time on the issues that convulse an insane world.

Make your plans instead in the stealth of the night and allow that which we predicted but remains unseen to motivate you to take action that seems contrary to the common thought. Here, specifically, I refer to the forces of nature. What is predicted should lead you to higher ground. They should lead to into new technologies. They should lead you to see unprecedented new opportunities, open up the floodgates of a new way of thinking that should challenge the old order. For as the forces of nature uproot the present system, you must seize the opportunity to foster a better world. What is about to happen is more radical than the radical, more potent than any sit-in, more compelling than anything that has happened in human history, and rather than submit to fear and old tactics, I challenge you to see these events as an unprecedented opportunity to break that which has gone wrong in our civilization once and for all.

I dealt with the course of history written in that Cosmic Law that does not permit the oppression of one over the other. I knew the tide was in my favor and frankly I have the Japanese* to thank for exposing the fallacy of British power in India. It was essentially all fluff.

But today, you are meeting forces beyond any mankind has ever encountered. The war that looms to defeat the dark forces pales before those forces of nature gathering power in the back wings of this play to wipe the slate clean on earth. Realize with intelligence, that the forces of nature are for the Light--on the side of Light--and if you submit intelligently to them--ride out in an intelligent way the upheavals ahead--you will see opportunity arise out of chaos for the benefit of mankind.

It is up to you to ponder this question and to reshape your thinking. Cling not to the patterns of the past--good or bad--but create, plan, and take actions that will ultimately benefit mankind. Think beyond just saving yourselves from the storm, but see the brewing storm as opportunity, an opportunity without precedent.

Mohandas Gandhi

*Here, Gandhi refers to the fact that the Japanese defeated the British interests in China, Hong Kong, Burma, and Singapore during WW II, which gave the Indian revolutionaries hope that they, too, could defeat the British and regain independence.