(Excerpt from The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 1)

The Armageddon: A Cosmic Filtering Process

Many who hear the word Armageddon conger up pictures of the whole world blowing up in some kind of world conflict and becoming scattered pieces in an asteroid belt. Many born-again Christians believe that they will be lifted off the earth in a great rapture, leaving the sinners to battle it out until earth’s ultimate demise.

Others, New Age hopefuls, have already proclaimed the arrival of the Age of Aquarius, even as we wallow in starvation, wars, and materialism. That earth’s problems should be so easily resolved and with such finality could only be the result of a profound misunderstanding of the whole process of human evolution, for as we noted in Chapter One, our journey of millions of years is far from over.

Our view of the Armageddon differs considerably from current thought in that we see it more as a filtering process—separating the tares from the wheat, the light from darkness—in every pore, level, and sector of human society, for the true objective of the Armageddon is a general, comprehensive housecleaning designed to rid the earth plane of all negative influences, those of the Dark Forces, so that the conditions necessary for the flowering of a new golden age, the Age of Aquarius, can prevail.

The Filtering Process

In this filtering process, everyone will be given a chance to play out his or her true self and those who are not suited to remain on the earth plane, by their chosen actions or beliefs, will be shifted to other planets that are more in line with their thinking. The filtering process will touch every being on earth, without exception, for astrological pulls and influences as well as the acceleration in the earth’s evolution (see below) will bring out everyone’s true colors. And how will you know how to distinguish one from another? “By their fruits, ye shall know them,” said the Master Jesus.

The significance of this comprehensive filtering process is this: there will be disturbance on every level of human society until every stone has been turned and the dark characteristics or forces are filtered out. Your nearest and dearest may be affected and turn against you. Brother will turn against brother, father against son, sister against sister, wife against husband, husband against wife, and so forth, until the whole population on the earth plane is purified.

Victory on the Higher Dimensions

The final battle between light and darkness is the project of the Master Sanctus Germanus. This great Master of the Great Brotherhood of Light has taken his place as the Hierarch of the New Age, the Age of Aquarius. He leads the battle. Those souls who are for Him stand on the right, while those who oppose him shall be banished from the earth plane.

On the higher dimensions, the Master Sanctus Germanus has already plunged the sword of truth through the heart of the symbolic dragon of evil. As it lies clinging to life, the dying beast’s giant tail periodically whiplashes from side to side, and each whiplash sends shockwaves down to the earth plane. So what we are experiencing are the clean-up operations of this great slaughter. Yes, it’s messy. Its agents on earth are desperately trying to reverse their inevitable demise, creating the turmoil and conflict we sense here on earth as they struggle to save themselves. But cosmic law has already determined that their cycle is up—finished—and that the Forces of Light shall prevail in this battle.

Be reassured that the battle has already been won on the higher planes, which is why we can be so sure of the outcome on earth. As painful as it might be, however, the final battles will take place over the next decade.

Acceleration of Earth’s Evolution

Have you not remarked how time flies these days? Days, weeks, months and years seem to streak by. Barely into one month, you awaken to find yourself starting a new one. And so from the point of view of time, you begin to perceive events in life take place at an accelerated pace.

When the clock struck midnight on December 31, 1999, the earth spun into an accelerated mode of evolution. Great Cosmic Beings concerned with earth decreed this acceleration. Did the planet have any power to resist? Certainly not. The soul of Earth is organic, alive, and also in the process of becoming. Earth and other planetary bodies are but the vehicles, the bodies, of great souls that inhabit them. Each planet has a spirit, a being in the process of evolution that is ensouled in the physical mass. Thus each planet has its nature, its qualities just as you do. So, when Great Cosmic Beings associated with the planet earth determined that it was lagging in its evolution, they simply said, “Move a little faster,” and the earth obeyed and sped up.

By cosmic design, the acceleration of the earth also serves as the agent provocateur of the events of the Armageddon--a catalyst that starts the chain reaction in final battle between Light and Darkness on every level of society. Earth becomes like a bullet train heading for higher enlightenment. The bright light at the end of the tunnel disturbs some. They turn away from it and do not want to go there. So those who cannot take the light must get off and find another train more suitable for their state of mind at this time.

Those good innocent souls who search only that great objective of liberating their souls so they can blossom forth, joyfully stay on for the high-speed ride, for they know that when they reach that destination of light, they will all have gotten there because they wanted to. And what great joy it is to travel with those with whom you are compatible!

General Effects of Acceleration

Acceleration produces a state of insanity on earth, in short, bedlam. A tempest. A gale. It won’t be easy for the next few years to come. Those on earth who were barely hanging on until now will begin to find themselves going a little haywire. The effect of acceleration is like ordering a driver who can barely keep his car on the road at 25 miles per hour to suddenly accelerate to 100 miles per hour. He’ll lose control and run off the road!

A mother-in-law suddenly turns sour toward her lovely daughter-in-law, your son turns inward and becomes excessively involved in the computer, a daughter snaps back at her mother, father scraps with his son and vice versa, your dear spouse suddenly turns cold and uncommunicative, and an old friend no longer wants to see you. You, yourself, might find yourself screaming at a store clerk or furious at another driver cutting in front of you, and wonder afterwards what got into you.

These general manifestations of insanity are of the more benign variety. They touch everyone, for everyone is sort of ”edgy.” This is due to a slight and temporary disconnection between the conscious mind and the soul, due to the speed of things and the lack of conscious control to realign oneself with the soul in meditation or prayers. These benign signs of the Armageddon are fortunately temporary.

When your nearest and dearest exhibit this temporary insanity or imbalance of the mental body, the first thing you must do is ascertain to what degree you should be out of striking distance while they are in that state. Consider them hysterical. They can do anything and are unpredictable. You must take care of yourself, but at the same time, you cannot blame them. At the same time you need not play the martyr either and think, “Oh, she’ll respond to me!” She or he might just strike back at you or say something that is equally shocking that will cause a permanent schism in your relationship. Yes, at one time perhaps you were on good terms with this person. Then suddenly, he or she begins acting quite rudely to you. What have you done wrong? Nothing?

Know that the situation is temporary, and hope that the relationship will eventually be restored; if indeed there was true love and respect in the relationship to begin with. Learn to be good caretakers. If you must leave someone’s presence because there is some danger in staying, then move on. Do not waver when you feel that you’ve done nothing to warrant the treatment. But if you have done something wrong, you’ll want to admit it. But when you are insulted, slighted or ignored for no good reason or suddenly someone you thought you were on good terms with treats you like a stranger or worse, it’s time to ascertain if the situation is one of temporary insanity. Then get out of the range of fire during that temporary period.

Malign Manifestations of Acceleration

Acceleration also affects those harboring more malign forms of criminality. Rashes of crimes break out. A student goes berserk in a high school and mows down his friends with a machine gun. Another student does the same thing in another country. Suddenly, young women are being abducted in various parts of the world. Or serial killers start stalking women in various countries. Or worse, snipers randomly pick off innocent victims from the ends of their rifles. Husbands stalk their estranged wives and shoot their own children. Mothers beat their infant children until they succumb. Wives run down their unfaithful husbands with the family car. This is bedlam but symptomatic of the times we are in.

More heinous crimes come to light such as mass murders, serial killings, ethnic cleansings, mass torture, wars, and the like. Those hidden, lurking criminally inclined individuals suddenly cannot take the pressure any longer of the acceleration. They go berserk and expose themselves for what they really are. These will be one-by-one eliminated from the face of the earth.

Old religious sores will rise to the surface such as Islamic fundamentalists striking out at their old Christian, Buddhist or Hindu enemies. Even different sects within one religion will contradict the other, leading to schisms. Fundamentalist Christians brandishing white supremacist ideology lash out at their black brothers, while another sect attacks the Jews for the crucifixion of Jesus. All religious differences come to the surface, some resulting in outward conflict, while others resulting in healing.

Politicians, public figures or entertainers presenting one face to the world but hiding prejudices or agendas of a less noble nature will suddenly find themselves blurting out their true feelings and exposing their prejudices, evil intentions or their outright stupidity in front of the cameras or in public. World leaders contradict each other, international alliances end up splintered by dissent and posturing, friendly nations turn against one another behind the scene. Many fallen leaders wonder how they managed to lose control over their tongues, yet they have exposed themselves. Their former power to block or sabotage programs that benefit mankind or mesmerize the public is fortunately stunted.

Again, these are the signs of the Armageddon, the filtering out process of the bad eggs.

Process of Economic Dispossession

In March 2000, reacting to the acceleration, the New York stock exchange suddenly plunged after almost a decade of wild speculation. Other markets and bourses around the world followed suit and a worldwide meltdown of these towers of finance continues. The Dark Forces anticipated an eventual plunge of the financial markets but perhaps were taken by surprise at the suddenness of the downturn. Like the dying dragon in the upper dimensions, these stock exchanges struggle to rally, only to be hammered to new lows. Up again then down further, their value ratchets down the slippery slide. The Dark Forces pump huge sums of money into the markets to create an illusion of recovery. The innocent investor, thinking the worst is over, rushes back into the market, while the Dark Forces dump their shares on these naive ones and run. Again the market plunges taking with it more investor cash. It is obvious that the Dark Forces intend to drag everyone down with them as they drain the last cent out of all the cash cows they created.

In a secret hall in the middle of Europe, the powerful leaders behind these benighted individuals plot yet more wars, concentrating on the volatile Middle East. These wars, as we mentioned earlier, are but manipulated and orchestrated events. They do not involve one righteous nation fighting against the evil one. Both, one could say, are on the same side, for it is but a game. But during these times, these games will run amuck as the light from the Brotherhood is directed toward these events.

Wars are coordinated with the collapse of the stock markets where the Dark Forces take massive short positions to bleed as much money as possible from the markets as they plunge. A war victory produces a false sense of well-being on the side of the victor and the euphoria causes the markets to rejoice and soar upward. On the upward swing, more innocent investors pour their last bits of cash into the equities market hoping to recover their losses from the previous downturn. The-forces-that-be will again sell (short sell) their inflated equities to these innocent investors and mutual funds in order to reap more money as the stock markets again plunge. The investors, never learning and always tricked, will again be left holding the bag of worthless stocks.

With each plunge, companies that relied upon their stocks to give worth to their balance sheets will be hammered and will eventually go bankrupt. The stock exchanges themselves will shrink as more and more investors get slaughtered. The kingpins of the world of brokerage will one by one close their doors and the investment bank will wither away for lack of new business. Banks will fail, one after another, as their arrogance gives way to revelations of activities that will be their own undoing. The unregulated mutual funds will close their doors, and their irate investors will storm their empty offices only to find that someone has walked off with trillions of dollars of their life savings.

As the dragon dies in the upper spheres, these top-heavy towers of finance that so controlled the world’s financial system are being slain. Another five or so years they will be lowered into the pits from whence they came.

But those who planned and perpetrated these institutions for as long as they could, will end up taking trillions from the people and storing them in the caves of iniquity. With the capital markets virtually annihilated, corporations large and small will begin to deflate. So heavily in debt are these corporations from their speculations in the stock markets and derivatives, that their debt holders, primarily banks, will be forced to seize their assets. On and on, the deflationary spiral will gradually wipe out business after business leaving only those that were wise enough to resist getting into debt or those businesses that cater to the barest survival services.

As businesses close their doors, millions will lose their jobs and then their homes and possessions. Prices as a consequence will deflate, and deflation will cause even more businesses to close down. Then the banks will be so overwhelmed by “non-performing debt” that they themselves will sink.

The whole world will sink into a serious economic depression. Those in the so-called advanced and developed world will be hardest hit, while those who have been writhing in poverty during these years of inflation and plenty will see little difference in their sort, for how could they get poorer? The giant economic bubble that inflated over the past fifty years and rode on the inequities between north and south, developed and underdeveloped will pop.

Finally, the cycle will end. Ever remembering that in every war during this period, the warring parties are on the same side and are manipulated to make war so that the Dark Forces may reap more gain, but the light of the Brotherhood shines ever intensely on the situation, directed there by the good souls on earth. Like two adolescent boys who begin by “horsing around” and eventually end up fighting, the warring parties will be caught up in their own insanity and destroy themselves. The markets will take their final plunge. This time even the money the Dark Forces inject into the markets will fail to revive them, for the money will no longer have any value. The world’s economy will stand silent. The benighted ones will have accumulated much of the world’s wealth on their side, only to find that the wealth is worthless as the currencies collapse.

Dispossession to Change Mankind

If the mass of humanity allows the process of dispossession to take place without protest, and this seems to be the present state of mass compliance, then perhaps once they have nothing left, they may be ready to listen to the God-Within. No force can take away the soul, although some have tried. No force can steal one’s intelligence, one’s will to live, one’s knowledge and one’s spiritual essence. Dispossessed of all material trappings, mankind will rediscover the scent of the rose, the dew drops on the leaves, the sea breeze floating in from the vast ocean.

Community, self-help, mutual cooperation, creativity, a true sense of money and its uses, barter, and most of all, the substance of soul that the God-Within can provide will keep the true souls of earth going as the towers of the Dark Forces crumble about them.

People will stop to listen to the new teachings of the Brotherhood that will come from the light workers already being planted throughout the globe. As communities band together to survive, the last remnants of the Dark Forces will have to be expurgated from earth but not without a last struggle.

Threatened Bureaucracies Resort to War

With no jobs, no businesses, no savings, and moreover no tax base to exploit, tax revenues will shrink considerably. Bureaucracies will lose their sole source of sustenance. Those on the lower ranks of the bureaucracies, who thought they had a secure job for life, will lose their jobs. Those on the top tier will fight to survive, to preserve the huge cash cow that has served them so well. Many ministries and government services will be curtailed for lack of tax revenue.

The world is witness to numerous examples today where bureaucracies in impoverished countries have literally withered away from lack of tax revenue. Tax collectors can no longer squeeze any more money from impoverished people for fear of insurrection or of their own lives. Yet even in an impoverished world, the bureaucracy still maintains its right to issue permits and create red tape for those it purports to serve. With only sporadic salaries, bureaucrats resort to under-the-table payments for the issuance of the most mundane paperwork such as licenses or permits. Anything that ever gets done in the bureaucracy is then the result of private fees paid to key bureaucrats. Eventually, the population realizes that there is little semblance of enforcement of these regulations, and the empty ministries eventually pass into irrelevance.

As more and more doors close in the bureaucracies, it will become evident that those who survive the squeeze on tax revenues will be those who hijacked the government structures years before. The military, police and intelligence forces—again those martial specialties so characteristic of the benighted Atlantean souls—will take their last stand. Since they lack any productive capacity of their own, they will turn to war to keep their bureaucracies alive. Arms factories will buzz and people will be put to work making war. The wars and conflict we see today are merely preparing the mass humanity for an even greater and more widespread warfare. Terrorism, an invention of these forces, keeps a nebulous international threat in the minds of the masses, and enables the real perpetrators of war to capitalize on this threat that can be trumped up at will.

The surviving governmental forces will try to make people accept that war is the only way to keep the economy alive, and indeed as warmongering activities are thrown into action, the economies of some countries will buzz. The prospects of jobs and an economic recovery will draw the helpless back into the hands of these forces. So shall the last stand of the Dark Forces be characterized by warfare, the very antipathy of creation.

This time, however, the Great Brotherhood of Light has launched its own forces on earth. Never before in the history of this present civilization have there been so many reincarnations of the noblest and most heroic souls on earth ready to stand battle against these forces. Never before has the Brotherhood penetrated mankind with so much light and ideas, pouring forth counter ideas of love and peace through the force of the Feminine Ray of the Holy Mother energy.

And by dispossessing people of their material well-being, the Dark Forces will encounter exactly the opposite of what they expect. They will meet head-on the people they have tried so for many centuries to suppress, for this material dispossession will unleash the creative force of the universe, the God-Within each individual. As the balanced feminine-masculine force is awakened in each individual, the masses will finally resist the Dark Forces and no longer be lead like so many sheep. They will realize that they are gods and goddesses able to recognize the twisted voices that call on them to do their bidding, and they instead will dig in and refuse to be moved. “No more wars. Enough!” they will scream as they storm the symbolic Bastille! And thus will come tumbling down the last vestiges of the Dark Forces’ empire.

Anyone who comes to their defense will be struck down, for they will stand out as sore thumbs. No longer will they be able to hide, for not only will acceleration automatically bring them to the surface, but also people will recognize them for what they are. And one-by-one will they be thrust off the planet never to return. The Master Sanctus Germanus and his disciples will be in place to lead the clean up.

Some Practical Suggestions

Dealing with Insanity

Insanity engulfs our planet, but when you are engulfed in a fog, you intuitively seek the light, for it’s your only way out. Now you know what to expect.

What you have seen is only the beginning. Expect more insanity to come. But know this: you will not get caught or lost in it, even though you might have temporarily slipped, just a little bit, as one might walk in through a large puddle of mud. Just because you have slipped does not mean you need be soaked in mud. Regain your balance as you can. Take a bit of leisure. Get away from whatever it is that is stressful, but more than anything, call to the Great Lords of the Brotherhood for help, for they stand waiting to issue help, for according to cosmic law, they can only help mankind if you invite them through prayer or invocation!

Maintain your balance and do not be overwhelmed by the insanity that is overtaking the planet. Recognize it and when it seems to want to play through you, know that as well. Be not ashamed of it, neither reprimand your loved ones when they exhibit it, but help each other get through it as best as you can.

Know that this Armageddon is like a sort of plague of a very physical nature that will cause people to have temporary dementia, to go crazy, whatever, to throw something at you. Know that it is temporary, that it passes, and afterward you will be so happy to have your loved ones back, safe and sane, for by then you will have passed through that photon belt, which causes this insanity we are experiencing.

But always remember that while the insane are insane, always temporary of course, they may not know what they are doing and may strike out at you. So beware. Do not place yourself as a target, for it can create a rift and a resentment that might take a long time to heal. Take care.

If the vipers of insanity strike at you too many times, do not be a fool and think, “Oh, I can take it. I can stay around here for more.” Such foolishness can only be rewarded by the gravestone! So do not overestimate yourselves and do not underestimate insanity. And more than anything, do not underestimate the power of your inner True Self, that which is intimately and consciously taking your next breath for you, that which is a part of every molecule or cell of your physical body. It is not about to cast you away but is putting you through the nerve of insanity that you shall discover sanity (coming from the word sane or healthy) as the true and natural state of things in the fourth dimension, which is where we shall be when the process is complete.

The whole process should not take so long, perhaps a few more years. Then you will come out to a sane world. You will all be so happy, for those who insist on the present insanity shall have been swept off the planet along with the insanity.

Money Matters

By 2012 the towers of economic and financial control will have crumbled and all attempts to save it will be in vain. The world will experience a serious economic depression that will last several years. This situation will be temporary until the new form of economy that the Great Brotherhood of Light has planned can take root in the minds of men. However, the crumbling of the whole economic and financial superstructure will mean a bit of chaos in your daily lives. All assumptions about your life will be challenged as those financial and governmental institutions that disappoint you reveal their true colors.To be prepared for these challenging economic times, we would suggest you take the following precautions:

1. Buy minted gold and silver coins, other precious metals and color gemstones. This is your 100 percent guarantee against the financial collapse. Store them in a safe place other than a bank, as bank failures will multiply. Few, if any, will survive. The US and other country currencies will collapse just as the Confederate currency did after the Civil War in the US.

2. Stop unnecessary shopping even if your government and the media cheer you on to keep spending to help the economy. It is not your duty to save the economy by spending aimlessly and going into debt. Buy only that which is necessary and sell what you do not absolutely need for cash.

3. If you are still invested in stocks, real estate, or mutual funds, get out immediately and save what is left or buy precious metals and gemstones with these funds. These paper “investments” are not destined to come back for a very long time, if ever. What you salvage and convert into gold will be worth more in terms of buying power as deflation overcomes the economy. Moreover, just remember that the sorrow and suffering you will observe are temporary and portend something infinitely better in the form of a New Age.


Finally, as insanity engulfs our planet and people awaken to and sense it, they will seek their sanity, which is only found in their divinity. Some of you are not comfortable with that word Divinity because you probably have not visited your celestial parent, your Higher Self, recently. We suggest you do so, in your hearts and thoughts through regular meditation.So the Armageddon is that terrible filter you must all pass through, and it might just snag you here and there. But you cannot get caught in its web, for your eyes have been opened. You will instead slide through it under the protection of your Divine Mother. Slide on through! You will glide through this ocean of insanity. THIS IS THE LAST GREAT HURDLE OF THIS PLANET BEFORE IT REACHES ITS PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT.

(An excerpt from The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 1)