The Dark Forces
The Meaning of the Attack on the World Trade Center

The attacks on the New York World Trade Center on September 11 shocked the world as it was designed to. But the story of this attack and other conflicts in the world today are not what they appear to be nor can the true story be told by the popular media. From the perspective of the Great Brotherhood of Light, the Dark Forces of world are systematically galvanizing the world into two warring camps that will fight another World War. This is to be infamous Armageddon.

Terrorist attacks and spot conflicts around the world, including the ongoing Israeli-Arab war, the Indo-Pakistani conflicts, the Tamil-Singalese guerilla war on Sri Lanka, the war in Afghanistan against the so-called Al Quaeda terrorists, the Muslim uprisings in the Philippines, the tensions in the Taiwan straits between China and Taiwan, and the host of other ethnic and genocidal wars taking place in Africa are all designed to keep the world in a state of perpetual division and conflict. When most of these petty conflicts come to an end, the warring parties often wonder what they have been fighting about. As soon as one conflict is resolved, others pop up in a never-ending state of warfare. We present to you, the reader, our interpretation of the events you are living through for your consideration.

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The Basis of a World of Conflict: The So-Called Dark Forces

Much reference has been made in works throughout the centuries in the records of the Ageless Wisdom about the Dark Forces or black powers that aim to thwart the benevolent works of the Great Brotherhood of Light. Let us explore more deeply the origins of these forces.

We are dealing with the fact that this terra was created to be the final battleground of various strains in the universe. Whereas other planets are peopled by just one race, earth is the recipient of various evolutionary strains that have come from various planets to incarnate here at various epochs of history. So on earth there are not only those purest and angelic beings to be found in physical bodies, but there are also strains of beings who have come here from planets that have self-destructed as a result of their inhabitants' martial tendencies to dominate and control each other. For instance, this so-called asteroid belt between Mars and Jupitor was once a planet, Hetroph. It self-destructed, for its inhabitants had become too militaristic, too martial. They just went too far. So this is what makes the experiment on earth so fascinating and so intriguing but also so incredibly difficult. It is no wonder that we see countless points of ethnic strife all around the globe. It is earth's dilemma, its challenge, to have been set up with a built-in potential for conflict.

The Dark Forces are creations of the Great Creative Force like everything else in the universe. They are called dark only because throughout their evolution so far they have not yet chosen to step into the light that would illuminate their minds to see that only benevolence, freedom, love and all those qualities you might consider of the divine, ultimately win. They are a scientific product of an evolution that long ago chose to depart from the search for the mystical and instead contented themselves, as many do today on this earth, simply with the unraveling of nature's mysteries along scientific lines. One could say they are technology minus God. They only know what works from a very mechanical point of view without the so-called moral component that you or I would consider most important. In other words, they do not bother with what you or I would call ethics, just what works, how they get what they need, and what they want. This explains a lot of the so-called abductions that occur with the so-called aliens. They are just like mad scientists concerned uniquely with how it all work? What happens if I put a little of this in there? They do not stop to think about the social and moral price for such experimentations.

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Throw-backs from Atlantean Days

This attitude or tendency is found largely among the Atlanteans who comprise the majority of today's dark force incarnations. These have surfaced in the form of mass killings under Josef Stalin and the terrible experimentations that went on under the banner of the swastika in Nazi Germany. The participants are remnants of these same strains, old Atlanteans reborn.

In the Atlantean days these thought nothing of crossing a man with a dog or any other animal for that matter. Out of these experimentations came stories of men with ears of donkeys, human beings with hooves, and things of that nature that were not meant to be. And so the Lords of Karma some time back, decreed that there could be no such cross-breeding and ended the practice.

Atlantis was a rather sophisticated community and culture that was scientifically advanced in certain ways beyond what one encounters today, but certainly not spiritually. In other words, were one to take some kind of spiritual poll of the citizenry of Atlantis at its peak, one is not likely to find souls any grander or further along in attainment than one would find today on earth. There are those who tell us that there has not been such a profusion of spiritual nobility upon our planet today as every great name we've probably ever heard is in all likelihood back in the flesh again doing what they do best, in some cases, with variation.

So today we find ourselves at the same juncture that Atlantis found itself just before it self-destructed. Consider that an astrological age has a duration of approximately 2000 earth years, and if we go back to the last time that we were at this very same point, i.e. at the threshold of the Aquarian dispensation, that would have been approximately 24000 years ago. Atlantis was also in its last days, and had reached its pinnacle.

At this juncture there was a schism that occurred between the men and the women in the old scientific community of Atlantis. Of course, in those days their society was composed equally of men and of women. They had discovered that the power of sound, along the lines of our laser beams, could be used for militaristic purposes. It caused a division among the community and strangely enough a lot of women took one side and a lot of men the other. The women questioned that just because they had developed the ability to use sound in this manner, it was not a necessary reason to use it. Again, women functioned as women do in our society as the conscience of humanity. A lot of men thought, "No, no, no, not at all. Let us explain that, let us see how far we can go. So what if we discover that a ray of sound, properly aimed, can burst the human heart and thus have its advantage in a martial way."

The women were not inclined to use it that way and that became what even today one finds as the so-called battle of the sexes. That was only one of the things that occurred during that day.

But other more dangerous tendencies were being developed. The leaders of the financial capitals of those days found that money could be used (simply a matter of mathematics) against the commoner, so that the rich would get richer and the poor would get poorer. Of course it wasn't a matter as blatant as that, but the point we wish to make is this: there are a lot of reborn Atlanteans here on earth. These are the ones who control the money here on our planet.

One other point we should make here is that it does not matter what country they hail from, where they were born, which gender, what national origin, as their incarnations cross national boundaries right and left. It's not a matter of Americans vs. anybody. We are talking about a genre of souls who have attained know-how to control the masses. That was and is their specialty. They evolved on their own home planet to the point where they perfected ways to get a lot of people moving in the same direction. They've transplanted to the earth, because earth provides a fertile field for them to exercise their theories of authority.

These Atlantean souls join other more benign souls at a particular level of the cosmic evolutionary ladder. The benign souls must learn something about to whom to give the authority. Shall they give it to anyone or should they be themselves self-regulated or should they become sovereign unto each one? Many still feel that they need to be governed like so many sheep and are only too willing to do whatever the status quo dictates or fall under the influence of being such as the Atlantean souls. The Atlantean souls thus know how to control the power of this planet because they know how to control the sheep through the control of money.

Although some enlightened souls on earth suspect as much, the fact remains that most of what we have revealed here remains a secret. One speaks about these so-called rich families that control the money. Some call them the Seven Sisters, but the point is, there is truth to this whole matter. This being revealed to you, the reader, we wish again to emphasize that these souls do not belong to this or that country, so they are not American versus Swiss versus English versus Chinese or anything. They happen to be those that are without any allegiance to any country. They view national boundaries as completely arbitrary, and they view nations as mere pawns for their own will.

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Masters of War

We can see them as masters of war, because that's essentially what they are. The so-called Dark Forces are those who have grown in the area of power but without the balance of wisdom and love. And to this day they are still seeking to prove themselves right. Might (money and power) makes right.

Nature of the Dark Force Beings: Non-Human Characteristics

When that unfortunate occasion occurs and you find yourself sitting in the presence of such an incarnate, you will note the marked absence of anything that could remotely be called human emotion, sentiment, and certainly love. As robots, they have no souls. They are simply energy units programmed to control this planet. They've been here, and they're going for the kill, you might say, but fortunately that is not their destiny.

One must understand one thing about these beings: they're not wholly human as you would call human. These beings are not unlike the so-called serial killer who thinks nothing of killing one, two, three, four, five, six up to fifty or more people and would continue doing the same, unless stopped. Unfortunately, we have countless examples of throughout the world. Now what kind of being can do that? Not the type of human being of the type you would associate with willingly, for his conscious mind, that is the so-called daily working state mind, is separated from the so-called super-conscious mind or Higher Self. By definition this being then is insane.

Because of the return of many illustrious souls to earth during these difficult days, there are ever more new forms the dark forces are taking today. They parrot the religious and sanctimonious outer coverings to deceive the onlooker into thinking they are indeed souls of the good and angelic type. But you will also note that they are often illogical when speaking of good because they cannot think very deeply of it.

There are the weaker incarnates who have been programmed to follow those stronger souls in order to give them more credibility. It all seems quite complicated at times until you put it to an analysis. You'll see how shallow they are because even though they can quote mantra or sutras until they are blue in the face, they really do not understand deeply, for as we have said, they are disconnected from their souls, automatons programmed to act in the name of good. These can also be seen in the peace movements which are again divisive in nature, and promote the "we-they" syndrome. The likely path of all initiates is to stand on the razor-thin brink holding the truth in both hands and balancing one's way through the maze of deception.

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How do They Operate?

They inhabit the financial and banking systems of the world, bourses and stock markets, government tax collection agencies, corporate enterprises (public ones of huge dimension and by nature hard to scrutinize), any organization that takes in money through contributions such as political parties, charity organizations, religious organizations, and the like. Almost without exception they are highly intelligent and often physically attractive, exuding a certain material magnetism or charisma that draw people to them. This has enabled them to reach to top ranks of world organizations or sit on boards of directors as the power behind the throne.

Just as some of us repond to guidance from our protective angels or masters in the Great Brotherhood of Light, the Dark Forces' incarnates are programmed to follow the commands of the opposing black brotherhood on the mental plane. Highly mental in character, they respond to urgings from the mental plane like automatons and without realizing it, they are manipulated mentally according to plans laid out in contrary to the divine plan for earth. They are all programmed to speak the same vocabulary as the workers of good and many take positions in charitable organizations both of a religious or governmental nature.

Once in a while you'll have one of these go haywire and he or she becomes a mass murderer, a serial killer. These are aberrations of their real work which is much more organized and pointed.

(Note: A noted Swiss banker and personal friend appeared in spirit to tell me that he did not suddenly die of a heart attack as most of his family and friends were led to believe, but was indeed "taken out" by those we refer to above. He had apparently refused to process a questionable bank transaction for them and was subsequently eliminated.)

If the reader would recall the great peace movements of the 1960's and 1970's and the gathering at Woodstock in 1969, they would remember there an intense togetherness among the participants, a feeling of unity like none other in those war-torn days of the War in Vietnam. It was later revealed to us that those organizers such as Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix all died of drug overdoses during that same year, 1970, overdoses that were not accidental.

It was common knowledge they all indulged in such things, but using a bit of logic, most people who indulge in drugs, like good chemists, know pretty much how much to take. It's a matter of public record (as it can be found in the library) that LA County coroner's report mentioned that Miss Joplin's body contained an amount of heroin some forty or fifty times more potent than anything one would ever find on the street. Could it be that someone fed her this? We think so.

At Woodstock all these young people came together and there were no problems at all. There were no deaths, no murders, no violence, everybody got along quite peacefully. When these forces realized that this kind of thing could be reproduced over again and would be, no doubt they immediately targeted the leaders of those events and within a short year, 1970, all of them were dead.

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Project of the Master Sanctus Germanus

All of this is about to come into a magnificent turnabout and when it does, something like soul liberation will at last return to earth. This is the project of the Master Sanctus Germanus, the hierarch of the New Age. One would say, it is a war of sorts between them and HE, and all souls will form to the right or the left of the realization.

Here are the words of the Great and Holy Master Sanctus Germanus as said through a trance medium:

These weasels, these takers of the night, Who rob the world blind as if it was their right; These, once even took my sight For I had seen too much.
But of course I've outlived them. And all those deeds, which though I've forgiven, Are still karmic seeds; seeds I am watering, I might add, And they'll grow like reeds, the reeds that choke and drown.
The cycles must come, the cycles must go, Humanity must learn in its own way, I know. But it won't stop me from trying again and again And keep flooding this world with more purple rain.

So all of these will meet their end here on earth and during the trying days to come, unless they can see that there is a greater, a higher, more benevolent plan. This is precisely why the world has come to the great crisis, the Armageddon, which is spoken of in the Scriptures, the ultimate and final conflict between so-called good and evil, evil being non-believers. Those who are doggedly ignorant of these happenings must come to groups who are blessedly enlightened. And in the coming World War that must occur, the truth will at last settle it all.

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