Who is in Charge?

As the earth positions herself to transit into her next level of evolution, mankind and all the living creatures that live on her surface will either ride on Her back to higher vibrations or get off.

While the Sun God guides Mother Earth into Her new and higher position, the Sun God also coordinates this effort with mankind through His chief representative on Earth, the Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara (also known as "The Ancient of Days"). Sanat Kumara is thus in charge of guiding mankind, along with other life forms and the angelic realm, through the present transition into the new Golden Era. So Earth's present transition requires the careful coordination between Mother Earth's needs and those of the living creatures She hosts.

Spiritual Guidance for Mankind:

Sanat Kumara executes the transition through the Spiritual Hierarchy, known as the Great Brotherhood of Light. The one who serves as the project manager of this transition into the new age is the Master Sanctus Germanus. Along with the Master Kuthumi and the Master El Morya, the Master Sanctus Germanus forms a triumvirate governing body that coordinates various committees and ashrams run by thousands of Masters and their initiates in both the spiritual and physical worlds.

During the past few years, the Spiritual Hierarchy has extended its reach into the physical world by sending many of its advanced initiates back into incarnation. These initiates span the full range of races, cultures, and civilisations on earth and maintain contact with the Spiritual Hierarchy during their sleeping hours and through various means such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.

The Spiritual Hierarchy headed by the Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, has thus provided mankind with the wherewithal to run the whole show during these tumultuous years that lie ahead.

Those Trying to Create Chaos in the Transition

As upheaval and change envelop the world, many people will be thrown off centre and will be searching for answers. Taking advantage of this chaotic situation, many lost souls, ET's, and astral entities from failed planets and other evolutions will attempt to seed more chaos.

How can this situation have the potential to reach such a critical point today?

First, there are in the present generation many who can communicate telepathically with other dimensions. This is a sign of the evolution of the race itself. Some are forerunners of the future race and possess etheric vision and telepathic abilities. In fact, there are more clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient people present on earth today than at any other time in our present era. They can communicate at the drop of a hat with voices and entities from the discarnate world that are more than often not part of the Spiritual Hierarchy but part of the wandering ocean of wayward, lost souls.

Second, earth still resides in the free will zone of the universe and thus attracts entities or souls of all evolutions who reside either as incarnates in the flesh or as discarnates within the contiguous ethers of earth, such as the astral plane. Many could be called ET's (which have been popularized in the movies) or groups of evolutions with many different motives and agendas. Many have come to this zone because they are attracted to their darker brethren in the astral planes. Many are also here with long-term intentions that may not necessarily favour the Path that the Spiritual Hierarchy is attempting to lead mankind into.

This forms a perfect match for communication and mis-communications of all sorts of tendencies, fantasies, and opinions.

Tricky Discarnate Souls:

From their vantage point, the discarnate can see the past, present, and future, for outside the earth plane there exists no time. When they finally find someone on the earth plane through whom they can communicate, they can thrill the average blinded mortal with revelations of their past lives and what they can see in the future. They can peek into an individual's akashic records, manifest physical phenomena under certain conditions, and even project visions of wonders to receptive minds on earth. Some pose as angels. Others parade in the leftover astral bodies of famous thinkers, while some will go even so far as to imitate with great acuity the voices the Masters of Wisdom of the Spiritual Hierarchy. In other words, the discarnate world is capable of imitating and delivering relatively truthful renditions of life on earth and its future in order to establish credibility among those who will listen to them.

When they detect egos on earth who crave attention and power, especially in the so-called New Age movement, these voices will find ripe allies to get their message across to humanity. Often, they will fill the receiver with maya and glamour to the point that some receivers actually think they are the earthly incarnates of the Planetary Logos or the much awaited World Teacher. Others are led to believe they are part of ET armies come to save mankind in its moment of distress and sport fancy titles such as Commander, captain or lieutenants of these imaginary forces. Many mediums thrill at the opportunity to channel these entities, and they rush to publish these messages on the Internet and through mass email broadcasts.

Thus, as earth enters this critical stage, we are inundated with a cacophony of discarnate voices and opinions that has created a hodgepodge of messages "from heaven". It is no surprise that many on the Path are confused and find themselves stretched from one end of the truth spectrum to the other. Who to believe? What to believe? The wise have given up and refuse to listen to any more nonsense.

Interpenetration of the Spiritual Hierarchy

It is no accident that this confusing situation is taking place at the very time the Spiritual Hierarchy is inter-penetrating the earth. Many Masters, heretofore unknown to most of humanity, are beginning their descent onto the earth plane in order to give more direct help to their followers. These Masters of the Hierarchy do not carry the more popular names of known Ascended Masters such as St. Germain, El Morya, or Kuthumi, but are nonetheless members of the Spiritual Hierarchy. These Masters shall be known for what they do, for "by their works, ye shall know them."

Thus, one can see why the extraneous voices are getting louder at this critical juncture of the Spiritual Hierarchy's descent onto the earth plane. Many today declare they believe such and such spirit because it "resonates in the heart." While this is possible, chances are that it is resonating in the emotional body or feeding a hungry ego. This calls for even sharper spiritual discernment than ever before!

How do we distinguish between the real voices of truth and those that are not?

One develops the ability to discern the true voices from the false through experience. There are no pat formulas for this developed discernment. Like life on the earth plane, we learn from experience, by trial and error, i.e. we learn that any person who approaches on the street with some story has a purpose in mind, and it is most likely we won't buy the story, although perhaps one in a hundred of such stories may be true. The same applies in your spiritual life. Any voice that approaches you from beyond has an objective. Be cognizant of this.

A Suggestion to Develop a Better Ability to Discern the Truth :

The call of the New Age is the development of mankind's mental body as opposed to the emotional one as a means of drawing closer to the overall objective of infusing the physical personality with its soul. For light workers, this starts with the development of the intellect, then graduates into greater capacity of the conscious mind to perceive beyond the physical. Etheric vision, for example, is developed along with the gradual opening of the third eye. This whole process of mental development is aided through deep and regular meditation. As the third eye opens, the student begins to "see" from the perspective of his soul, and it is this "seeing" rather than mere "resonating" that enables him or her to discern the voices worth listening to. There's no short-cut or quickie way of achieving this development.

To start, study the Ageless Wisdom whose bits and pieces have been revealed by avatars of the Spiritual Hierarchy such as Gautama Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Confucius, Vasubandhu, Gandhi, Plato, Aristotle and the like. Study the more recent revelations in Theosophy, the Alice Bailey/Djwal Khul works, the I AM Discourses, and the Initiate Trilogy. You can thus gain a "feel" for how the Spiritual Hierarchy operates and the bits of wisdom that are communicated to the human plane. Yes, these works require serious, concentrated study, but wisdom is not instant pabulum that excites the emotions. It is rather like a good cup of tea that needs to be steeped before drinking

Certain well-known Masters such as El Morya and Kuthumi wrote letters of guidance in their own hand to the Theosophical movement. The originals of these precious letters are archived in the British Museum but their contents have been published as The Mahatma Letters . By reading and studying these letters, you will gain a sense of their superior intelligence and their way of interacting with the human plane. You should also be able to see how many of the communications claimed to be from these Masters could not possibly be from the same source.

Through sincere study of the Ageless Wisdom and regular meditation, changes will occur in your body as your vibrational level rises. You may have to alter your eating habits but all the time your mental development aided by meditation is taking you higher and higher on the vibrational scale. And the higher your vibrations the better you will be able to weed out the cacophony of voices bearing down on all of us today.

Then you will be able to see if messages coming off spaceships and from armies of ET's are just "astral excitement" or imparting wisdom? Are the promises to alter your DNA structure and create super-people valid in the face of what a sincere study and understanding of the Ageless Wisdom can do? Are quickie courses and formulas to achieve ascension into the fifth dimension (some promise the tenth and eleventh dimensions) just catering to impatient and frustrated egos?

The ability to discern spiritually is developed in direct proportion to your spiritual development. The Brotherhood of Light in its revelations of the Path of Initiations has given us enough information to give us a good foundation with which to recognize the truth.

The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth is still the Most Reliable Source of Wisdom and Guidance during the Armageddon

The Spiritual Hierarchy under the direction of the Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, governs our earth today as it has for millions of years. These high souls have trodden the earth thousands of times learning all that earth has to teach them. All have evolved from solid experience on the earth plane and understand the problems and sufferings of each and every one of us. So why should we not be guided by the authority that this experience and knowledge brings rather than by rag-tag groups of discarnates claiming to represent this truth or that, or any truth, for that matter? Why should we listen to extra-planetary beings whose origins and motives are questionable at best? Moreover, why should we allow these shrill voices to subvert the intent and plan that the Spiritual Hierarchy is trying to convey to us during these critical years of transition?

Think upon these matters.

The Amanuensis